Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya brings maati ki chowki/god Ambe’s seat and asks Ahem to sit on it. Gaura shouts what is she doing it. Vidya says her parents are her god and she wants his dad to sit on it. Ahem sits on it.

Kokila tells Gopi that she is confident that Vidya will calm down Ahem and reminisces baby Vidya confronting her for Gopi.

Vidya consoles Ahem and says she has left her cycle days and grown up and wants her super hero/papa to be strong and let her move in new phase of life. Ahem asks how can he leave her between Gaura and Dharam. Vidya says with his strong moral values, she can face anyone and will not come back home without Meera. Ahem tells Meera Vidya is fighting for her and asks her not to stoop so low that she cannot get up again in life. Vidya asks Ahem to go now and gives he promise.

Ahem tells Dharam and Gaura that he is leaving Vidya here and if she gets even a scratch, he will not spare them, it is his warning. Dharam tries to react, but Gaura stops her and says she will take revenge slowly. Ahem hugs Vidya, asks her to take care of herself and leaves. Shravan stops him and assures that he will take care of Vidya. Once Ahem leaves, Shravan shouts at Dharam and Gaura that they are cruel and mannerless to insult Ahem.

Meera yells at Gaura and Dharam that they did wrong by insulting her father. Gaura starts her brainwashing that Meera is dying for her father, but her father does not want to accept her at all. She then tells that she heard Vidya calling Ahem here, so she kept quiet and wanted to see if Ahem really loves his both daughters or not, but he loves only Vidya. Dharam backs that sasurji does not want to even spit on Meera. Gaura says a person has to see who is with him/her and who is not, she saw her mirror and showed that Ahem loves only 3 persons, one his mother, two Gopi and three Vidya. Whatever Ahem did with her, even an enemy would not do, he kicked her out of his house so cleverly. Meera believes her silently.

Precap: Gaura tells Dharam that Ahem left both his daughters here. Kokila tells she is sure Vidya will bring back Meera.

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  1. mereena chacko

    plz stop this bla

  2. meera was crying after ahem left

  3. sns is beating other shows continuously n secure top trp. a few people hat this show but always majority win so lover of sns is more than hater so sns is no.1 show n may it run 1000 years.
    love sns n paridhi

  4. This has become a senseless and stupid show with continuos cat fighting in every episode. Bring on Urmila ben who is a superb actress so that we can enjoy some light entertainment from her

  5. Bakwas serial. Plz complete this serial soon.

  6. Omg wat is wrong with all of them going stupid now plz do something

  7. This show is super shameless most of viewers are uneducated as per the trp detail data
    Gosh can’t believe this crap is still on male actors are spineless females are brainless storyline sucks maybe writer is having some issues in personal life therefore the story is getting impacted
    A daughter going against her own family ????????????
    Viewer should realize they are not the only one watching this she their kids are also in it
    What the f**k SNS is teaching overall?????????

    1. I agree qith you rash

    2. alee le le inna gussa hah no limit of frustration hmmmm “”most of people uneducated”” oh god plz give some commensense to rush
      itna hi bura lag raha to mat dekho koi lathi leke piche thode pada ki dekho wrna pitoge hahaha
      sns nahi pasand to dusra serial dekh jabardasti yaha frustration nikal rahe h
      love sns love paridhi
      may sns run 1000 years

  8. Hey please dont drag this tooo much haa. Its getting boring these days. :'(

  9. I agree with you Rush. Most uneducated people have low expectations ,hence this mindless crap appeals to them and the producers are after ratings for their popularity and making money for themselves .

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