Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radhika dances on the garba music. Pari calls Mona and asks her to see the funny video which she had sent just now. Radhika gets a message that a parcel will reach her in sometime. She keeps the phone and goes with someone. Gopi keeps an eye on her, and checks her phone. She reads the message. Meera rubs her nose on Chanda’s feet. Dharam comes and asks what is happening here. Meera gets up shockingly. Chanda silently threatens her. Shravan asks why you was doing touching her feet. Dharam asks what is the drama? Meera says Chanda was having pain in her leg and I was massaging it. Dharam asks her to call masseuse. Chanda looks evilly.

Radhika comes back and takes her phone. Jai and Veeru give gifts to Jaggi. Radhika’s father comes and asks jaggi to meet his guest. He introduces

Jaggi to them, and asks him to dance. Gopi sees gift brought by someone. Jaggi along with Samar and Sahil dance on the garva song. Gopi is about to receive the parcel, but a man indisguise of a woman receives it and tells that she is Radhika’s dai ma. Gopi says this came from Mumbai. Radhika tells her parents that Dai Maa. Her parents praises the fake woman. Radhika thanks her and says it is sent by my friend.

Urvashi comes and asks Radhika to wear clothes properly. Radhika’s mum introduces Veena to Urvashi. Urvashi greets her and goes. Dharam is talking to Shravan about business. Meera comes. Dharam kisses on her forehead and asks her to take care of herself. Meera says I will have food. Dharam says I don’t want to leave at night, but I have to meet foreign delegates. Just as Dharam and Shravan leaves, Chanda claps and calls Meera. She asks her to make Paneer Pakoda, Pulao etc etc for her. She asks Vidya to clean her room till then. Meera and Vidya goes. Chanda smiles and eats grapes.

Urvashi calls Radhika. Radhika keeps the gift box and goes. Veena and Radhika’s father eyes it. Gopi comes and sees two similar boxes. Veena comes and collides with Gopi intentionally. Radhika’s dad thinks which parcel is theirs.

Meera makes food in kitchen, while Vidya cleans Chanda’s room. Chanda watches TV while eating fruits. Radhika’s father brings parcel to room. Radhika comes and opens it excitedly. She finds greeting cards in it, and tells that our parcel reached someone else. Her dad says Jaggi must be having our parcel. Gopi hears them and is going to jaggi’s room. She collides with Sona and tells her everything. Sona tells her that she will keep Radhika busy and asks her to go and check the parcel. Gopi goes.

Sona comes to Radhika’s room and asks her to try her mehendi dress. Radhika says I will try it later, but Sona insists. Gopi checks the parcel and is shocked. Sona shows the clothes. Gopi is shocked to see gun and money in the parcel. Radhika is coming to Jaggi’s room holding knife. She thinks she will kill the person whoever comes infront of her. She sees parcel kept on the table and keeps the knife. Gopi is hiding. Sona comes there and teases Radhika. She says I know you came to meet Jaggi and tells that bride and groom don’t meet each other before marriage. She takes her forcibly. Gopi thinks to keep track on Radhika’s moves.

Later in the night, Meera is sleeping. Chanda comes and slaps on her face to wake her up. Meera is about to shout, but Chanda keeps hand on her mouth and asks her to come out. Gopi calls Sona and Sahir and tells that they need their help. She tells everything and says I came to know about her truth. Sona and Sahir are shocked to hear her truth. Gopi says we have to stop her big planning. Sona says Radhika is a big thief. Gopi says but how we will prove that, and says Urvashi doesn’t believe her. Sona says we have full faith on you. Sahir says we will help you catch her red handed. Sona says all thieves leave some clue, and we can catch her. Sahir says you are saying as if you are a thief. Sona reminds him that once she kidnapped Molu/Samar instead of him. Sahir says we will catch her.

Gopi sees Radhika going somewhere later in the night and gets suspicious. She comes to some building following her and is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi sunshine friends Priyanka SP Happy children’s day to your son?.Soumya welcome back to group ?. Friends Jaggi and gopi WL marry soon.

    1. Nandhini

      Yes Sid there is no other way…gopi will have to marry jaggi.

  2. Okay I don’t give a shit if Chanda is pregnant but if she dares threaten me or slaps me in the middle of the night just when I am sleeping, I will give her a tight slap and kick her out, she can live in the shed or the outhouse. This where greed gets you, like Chanda lol. P.S. hey guys, I am new here and I bet Gopi is gonna get married to Jaggi while Radhika is tied up or lock up somewhere. Hopefully her truth comes out, that be worth waiting for. Lots of love from the UK. Saab kaase hai? 🙂

    1. Hi from the UK as well . About Chanda she should be put on the outhouse cos shes getting spoiled for just renting out her womb. She agreed to carrying and helping someone else who will not be able to conceive again.

  3. Well Meera and Vidya’s track is nonsense lool I mean shes a surrogate mother and its in her best interest to keep that baby alive as it will bring her some money. Sometimes writers forget that we’re in 2016 , close to 2017 and some of this shit like rub your nose on my feet, being slapped in middle of the night or being told to make all that food . I would be pissed if I was to play Meera’s character loool

    1. Nandhini

      Saathiya has invented this ritual of if you want to insult someone in extreme,, tell them to rub their nose on ur feet.??

  4. I want real name of radhika character in saath nibhana sathiya

  5. Vidya is the best.

  6. lol Aisha, I agree, I don’t give a damn if she’s a surrogate mother for Meera, but if she threatens me saying she’ll kill the baby, I be like go ahead, you’re not the only woman in the world you know. Could get someone else to be a surrogate mother. It’s the 21st century, can get anyone these days. Besides this Chanda girl needs a taste of her own medicine and be put in her place. She ain’t the owner of the house but a guest. If she’s going to treat Meera and Vidya like shit than she should be kicked out or blackmailed saying if she does this than who will care for her family? though it is bad but least it will put her in her place and show where she belongs. Wants to be a queen, first learn to act and respect like one. Like Queen Elizabeth, you don’t see her treating her servants like shit but with respect.

    1. well said average _girl…. some how this arrogant meera deserves this…. she never listened to any one… you said let chanda take the pills or lock her in jail…crap

      1. lol Raj, though Meera does deserve it but can you blame her? like she’s happy she is going to be a mother and doesn’t want things to go bad and lose her child again. Maybe it’s her paranoia taking over and she’s scared the same thing will happen again. I rather Chanda leaves the house, Dharam finds out her real true evil colours and kicks her out and slap her and just adopt a baby. They are rich, sure it won’t be hard to adopt a baby, if you’re loaded like them, lol. 😛

  7. Nandhini

    Hii dear sunshiners! I am very sorry for my 2 days absence..i was caught up in cash problems in our business due to the new rules of the government so couldnt comment here..welcome back Aisha and Sowmya!??Hey Isaaq i am sure ur lover will be mesmerized in seeing ur new beautiful glamourous look??..hii nisha! Enakku chudidhar rombo pidikum because adhudhan enakku comfortable ah irukkum unakku enna pottuka pidikum???
    Hii priyanka! Happy children’s day for ur son and all the best for ur karthikey poornima fasting! May the Lord bless and your family with health and happiness!☺Sowmya may the Lord bless you with the best husband who keeps you happy and smiling forever!☺
    Isaaq you are right as you said chanda is behaving exactly like Radha!
    Sid what you doubted and predicted wil become true i think..maybe chanda is faking her surrogacy. How do you guys predict everything so easily??!!???
    Now the current track is not seems to be dragging (for me)…its going interestingly…want this fast-paced track to go on and then focus on jaggi-gopi track and sudden ahem’s entry (who is acting as jaggi i hope)…

    1. Enaku vhuridhar pudikkum akka sadi kattike ennaku theriyadu. Puthiya trend enna akka (dress) i missed the episode akka ….it is sad

  8. Isaaq

    Does anyone agree that vamps in SNS nowadays are too boring??? I hate radhika- shes just doing what Tripti did years ago.

    Cvs need to introduce a powerful glamorous vamp like Shagun into SNS. I’m also wondering who will be the last vamp when this show ends?

    Cvs need to introduce a vamp that can easily defeat the Modis. We need to see a leap where this vamp takes over the Modis and Gopi is seen in a stronger avatar trying to get revenge because right now Gopi is still weak compared to vamps.

    Ever since Radha and Gaura left, cvs have introduced rubbish vamps like Mansi and Naiya. I want a vamp that never gives up. Look at Shagun, she just defeated Ishita and stole Raman away from her and separated them for a year.

    Only vamps add spice to the drama because if you add more evil to the story, good is tested and evil is eventually destroyed in the end- the whole reason why I watch drama serials is to see good destroy evil!

    1. Isaaq

      There’s only one vamp that has defeated the Modis before and that is Radha. After that, Gopi became stronger.

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    Gopi had fixed Radhika’s alliance with Jaggi thinking Radhika was an innocent girl but she turned out to be an imposter.

    Soon in the series to come, Gopi will finally manage to expose Radhika’s real face before Jaggi and entire family members shocking everyone and will call off Jaggi and Radhika’s wedding.

    In the interim, Jaggi will burst out at Gopi for playing with his emotions and insulting his family and will also challenge Gopi to get married to him in the same mandap to save his family prestige.

    Gopi will thus agree to marry Jaggi and viewers will finally get to witness union of Jaggi and Gopi.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  10. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning Sunshine friends
    Priyanka SP hv a nic day friends ??.
    Aisha welcome back to group comment more?. Jaggi is forcing gopi to marry him it means he is ahem . I dont knw hw cm Meera is sitting quite wen chanda torturing them why cant she show her place .

    1. Hi sid how are you? Jaggi is ahem ? Meera can’ t show her place bz if she do anything against that chanda it will harmfully affect the baby
      It will’t end soon rekha..

  11. Trishika

    Hey! I’m new here!

    1. Okay Okay
      If you want to join us then you are most welcome.

  12. Hi everyone..welcme trishika n average girl..may I kw ur nme avrage girl..
    Thank u siddrth n nandini..
    Ya I also read dat gopi is gng to marry jaggi for families respect..she vl expose radhika on d day of wedding n she vl sit on mandap vt jaggi..
    Aftr marriage jaggi shld Tel hez ahem den it vl bcme interesting..
    Chanda Is sch a dirty Gul..dat character doesn’t suits her bcoz she looks very young n her expressions chiiii? vl nt watch serials as am gng to templ..vl watch repeat telecast..c u guys..

    1. Hey S.P. my name is Omay. 🙂 and doubt Jaggi is Ahem unless it could be him, maybe his soul went into Jaggi like it did with Om in Om Shanti Om. Joke but possible and if Jaggi is Ahem, than he might have flashbacks of Gopi and his family. At the moment he doesn’t have any so can’t say for sure if it is him. It is pretty obvious Gopi will marry Jaggi lol to those who love gohem shippers/ fans your wish came true. 😛 as for Chanda, feel like slapping her at times even if she is pregnant, show her where she stands. I bet Dharam will find out about Chanda’s true evil colours and will kick her out the house when she’ll start begging him to spare her lol make her rub her nose on his feet and see how she likes it. Bari aye evi queen barna hai. XD

  13. don’t know when will it end up…

  14. Boss(Siddarth)

    Trishika wanna join Sunshine group ?.

    1. Boss how manyfriends we have now? I love this group and SNS drama.

  15. Hi everyone I have been watching SNS since long tym. Want to join u all

  16. Waiting for gopi jaggi marriage

  17. Rubbish serial

  18. Hi sunshines, I very happy because now SNS family have more members.picture,Average girl,trishika.welcome to sunshines.


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