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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi strangulates Gaura’s neck for trying to kill Kokila. Dharam tries to react, but Jigar and others hold him. Whole family asks her to leave Gaura, but Gopi continues saying she ruined her daughter’s life and now tried to kill maaji, she will kill her today. Ahem gives her Kokila’s promise and she leaves Gaura’s neck. Gaura and Dharam laugh on modi family and start their witty taunts. Ahem asks them to go from there. Hetal also says to go as she does not want their shadow on Kokila. Kinjal says Dharam that Meera broke his one leg, she will break his second leg if he stays here. Dharam and Gaura laugh more. Shravan asks them to leave. Dharam taunts even him and after insistence leaves.
Ahem goes out. Nurse gives medicine slip to bring. Molu

goes to bring medicine.

Gaura and Dharam go out and discuss that Gopi’s life is in Kokila and if Kokila dies, she will be lifeless. Someone hits dharam’s head and he falls down holding his head. Gaura is shocked to see Ahem. Ahem beats Dharam like a dog. Gaura tries to stop him but in vain. She throws stones on him, but Ahem continues beating Dharam. Tolu sees him beating Dharam while coming back from pharmacy, runs and informs family that Ahem and Dharam are fighting. Whole family go out and try to stop Ahem, but he continues beating Dharam. Gaura pleads Gopi to stop Ahem, but she stands silently. Shravan intervens. Ahem then injures himself with wooden stick. Police comes. Gaura says they came on right time and asks inspector to arrest Ahem for beating her son. Inspector asks Ahem who tried to kill him. Ahem says Dharam. Gaura says he is lying. Ahem asks if it is possible to hit is pehelwan son. Urmila says inspector that she saw Dharam attacking Ahem. Even Kinjal says same. Inspector asks constables to arrest Dharam, but Ahem takes back his complaint. Gaura says Ahem that he will repent for hsi mistake. Ahem says she can do whatever she can and says she does not have any proof against him now. Gopi says one should not test other’s patience so much that other person loses his/her calm. Gaura asks shravan to pick Dharam and asks Vidya to follow them.

Gopi consoles Ahem and says he would not have hit Dharam, their daughter is married to him and he may harm her, if maaji would have been awake, she would have also said same. Ahem says he did right.

Precap: Ahem tells Gopi that her actions make him suffer always, she does not think what he feels and forces her decisions on him, he is better without her.

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  1. Good episode

  2. Precap??? Is interesting and shocking

  3. I hope gopi still takes her revenge on gaura n forget wat ahem is saying

  4. I’m so tired of Ahem and his constant drama, he’s the worst husband on Star Plus I’m sure.

  5. first class epi super

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