Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2013 Written Update

ACP shouts at one of his goons asking whether they are threatening the Modis or the other way round. Goon reassures him that they will make Modis’ life miserable.
Modis are in the main hall of MM all tense and looking at the clock; its quarter to 3. Someone knocks the door. Meethi opens the door; it’s Shukla with Preeti’s parents hiding themselves under blankets. Koki offers her condolence for Preeti’s death. Gopi tells her mother that she tried a lot to save their daughter but she failed. Preeti’s parents cry as Gopi apologizes. Koki tells them that they wish to get justice for their daughter and that is why they are fighting. She thanks them for agreeing to speak up against the ACP. Shukla makes them sign agreeing to be witnesses. But they

hear some noise before the papers are signed and all rush out.
They reach the MM gate and see a bulldozer coming towards MM. All are shocked and worried. Urmi cries out in fear and says she thought they will come with hammers but they got a bulldozer! She adds that they are going to break their house after cutting water and electricity. Preeti’s parents panic, her mother thanks them for fighting for their daughter’s justice but they cannot fight the ACP and refuse to sign.
Koki scolds Preeti’s parents that it’s no use crying and they will have to fight. She says she can only advise them, but her family will not back out.
Shukla tells them that they are only witness to Preeti’s torture. Preeti’s mother points out that if the ACP can torture the mighty and rich Modis so much then what will happen to them and they have 2 more unwed daughters. They apologize. Koki asks if they are refusing to fight because they have 2 unwed daughters? But she is thinking about all those daughters who are going through this trauma and who will fall into this trap. What is the guarantee that their 2 daughters won’t have to go through this.. Her mother says that Koki is saying this as she has her family with her but they cannot fight and will leave the city. Koki says it’s their wish as she can only advise them but she and her family will not back out. They will continue to fight for justice. Ahem looks determined.
NB comes out and sees the bulldozer and is shocked. She is happy to see the Modis’ plight and calls up SB to share the gossip. She adds that it’s the best day of her life. SB agrees to come. Bulldozer arrives and passes by MM and all look confused. It stops near NB house seeing MM board outside her house. Urmi smiles as the Modis look on confused. NB tries to block their way. Rashi notices that their house board has been exchanged as Urmi tells her happily that she exchanged their house board with NB’s. Gopi is shocked and Koki scolds her. The lawyers stop the bulldozer people and point out that they are heading towards the wrong house. The bulldozer driver points out the MM board in front of NB house and NB is shocked.


The cops warn the Modis to move out of the way. Ahem tells them to do what they want but they will not move. The bulldozer starts moving and Kohem and Gopi hold hands and stand in front of the bulldozer. Urmi slips and falls in front of them. Rashi shouts in fear; Koki tells her that there is no need to do all this as Urmi watches the bulldozer approaching her in fear.
NB asks who did this and Koki tells her that Urmi did it. NB walks to Urmi in anger and calls her downmarket and threatens to sue her. Koki scolds Urmi again. NB tells the bulldozer people to go towards MM and they start heading towards MM. Some guys arrive and wonder what is going on as they came to meet Ahem regarding some office work. Ahem stands in front of the bulldozer. One of the cops tells them to move out the way. Ahem tells them to do what they want but they will not move. Goki come forward and stand with him holding his hands. Others (Modis and Shukla) join them too. NB watches in glee.
Rashi gestures to Urmi to hold her hand but Urmi does not want to and starts praying. Lawyer tells the bulldozer to start moving. Urmi realizes her earring is missing and sees it on the floor. She goes to pick it up but falls right in front of the bulldozer. The others start praising her bravery but Koki tells her to get up. Dhawal, Hetal and Baa tell her to get up too. SB joins NB. She tells her the truth why the Modis are in trouble. Urmi is worried as people will ridicule her if she gets up and she will get killed if she doesn’t get up. Koki tells her to get up but Urmi refuses and shouts at the bulldozer people that they will have to kill her first. Lawyer warns them to back out as they are disrupting a legal procedure. Lawyer orders the bulldozer to move, Koki pleads to Urmi to get up. SB and NB join them and stand in the way and Modis are shocked seeing their support. Rashi moves out of the way. NB tells Koki that there are differences between them but SB told her the truth. She realized that Gopi is doing the right thing. She tells them that if she was in place of Gopi she might not have had the courage to fight the ACP but Gopi has shown a lot of courage; being a woman she will support Gopi and Modis are happy. Rashi hides behind the bulldozer and wonders what to do. SB tells Gopi that she had asked her what she would do if it was her daughter in place of Gopi. She says she would have done what Gopi has done. Urmi wonders when will they stop arguing and save her. NB and SB hold Koki’s hands and stand in front of the bulldozer. Rashi is fiddling with the oil pipe of bulldozer and makes it leak. She puts stones in the bulldozer. Ahem’s office colleagues join him but Ahem tells them that they don’t need to do this and requests them to back out. But they tell him that ACP thinks he is too strong and can do anything but they are with their boss Ahem and they will support him and stand with him. Preeti’s mother tells them that if strangers and Modis can do so much for their daughter then they will also fight and stand as witnesses. She tells Gopi that she is with them and Modis are pleased. Urmi still looks worried lying on the floor. Episode ends on Gopi’s determined face.

Tomorrow’s Precap
ACP is shocked to see Goki with Meera at his door. Gopi pleads to him to stop his torture and concedes defeat. ACP is shocked.

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