Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th March 2014 Written Update

At mandir, koki asks gopi why she hasnt shared the good news of vidya to them. Gopi says she tried alot to tell everyone but there were situations in which she couldnt tell anyone. Back into the past, the day mira fallen in the water, koki-ahem scolds gopi for her mistake. So gopi admits her mistake and leaves the house. Present, gopi crying says she couldnt say the good news on that day thinking i am balancing the situation with vidya. Koki yells gopi to become great in everyone’s eyes she has left modi bhawan. Gopi explains again that she has listened to what her khana ji has told her. She wants to save her child from all the dangers.

Outside the mandir, urmi appreciates vidya for scolding everyone. Urmi doubts and asks the kids how did they knew that they

all are family. Tolu explains urmi that one day vidya have seen koki’s picture and recognized that she is the same one whose picture gopi will be checking all time. So from there they started to know the secrets of gopi-ahem’s marriage. Tolu-molu-vidya will be happy that vidya will stay with them in their room and dayan radha will be out. Urmi as well will be happy along with them.

Here in mandir, gopi says ahem that everytime vidya used to ask about him and wants to meet him. Gopi requests ahem not to be rude with vidya as after long time vidya got her family back and now khana ji has listened to her wish. Ahem says yes vidya has got her family back and she lives with her father and family and she doesnt need her anymore. Confused gopi asks what is he saying. Ahem says, vidya doesnt need you anymore, she will live with her father and family. Gopi asks how he can depart vidya from her. Ahem yells and replies, in the same way you have departed me from her. Ahem leaves from there, gopi rushes behind him and pleads him not to depart vidya and him. Ahem replies angrily that as her father he too wants to love her. And gopi has killed mira and he cant bear if something happens with vidya as well. Ahem again says, i will make vidya to live without you. Gopi again pleads not to depart vidya and herself. Ahem says he will definitely take vidya away from her and walks off.

Ahem goes outside to vidya, vidya hugs him. Ahem keeps vidya into the vehicle. Jigar asks ahem to think once again. Tolu-molu-pappu asks ahem whether they too can come with them. Ahem agrees and kids get into the car. Here inside the temple, koki says gopi, i never asked you to leave the house. You have decided to leave the house. I have made a simple girl the daughter-in-law of modi family but now i am asking you to leave our family. Gopi shocks and says she cannot leave her daughter. Gopi rushes out to find vidya but ahem finds gopi and starts the vehicle and leaves. Gopi runs behind the car but dhawal stops her. Gopi asks madhu to give her daughter back.

Precap: At the gate, Ahem shouts at Gopi why she came to his house. Gopi says she won’t leave without taking her daughter. Kokila asks who is her. Gopi says she’s a mother. Ahem says but she won’t enter the house. Gopi says fine, I will stand right here.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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  1. Thanks…

  2. Ahem you are so stupid . Kids love their mum 3 xs more than their dad

    1. Bro……these are just characters they act according to the script and chill this is all for ‘TRP’.
      And I agree that kids need their moms more than their dad

  3. i totally agree with naina jiiii…………….yaa girls love their fathers but mother is necessary no one can be without mother

  4. make the truth come out and make ahem ,gopi ,meera ,vidya live together otherwise viewers stop watching.

  5. Ahem is stupid, he only believe whatever his mother says. I thought kokilas is smart. But lately her character is like she does’t have brain. Mother & son both r stupid.

  6. Why are they stretching the story so much. Now that it’s a getting a little good and interesting…they need not have to do that.people will stop watching if the serial will move in such a slow pace…

  7. This ahem is really gone mad ………. How can he think vidya can live without her mum ……… Wish dat gohem , vidya, meera live together.

  8. Ahem iz jst gone crazy….:-x

  9. Ahem just crazy first thinks abt gopi but denies to accept her

  10. Does the duty of a women is only to give birth to a baby , why don’t they understand how loyal gopi was towards the family.? what about the husband and wife relation ? can it be broke bcoz of one mistake…

  11. Kind attention to script writers and serial makers….

    This kokila and ahem were the ONLY persons who did not believe that gopi didnt kill umang when umang’s death was put upon her.. if they think that gopi cant kill a stranger and a villian like umang, how can they believe that gopi can kill her own child??? what non sense are the script writers trying to create?? have they (script writers) lost their mental ability to think??
    and how could kokila call gopi as anpadh gawaar? is she educated? or is radha her new beloved bahu educated?
    please take note of such dialogues..
    please please stop this stupid serial or else please stop making fool of viewers..
    and one more thing, what happened to the tongue of ahems father? is he dumb in the serial? as I have never seen him talking in the enitre serial.. and what happened to bha?? what about gopi’s mother? she was the one who was shouting everywhere for each and every thing, what happened to her tongue now?
    by the way, when and how is the truth of umang and tripti gonna be revealed to radha? when will she regret for her mistakes? It is IMPOSSILE now..
    Please stop the serial..

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