Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila decorate bal kirshna idol and says Gopi and Ahem’s companionship was only till now. She continues explaining her view. Pari comes and says she should be shameless to break Ahem and Gopi’s companionship, how can she think of this being Ahem’s mother, she is so cruel. She blackmailed Gopi to marry Dr. Krishna against her wish. Kokila shouts in her usual self and walks away with Krishna idol.

Kokila gives bal krishna idol to Gopi and says she can take this as her mother’s gift. Gopi says Krishna took away her Ahem ji from her, she will not pray him from hereon. Kokila says she is doing wrong, Krishna’s blessings were alway with her whole life and she got a beautiful family. Even it is Krishna’s blessing that she married Dr. Krishna. Krishna gave her opportunity to do kanya daan and get her daughter remarried. She continues her explanation. Gopi calms down and stands still. Vidya consoles Gopi.

Kokila asks Sona if bidayi arrangements are made. Sona says yes. Kokila asks Jigar, Samar, Sahir and Shravan to walk behind Gopi as ritual. Jigar shouts he will not. Gopi says she wil not go. Kokila pushes her out and locks door from inside. Gopi cries standing out that she does not want to go. Kokila says she has to go and start a new life with Dr. Krishna.

Precap: Jigar confronts Kokila why she forced Gop to remarry when she did not want to, says she wanted to get rid of Gopi.

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  1. Oh
    Fast updating
    Look at this that krishna holding the cloth as dog’s chain.!!!!!!!!!!!entire story changed.THE PRESENT TRACK IS STUPID .THE SNS SERIAL GIVING US ONLY SADNESS .WHY?

  2. It’s irritating .
    Loves it but jot enjoying it
    Gopimodi ended .gopi krisha started

  3. It’s irritating .
    Loves it but not enjoying it
    Gopimodi ended .gopi krisha started

  4. i agree with jigar that kokila forced gopi to marry. what’s the problem if gopi stays in the modi house. she seems to want to throw uska gopi voh out of the hous and get rid of her. iiiiiissssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kokilaji iiiiiiiisssssssssssshhhhhhhh. i think they should end a show if one of the leading cast quits instead of coming up with a stupid storyline.

  5. True Saathiya Fan

    Gopi started to talk which was happy then bang kokila had to destroy it where is meera she could of stopped it and so could of vidya.lastly if Dr krishna cares about Gopi then why is he doing this b*t*hes comment if you agree

  6. I Ahem returning back?
    I saw it in a news channel that he might be brought back in the show?”

  7. nisha you re right. I am wathching this serial for flashback.Gopi started her new life.Where is meera?

  8. What is it that we have not seen that we are going to see now? I really wished they had ended this serial when Meera married Dahram without Ahem dying it would have made more sense. But now, I don’t see anything special about this.

  9. Where is my brother?kabhi aathe h aur kabi chale jatheh pls continue here.

  10. I hate u koki dadhi
    U’r mind is a rock

  11. All story has chgd now
    Iam in a doubt that i DON’T like the new vrson.

  12. i think gopi did not married krishna because gopi always loves ahem ji & ahem quit the show then serial stopped with meera marriage ..why ahem character died its foolishnesssss

  13. Gayathri srinivasan

    SNS. For godsake, please quit the show. It is really irritating to see such an episode. It is really boring to watch the serial after ahem’s bid adieu…..

  14. Hi hi hey UNKNOWN Meera is in her house

  15. Ahem is going to return to the show .

  16. Ha diepika he will return in dream .

  17. SNS is sooooooo boring and it is among one of the top shows

  18. Y is kokila forcing her to get married n i hope gopi find out wat dr krishna is up to

  19. Pearley hobaichan

    When gopie was sick no one want to help they are so selfish on kokila was the only there along with dr Krishna for gopie she is such a drama queen gopie ahem don’t want to be a grandfather on show that is why he quit

  20. Nandhini

    Boring episode…either end the show or kill dat kokila….then half of the nonsense will get away….

    1. CoolShuB

      hey if this serial is dragging day by day but you tell me y u read it or watch it daily…

      1. Nandhini

        I watch it because i love the story since wen its started…and now the story has gone way down dat makes it boring to watch….and i have my rights to express my opinion here just like others….

  21. I have a question, why did Kokila make gopi remarry?! Also you DON’T HAVE TO REMARRY SOMEONE TO BE HAPPY! One more thing what is wrong woth the writers of this show? What will happen when Gopi leaves? I bet that this show will end. Unless the unreal happens and AHEM IS STILL ALIVE.

  22. I think Gopi is quitting the serial that is why her ending in Saathiya is to remarry

  23. I don’t like Dr. Krishna

  24. I agree with nisha .

  25. can someone press the mute button on this over reacting Gopi!!!!! she was better quite.

  26. I think getting gopi remarried was a good idea from kokila I mean how long can she look after her, she is old and has her own needs. No one in that house loved or respected gopi anymore so what was the point in staying. Her new husband can love and look after her and eventually he can earn her trust just loke gopi earned ahem love and trust. But I think there might be a new twist I hope they don’t make dr krishna to be ahem’s killer. We don’t really know how the accident happened so I really don’t want the writers to take that track.

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