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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya requests her friend to send Sanskar’s party venue address and she sends. Kokila says not to worry, they all will reach the venue and get back Meera.

Kinjal sees Dhaval taking her items out and asks what is he doing. He says even he feels they cannot stay together, so he has kept all her items out and she can go to another room. She says nobody speaks to her like this. He says he runs this house with hard work, so he wants to sleep now to get up early and she can get out. She says she will not go and he can do whateer he wants. He drags her out of room and locks door. Urmila laughs seeing that. Kinjal thinks in 10 years, they have changed. Urmila thinks Dhaval’s inner husband woke up after many years.

Kinjal goes to another room and feels hot. She tries

to switch on AC, but to no avail.

Modi’s reach party venue and hear music from inside. Ahem knocks door. Gopi tells nothing will happen to Meera and god will protect her. Ahem says door is locked from inside. Kokila says they should go from back door. Ahem asks Gopi to stay here while he goes in. Gopi says even she will accompany. Ahem says he will bring Meera. Kokila says Ahem is right and if she goes in, she may get hurt by people.

Ahem enters party venue from backside. Sanskar sees him and tries to run, but Ahem catches him and starts beating asking where is Meera. Sanskaar says he does not know where she is.

Gopi insists Kokila to let her in as she is worried about Meera. Kokila says even she is worried, but she is not a condition to confront anyone. Ahem continues beating Sanskar. Gopi tells Kokila that god may punish Meera because of her mistake. Kokila says god will protect meera and will be with them soon.

Ahem continues beating Sanskar and he takes bottle to hit him. Tolu/molu hold him on time and ask how dare he is to even think of hitting their bade papa. They start beating him. Jigar gets Kinjal’s call that there is no AC in chawl and she cannot handle heat. She hears Ahem shouting at Sanskar and asks what is happening. Jigar cuts call.

Gopi insists Kokila to take her in and they both get in. Gopi slaps Sanskar and shouts where is Meera. She continues slapping her. Next, Kokila starts her dialogues and slaps. Sanskar does not open up at all and says he did not kidnap their daugher as he loves them, but she broke up with him. Vidya asks not to misguide them as she saw CCTV footage that he met Meera outside their house and she slapped him, so he kidnapped her. He says he went into depression after breaking up with Meera, so to get out of that he threw this party. Gopi says he is lying.

Ahem asks not to worry and says until he replies he will not leave him and starts kickin Sanskar again. He gets Meera’s call who acts again to save her. Gopi asks where is she. Meera continues dad please save me. Ahem asks not to worry as he knows Sanskar has idnapped her and he will save her soon, asks where is she. Gopi says they know Sanskar has kidnapped her, but he is not replying anything. Meera says Sanskar has not kidnapped her and someone else has kidnapped, she pleads to give whatever they like. Sanskar takes phone and asks who kidnapped her. She shouts at him to give phone to her papa and then cuts call. Gopi starts crying again and asks Ahem to get her daughter back at any cost. Sanskar asks if they are satisfied nwo, he was trying to explain the same, but they did not listen to him. If they need any help, he is there. Kokila shouts that it is their family issue and he should not interfere. Ahem holds his mouth and says he escaped today and if he tries to come near Meera or family, he wll not spare him. Once he leaves, Sanskar makes weird angry faces.

At Modi bhavan, Gopi repeatedly asks Ahem if Meera is safe. Kokila asks her to believe in god, nothing will happen to Meera. Kinjal asks where will we search Meera. Ahem says aunty is telling right and he thinks the should inform police. Gopi says he should, else Meera’s life will be at risk. Kokila then says Ahem that they should use their way of searching Meera now. He says they can’t. She says they will have to.

Jigar brings parcel and says it is very cold. Kokila asks him to open parcel. He opens it and is shocked. Ahem asks what happened to him. Jigar asks Molu to take Rashi in. Once he goes in, Jigar loks at box tensely. Ahem asks what is in the box and Gopi also insists.

Precap: Jigar shows what is in the box. Gopi and everyone are shocked to see it.

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