Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi asks Seeta why did not she inform Ricky that she is Sita and not Sia, he has started loving her. Ricky says Ricky loves Sia and not Seeta, he will never accept illiterate Seeta. She walks away sadly. Jaggi then asks Gopi if she saw Seeta is sad. She says yes, like god gave conscience to Ricky, god will change Ricky’s mind towards Seeta. Jaggi says he is happy that she returned home and was fighting with god daily to treat her soon. Gopi says she is sad that her motherhood failed. He consoles her. After sometime, Modi family perform pooja. Ricky says he is going to Singapore embassy to squash all his cases. Sameera comes with Pinku darling and lawyer. Jaggi asks what is she doing here. She says they are still legally husband and wife and he cannot stop her from staying at

Modi bhavan.

Karan enters with goons, and goons catch Dharam and Shravan. Karan orders goons to beat Shravan and they do same. Dharam being a pehalwan/wrestler cannot even resists 2 men and just shouts to leave them. Meera asks what he wants. Karan says he wants her. Shravan collapses unable to tolerate beatings.

Sameera calls lawyer who says Ricky that he cannot send his wife away from his house before they are separated legally. Ricky says he she can stay here until divorce proceedings are done. Kokila says Sameera can stay, but not her brother Pinku darling. Urmila says she is right, extra poori is not allowed here. Lawyer says Sameera they are right. Pinku leaves yelling they separated him from his sister and will pay for it.

Karan gets afraid seeing Shravan collapsed and asks goons to check. Vidya silently calls police and informs them situation. Meera runs up to her room and Karan follows her. Shavan wakes up and fights with goons. Dharam also gets courageous and beats goons. He runs up and beats Karan with an wooden rod. Police comes and arrests Karan. Shravan praises Vidya that she called police. Dharam fumes that he considered Karan as his brother, but he betrayed her. Meera says good nothing wrong happened.

Ricky reminisces befriending Sameera and she betraying him. Sameera thinks Ahem got rid of her mom, but she will not leave Ricky easily. She tries to lure Ricky. He asks her to stay away. She holds his hand and he resists and falls from stairs. Whole family shouts Ramakanth….

Precap: Seeta as Sia treats Ricky’s wounds with herbal medicines. Sameera is shocked to see that and pulls her. Gopi shouts Sameera.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shravan did great , by acting to be faint so vidya can call the p[olice, finally that psycho karan is exposed and send to the jail, loved it when meera slapped that karan.

  2. Siddharth

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s longest time running show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Modi family decide to get Rikky (Rohit Suchanti) and Sita (Shruti Prakash) married.

    Sita thinks that Rikky loves her make over over Siya so that she gets confused when Kokila and Jaggi bring Rikky’s marriage proposal for her.

    Sita does not reply them but Jaggi tells Sita that Rikky love her only.

    However, Jaggi plans to prove Sita as Rikky loves only her and Gopi-Kokila seaport him in this mission.

    Rikky and Sita’s maarriage to make happy ending of Saathiya

    Rikky manages to win Sita’s love back and Modi family celebrate Rikky and Sita’s marriage in grand style.

    Rikky and Sita’s marriage track will bring a closing time for Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

  3. Siddharth

    Hi my SUNSHINE Friends how are you all how was episode . So finally karan got arrested and this track came to an end friends only 10 days left .
    Hi saba di yes we hav do something to continue sunshine group even after SNS ends .
    Akshay give ur email id ,Shakaib bro wer r u ,Nandhini plz come back,Mansi comment here daily,Raven i knw u are busy but do atleast 1 comment per day,Isaaq you also come back plz we all sunshiners wl enjoy like before ,Neha wer r u ,

    1. Riana

      Finally karan left…soo happy !…

    2. Nandhini

      Hii Sid! I am soo sorry…i am not following the SNS serial due to works…dont know whats happening currently in the show…i come home after works after 8 pm all these i couldnt catch all episodes on tv…i am not reading written updates too due to lack of time…after 10 days the serial is going to end or what?? How come such long running serial will end suddenly?? And where shall we continue the sunshine group?? Pls suggest any ideas…

      1. Riana

        Hey Nandi…Yah the show is ending…Yah a huge amount of people r shocked by this news…including me…But i am really happy that it is ending a very happy family note…And there is no reason…the show is still in trp at top 10 9th position…but still due to the issues between channel n creators the show is going off air !…???…Dont know why the channel is soo stupid !…There is only one show which gives us thrill n that show is also ending its quite bad but i am okay with it…??…Will miss Saathiya a lotttttttttt !

      2. Siddharth

        Hi nandhini we can continue our sunshine group in yhm page wat say .or Ishaqbaaz

  4. Riana

    Action packed episode…???…Precap is okay !

  5. Riana

    Hey Guyzz…i saw in instagram page in Rashmi Singh (Sona) status…there was given a script where it was the written the last scene of the show…


    They all smiles…and looks at the camera…Camera clicks a happy family photo…Kokila n Gopi where shown the head of the family…Title track plays…



  6. Sameera said her mother was Anita and loved Ahem but he married Gopi. Who is Anita? The only other woman who wanted to marry Ahem was Mansi…

    1. It was long back, she came twice on the show once when Rashi was alive, that moment also she was kind of stalker, so jaisi ma vesi beti.

  7. Siddharth

    And sunshine friend’s what happened to urvashi from feb she is in coma still she dint cme out from coma lol

    1. She is in Coma and will be forever…and even Jaggi not talking about her Mom.

  8. I think Ricky should put sameera out his room n let her sleep in the store room n sia should tell him that she is Sita in front of sameera

  9. I am feeling something different in gopi face.. don’t know if it’s change in make up or hairstyle pr her face became fat.. she is looking somewhat

  10. Nandhini

    Hii dear sunshine friends! How are you all?? Its great to see some of our friends commenting here…i am very sorry for my irregularities…i didnt come to TU page for a very long time for various reasons as one is i cant watch the show anymore…will try to watch the last episode…but i wil comment here everyday until the show ends…

    1. Riana

      Hey nandi u r backkkk…???….was missing u alott !!…Keep commenting

  11. Isaaq

    Hello sunshine group. I forgot to announce to everyone. I’ve finally succeeded and me and Adam are finally together. Thank you all for your support. I’ve finally reunited with him and it was very emotional for me. For me, it’s like my happiness is back again. I wish to stay in contact with you all after this show ends.

    I think we should move to YHM or Ishqbaaz. Gopi Destiny is ending as well along with the show on the 23rd July.

    1. Siddharth

      Congratulations Isaaq. Yes Isaaq we all Sunshiners wl move to yhm and Ishaqbaaz.

    2. Riana

      Hi Isaaq…???…Thats an amazingggg news ?????…God bless u both !…Yah will be in contact…I already moved to Ishqbaaz forum…Yah definitely we all should to move to Ib forum those people r really friendly…

      Ohh Gopi Destiny is also ending thats quite sad…☹️☹️…

    3. Sayyeda

      Hi Isaaq, congrats to your love and i hop both of u be happy life forever.GOD bless u both.

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