Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Family takes Kokila to her room after she falls down in store room. They discuss who must have done it. Kokila determines to find out the culprit.

Kinjal in her room yells at Urmila and Dhaval. Hetal calls her and tells she should forget her past and start afresh. She is sending her new saris and jewelries for dheej.

Kokila goes to store room and realizes that someone wanted her to fall. She will find out who it is with her plan. She tells Gopi and Vidya of her plan and asks them to help her.

Baa gifts saris and jewelries to all her bahus and asks them to wear it today during dheej pooja. She asks Gopi if she did not take bath yet. She says she was cleaning house, so she did not and will.

Urmila opens door hearing door bell and sees driver standing. He says

he is from modi family and hetal sent a gift. She asks if it is for her. He says Hetal has sent it for Kinjal. Kinjal comes and takes parcel. Urmila gets jealous.

Vidya keeps kerosene can near temple prasad and thinks Daadi wants to check if Meera will add kersone in prasad. Meera comes down and tells Kokila that she is going out. Kokila asks her to add oil in temple lamps and then go. She asks Pari to go and clean Meera’s room. Gopi keeps mosquito spray next to Meera’s breakfast and hides. Pari enters yelling, sees mosquito spray, keeps it aside and then leaves after cleaning room. Meera sees kerosene and thinks someone kept it here, but modi’s will think she may have done it. She keeps can aside and then leaves after adding oil in lamps. Vidya and Gopi inform Kokila that Meera and Pari are not culprits. Kokila says still she has some tests to perform and asks Gopi not to get happy yet.

Kokila asks Gopi to go and have bath now. Ahem says he will have bath first as he has to go office. Kokila asks today is Dheej and he should stay at home. He says he knows, but has some important work. Gopi says she will have bath in Rashi’s room then.

Rashi goes to her bathroom for bath, but gets caught inside. She calls Gopi for help. Gopi hears that and calls whole family. Jigar breaks door and Rashi comes out. Heater blasts. Ahem checks and says someone kept geyser switch on and water inlet off, so it blasted. Kokila thinks someone purposefully did it, so she has to find out who the culprit it.

Kinjal sees Dhaval leaving for office and tells she will keep fast for him today. He says there is no need for that. She says she wants to revive their relationship and start afresh. He says he does not need her fake relationship and walks out. She thinks she will convince him at any cost.

Ahem says he will take police help to find out who the culprit is. Meera and Pari ask why to drag police in family issue. Jigar says there is no other go.

Precap: Kokila says Ahem she agrees they should call police to investigate wants to harm their family but wait till dheej pooja finishes.

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  1. 1st! I can’t believe little Rashi can do all this! She called Gopi on purpose to blast her but Jigar got there before she did and he got the blast!

  2. shabbu

    Pls cvs atleast leave tat little rashi!! U r giving wrong msg to the society!! By showing this revenge track u r really spoiling the kids!! How come kids will plan to this extent!! Really this is very bad!! Hope u change the track soon and get on to the title track i.e saath nibhana saathiya
    .. The titles story itself is missing in the serial!! This serial is full of revenge!! If somebody wants to take revenge from someone, they can see this serial n get some tips.. Lol…

    Pls cvs change the track n show some good moments of modi family!!!

  3. ub

    In saathiya web page they gave final episode date – August 22nd 2015….

    Is this real…???!!!!

    If means then we will get big relief…

  4. Sana

    I know now the story is going away from the title but after few episode the story will sure revlove around the serial title:):D

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