Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera’s babies’ naming ceremony continues. Panditji asks babies’ mother to come forward and put them in cradle. Chanda comes and shouts at Meera to stop right there. Gaura smirks that heroine came, now it is only, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. Chanda snatches bab y from Meera and tells Panditji that she will sit with Dharam for this ritual. Gaura shouts what is this rubbish. Gopi asks Meera what is happening, Chanda was dead. Kokila asks what rubish is this.

Meera tells them whole story how Chanda acted as dead with the help of hospital staff, then Dharam finding her in market and getting her home, babies getting ill and doc recommending mother’s milk, Chanda demanding to marry Dharam, etc. Sona asks her not to cry, she knows

how to handle Chanda and warns Chanda to return children to Meera.

Kokila starts her dialogues and tells Gaura that she has lost her passion and cannot handle her family well. Gaura acts as getting angry and leaves. Chanda warns Meera if she should go. Meera pleads not to go and tells Gopi that she did not have any other option than accepting Chanda for her babies’ sake. Gopi hugs and consoles her.

Panditji asks parents to sit for ritual. Chanda sits with Dharam. Panditji says Chanda cannot sit in pooja without sindhoor on fher forehead. Meera insists Dharam to apply sindhoor on Chanda’s forehead. Dharam asks to stop drama. Meera insists and says she can do anything for her babies.

Urvashi walks towards Gaura’s room thinking of thanking her. Gaura is busy dancing celebratting her success. Urvashi is shocked to see her on her feet and asks if she can walk. Gaura says yes and boasts that she is the one who is inficting trouble intto Meera and Vidya and Modi family’s lives and says she will destroy them completely. Urvashi says she will have to walk over her dead body. Gaura says tathastu/done. Urvashi tries to leave and Gaura throws vase on her head. Vase hits her head and she hits her head to wall and falls down. Gaura laughs.

Precap: Gaura’s hides unconscious Urvashi in tiger’s costume and orders her goons to take her away. Goons take Urvashi and she falls down. Jai and Veeru get excited seeing tiger teddy.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Lol. what a funny serial.

  2. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of twists and turns in Modi house.

    Gaura kidnapped Urvashi so that no one gets to know about her(Gaura) evil deeds she committed till now but luckily one fine day Gopi finds Urvashi and get her back home.

    But Urvashi being badly hurt by Gaura is taken to hospital where doctor claims her condition to be critical.

    Urvashi try to speak about kidnapper but couldn’t as her neck is hurting badly.

    Gauura strangulates Urvashi using pillow

    Gaura comes inside finding Urvashi alone and try to kill herwith a pillow but fails as Kokila Gopi and Jaggi arrive at the neck of time and Gaura hide behind the curtains.

    Urvashi panicky raise her hands towards curtains but Jaggi assumes her signal to be towards Kokila and gets her arrested.

    It will be interesting to see how will Kokila prove her innocence in front of Gopi and Jaggi.

    Stay tuned for more updates

    1. Chithu

      Thanks for the updates Sid. Thank god Urvashi is not dead. But they are stretching Gaura’s drama. Now Kokila will get arrested and she along with Gopi are going for yet another investigation and proving kokila innocent. Writers Pl come up with something interesting.

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Yes chithu this track is boring again same thing is going to happen . Jaggi&Gopi trying to spy on gaura and proving kokila innocent. Its better makers bring some suspense and Interesting tracks.

  3. Chithu

    Was full of drama today. Felt like slapping Gaura n Chanda in front of whole crowd. Poor Dharam inspite of hating Chanda he have to put up with Meera’s demands. Now tat children are ok Meera should have said to Chanda to get out of the house.

  4. Chithu

    Chanda always blackmails Meera as shall I go. Meera should indeed kick her out of the house one of these days.

    1. Par fault kiska hai?Woh tantrum queen Meera. Itz Meera fault. Zid karke Chanda se mili, usse ghar lai, vidya ko attitude dikai agar wo kuch bolne gai. Spoilt brat hai Meera and uski vaje se everyone suffer. I dun feel any sympathy for her.

  5. Chithu

    Oh Urvashi was badly attacked. Urvashi character should not be dead soon. In spoilers ot was mentioned that Gaura will use kite string to cut her neck. But today thr was different drama. I hope the family sees who is inside the tiger costume. When will this Gaura b caught

  6. I want Chanda out!

  7. Isaaq

    Guys I don’t think there’ll be a leap anytime soon on the 2001 episode. Because Kokila is now arrested, there’s going to be a whole court case now and Gopi is going to do investigation.

    Either Gaura is caught or Kokila is imprisoned. Maybe cvs have decided to show Kokila go jail like Gaura did. If Kokila does get jail sentence, trps might go up or down.

    Gaura can’t get caught that easily. I think Urvashi might lose her memory or something

  8. Isaaq

    I think Gaura will win and Kokila will go prison. Gaura has only been on SNS for a few months and as far as I can remember, most SNS villains stay on the show for at least a year

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    chanda how cruel women you are ?????

  10. What a crap story going on, never understand when someone tries to talk people stop them assuming something else, in reality we try to hear not just assume. Heard TRP of SNS is going down.

  11. this chanda is too much. meera please don,t beg infront of chanda just be strong and slap that chanda and show her real place out of the house. this pari mona never gone a change. dtramebaaz saas bahu pari mona go to hell.

  12. Episode full of Drama, I feel very bad for Urvashi :’) The scene where Gaura hits her was painful !

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes Issaq still there is no news of leap I think gopi may not allow kokila go to jail and she may prove that she is innocent. Even makers may cancel the generation leap bcoz many actors are quitting so they may do 5to6 years leap .
    Some serials which took 2generatiom leap hav flopped like Pavitra Rishta in Zee tv wen it took 2nd generation leap its trps was very low and it ended after 1. So makers may cancel generation leap.

  14. Happy MakarSankranthi to you all people.Hi SunShinerS.Have a good day friends.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Same to you Rose .
      Happy Sakranthi to all SUNSHINE Friends and SNS fans .

  15. Please stop this rubbish show.It shows nothing good .It mislead viewers by depicting violence and nonsense.Vandana Pathak(gaura) is an only good actress of the show but her character is poor.It is a high time to ban this worst show which makes viewers fools.

  16. Hello everyone..hw r u all..miss u guys..nt felng al dese days n went to moms house..
    Meera baby names r vry nce..n waiting for leap..hw can vidya so stupid she has to listn chanda..

  17. Happy Pongal my dear friends..

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Same to you Priyanka ?.

  18. happy sankranthi guys !!!! happy kanuma to all those who celebrate it !! have a good day friends

  19. by frnzz he evrythng z goin on

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