Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi signals Seeta to come near him, but she does not understand. Gopi walks towards Seeta, but goon stops her and sends back. Jaggi signals Seeta again, but Seeta thinks he is so shameless. Jaggi sees himself in steel plate and realizes she is not identifying him in beard and moustache. Goon sends Seeta in. Seeta goes to her room and sings bhajan. Gopi tells Jaggi that goons are all around and will not let them go in. Jaggi prepares lassi and mixes laxative and serves them to goons.

Sona after applying mehandi to Bhavani tells she will apply mehandi to bride now. Bhavni stops her and says she has seen her somewhere. Sona says her name is Rashi and her pics are in most of beauty parlors. Bhavani asks her to finish her mehandi and then go. Sona sits back. Gopi brings

lassi and serves it to Ramesh. Bhavani asks Ramesh what are his honeymoon plans. He says he will tell her later and runs to washroom. Bhavani goes out and sees Ramesh running to washroom again.

Gopi with Sona enters Seeta’s room and shows her face. Seeta is surprised seeing her and asks why did she come. Gopi says they will get her out of Bhavani’s grip. Seeta says she cannot go, else Bhavani will kill panditji and her pet goat Billo. Jaggi goes out and silently damages washroom’s water pipe. Gopi calls him and says they have to save panditji and goat Billo before rescuing Seeta. All goons run to washroom. Seeta’s father says Bhavani that it may be water pollution and serves them herbal medicine.

Dharam tensely waits for Vidya to return. Shravan speaks to lawyer and informs that Vidya’s bail cannot happen as it is weekend holiday. Inspector brings Vidya and says she accepted her crime that she killed Chanda and buried her body in backyard. Dharam and Shravan are shocked. Gaura asks Vidya why she is lying. Inspector says he will get the backyard digged.

Jaggi searches panditji and finds him in a room. He frees panditji and asks where is Billo. Panditji says Billo is in next room. Jaggi says he will get him out and then Billo. Bhavani’s goons sees Jaggi and asks what is he doing here, when will he prepare food. Jaggi says he will in minutes. Goon asks to prepare curd rice first. Jaggi says he will prepare very tasty curd rice.

At Modi bhavani, Urmila nervously waits for Gopi and Jaggi to return. At Dharam’s house backyard, constables dig ground. Gaura laughs that her revenge is going well, Kokila and her grandsons are finished, now Vidya will go to jail permanently. Constables say there is nothing in ground. Gaura is shocked and thinks where did dead body go then.

Gopi and Sona silently get Seeta out. Bhavani notices Seeta walking silently.

Precap: Bhavani sees Seeta walking out and stops her. Gopi and Sona get tensed. Bhavani asks where are they going silently.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Finally something interesting is happening.

  2. Funny things are happened in today’s episode.

  3. Are Jai,Veeru don’t know their Jaggi goes to rescue Sita?Jab bhi ghar mein se Jaggi in logon ko kehke bhi jaata hai .Phir bhi ye donon khana nahi khate hai.It’s so weird thing.

  4. I think chandalini ki dead body ko Dharam ne gaayab kiya hoga.Vaise vo 11feb ki episode mein kisi ko call karke madad maangina.Aur aaj ka episode mein bhi vo bina kisi tension ke har baar normal expression diya hai.Kuch is tho twist jarur hai.

  5. Where did the body go? About time something went wrong for gaura.

  6. Isaaq

    I think this was Chanda and Vidya plan.

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    Star Plus long times running show that Gaura traps Vidya in Chanda’s murder case and makes her arrest.

    Gaura is on cloud nine as her all enemies including Kokila, Meera, Vidya and Chanda are out from her mission.

    Gaura pretends of being sad in front of Dharam for Meera and Vidya but wishes they all never return to her life.

    Furthermore, Gopi is unaware about her daughters Meera and Vidya’s condition after Sita’s entry.

    Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) showers love on Sita forgetting about Vidya and Meera

    Gopi is happy saving Sita from Bhavani’s clutches and now busy taking care of her.

    Gopi feels her resemblances in Sita while Jaggi also help Sita for Gopi’s happiness.

    How Gopi will find about Meera and Vidya?

    1. Amalina

      How can a mother just forget her own daughters for a stranger whom they found trespassing into their house? I hope meera and vidya’ problems gets solved soon before march!?

    2. Chithu

      I am happy that kokila is not leaving the show. Wish Meera too returnsreturnshow can Gopi not call her daughters for days. Surely she can take some time off to call them. Gopi should have been thr with vidya at this tym

  8. Amalina

    Yeah me too Isaaq. I don’t think that chanda actually died. Maybe vidya out of guilt went to the backyard to check up on Chanda and found her alive and took her to the hospital maybe and they found meera and meera and Chanda are together?? To trap gaura, they might’ve asked vidya to confess her crime maybe??

  9. Finally!!!. honestly they need to do something about Gaura. not sure what but she is doing wrong and praising god all the time. how can they allow that? looks like Ambe Ma bless her to do bad things. I think Seta is related to Gopi. Poor Kolika. they will kill her from the show. I will miss her BAS !!!. too bad she has to leave. lots of losse ends in this show.
    Hello Friends, hope all is well.

  10. Riana

    Wow a big funny episode?????…Superb!!…Gopi n Jaggi’s idea was so funny??…But Chanda is she alive?????

    1. Amalina

      I think so riana. I think Chanda is alive

    2. i think chanda is saved by meera or dharam.

      1. Mujhe 99.999999999% guarentee hai ki chandalini mar gayi hai.Kyunki they clearly shows they are burnt her deadbody.That small percent bhi kyun nahi hai ki Saathiya ki illogical CVs per mujhe bharosa nahi.vo log 1%bhi logically socha tho chandalini
        jinda nahi hogi.But dead body ko gaayab tho kar sakte haina.Mostly vahi hoga.Aur vo bhi mostly Dharam ya Meera hi kiya hoga.Kyunki 11feb episode mein Dharam kisi ko call karke sara matter bataya aur unse
        salaah maangi.And kuch din se ek vahi hai Vidya and Gaura ki behaviour pe doubts raise kar raha hai.Aur aaj dead body missing ko sunkar sab shocked hai but he is normal.And
        pehle checking time pe bhi vo back yard bhi check kar lijiye aisa do teen baar kaha police se.That phone call bath I think most probably Meera hi
        hogi.Kyunki from some days Dharam
        itna tensed nahi dikh raha hai ki jaise pehle Meera ka missing time mein dikha.Will be Some thing interesting surely happens.I hope ki Meera yane ki TanyaSharma is show mein jaldi vapas aajaye.

  11. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends…how are you..?? Yesterday..Devoleena Mam has commented…wow..Nandi’re going to write a fan fiction..please write I soon..I can’t wait for it..please..update soon.don’t take it as joke..I’m serious. Her comment has changed our BTW episode was nice and funny. Wish like per isaaq di happens same.

    1. Isaaq

      It wasn’t even Gopi talking to us. I’m sure it was a imposter. Guys people have been troubling us for days and suddenly Gopi comments?

    2. Nandhini

      Hi shakaib…if i get time i will try to write yaar…and the person is not really actress devoleena…

    3. Chithu

      I too dont think its really her. But whoever the person was, was saying good about us. Yeah Nandhini u must attempt to write something. Ur language is really good n u have the knack of expressing things

      1. Nandhini

        Thank you Chithu? writing is not my cup of tea but you are all encouraging me a lot…so i will try it in near future…

  12. Hi fz
    Todays episode was good.
    I don’t understand one thing that if they burnt chanda’s body then how it is possible that they cannot find any evidence ??
    Sonam also quitting the show?

    1. hi nisha. miss u. keep in touch. i think chanda is alive.

    2. kokila aka rupal patel is not leaving the show coz sge herself spoke in a news channel saying she vll not leave the show
      the channel may be abp news or aaj tak

    3. Nandhini

      Hii nisha! Same doubt i have…How come chanda’s remains has disappeared?? I think gaura would have cleared the dead body remains before the police came and she is trying to prove vidya has gone mad…

    4. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Akshay,Issaq,Rose yes the person who commented as Devolona is imposter we replied her as she praised our group ?.

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Star Plus family drama Saath Nibhana Saathiya will witness Gaura’s victory celebrations as she has finally ruined the life of Meera-Vidya.

    Gaura came back with the evil intention of ruining Meera and Vidya’s life.

    Finally she has got successful in her evil motive as Meera and Vidya’s life has got spoiled and their happiness have got ruined.

    Meera has left home and Vidya has got arrested in Chanda’s murder case.

    Gaura does emotional drama before Dharam-Shravan

    So Gaura is really happy and she is celebrating her victory.

    Just then Dharama and Shravan comes there, they gets shocked seeing Gaura’s happiness.

    So then Gaura handles the situation by doing emotional drama before them.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

    1. Chithu

      Now everyone have a doubt on Gaura. Soon Gaura’s truth will be exposed in front of everyone. I think Vidya might have already conveyed her doubt and might have taken police’s help to catch Gaura red handed. I think thats y she insisted of going to police station. They might even have found Meera. Its going to be insteresting upcoming episodes

  14. seriously shakiab sid nandhi chithu do u blv she was real gopi??? blv me guys she was fake. it ok she appreciate group member but it doesn’t mean we blvd that she was devoleena.

    1. Even I am also think she is fake.

    2. Nandhini

      Its fake only akshay…though he/she appreciated all of us…

    3. Chithu

      No Akshay i dont believe she is Devoleena. I never mentioned her name in comment. I just thanked her for her good words about our group

  15. Isaaq

    I need a proof it was Devoleena indeed talking to us

    1. its clear she is fake

  16. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends Hw r u all.
    But wer did chanda’s body go HW it disappeared suddenly. Even gaura strangled her neck . Or Vidya,meera&chanda joined hands together to expose gaura chanda was acting as she is dead . Hope this time Gaura get defeated.

    1. Nandhini

      Sid i think gaura would have disposed chanda’s remains…becoz if police arrests vidya, they should also arrest gaura for hiding a murder of someone…gaura thinks she will also get caught so she herself cleared all the evidences i think…her aim is to make vidya become a mental…thats why before police came she did many things like keeping blood stained bedsheet to frighten vidya and make her mad..

  17. hi chithu nandi i m watching dd old serial on youtube. yes shakti shakti shaktiman yuhuuuuu what a serial yar. we r still using word “THANK YOU SHAKTIMAN” do u remember old ad like ek samay ka ek tara akshar akshar deep jale, purab se surooj uga faila ujiyara, dhara dhara shudh dhara, hamara bajaj, mile sur mera tumhara to sur bane hamara, n in serial Arohan, tahreer munshi premchand ki, aurat n shanti serial (i didn’t watch these both but i remember these serial was famous), om namah shivay, rani laxmi bai, alif laila, thief of baghdad???

    1. Nandhini

      Haha we always hear “Thank you shaktimaan” and “sorry shaktimaan”?…i remember watching shanti and aurat…om namah shivaay will come every mondays at night…and jai hanumaan at saturday nights…and many more…many crime series…all were a treat to watch! All serials were with some interesting elements…

    2. Chithu

      Akshay u have refreshed my memory. I didnt watch serials at that tym but aware of those. Yes shaktimaan was our India’sIndia’s first super hero. Then thr was Mahabharat, chandrakanta, surabi, rangoli. Really miss those days

  18. hi neha and surya congratulation to the future bride and groom!!!!!!!!!!! may ur love grow for each other every day.

  19. hey sid plz remind frndlist of active members in group plz don’t include them who did only 3 to 4 comments n disappered.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi our Sunshine friends list is.

  20. guys like john n etc if ur not willing to c the show den dont c
    we dont need ur rubbish comments
    atleast watch any other news channels or other serials
    sns is a good n a best show
    dont try to spoil its name

  21. Debasmita Sinha

    Hey,good news for all KoKila fans .Kokila (rupal mam) is not quitting the show.She herself confirmed in today’s SBS (ABP News).

  22. I think vidya help Chanda out to catch gaura or Chanda help herself out to frame gaura

  23. Nandhini

    If kokila is not quitting the show then bhavani sending a sniper to shoot gopi and kokila taking the bullet is also fake news?? As chithu said, its impossible for kokila to come out of jail when she is serving punishment…so she wont come out i think…

    1. Chithu

      I too think they will change this plot

  24. Isaaq

    Update for everyone who reads Gopi Destiny,. The whole Kapoor family will be introduced. Mandira, Juhi and Damini daughter in laws will be introduced especially.

    The Four evil Kapoor daughter in laws will cause chaos in the engagement ceremony with their evil scheming.

    1. Nandhini

      Great! Looking forward to it…

  25. where can chanda dead body be, or she is alive. if it,s the case than gaura should startcounting her bad days. so sad to hear kokila will sacrifice her life by saving gopi.

  26. Hi Sunshiners… i hope chanda is alive and is with vidya and meera to reveeal the truth of gaura and soon kokila will also be out of jail.. and that gaura should be trapped in jail forever .. howevrr how can gopi forget her daughters.. i mean in real life also mom call their children atleast 2 a week after marriage to knw how they are… i mean i am experienced .. lol .. i know it serial a show however they just can do so much of prediction … com on.. well iam hoping for the best … fingers crossed.. and thnx to nandini for always replying to my comments .. pleased with u.. 🙂

    1. Nandhini

      You are most welcome ramona!? i too hope its chanda,meera and vidya’s collective plan to expose gaura…gopi is so engaged in social services that she will almost forget about her own family…no wonder she will call meera and vidya only to help her in her social service but not to ask about their well-being?

    2. Chithu

      Yeah Ramona Gopi should contact her daughters and keep an update of their well being. I call my mother daily else she will call me back. First she must help her daughters than a stranger.

  27. Chithu

    Hi Sunshiners episode was good. As Rose said i too think Dharam might have removed the remains of Chanda. Now he will prove that vidya is upset about Meera’s missing and is mentally disturbed so saying so. I wish Meera n Dharam r involved in this plan to trap Gaura.
    Coming to think of it they might even try to bring truth out of Gaura’s by making Chanda’s ghost to come and frighten her to confess the crime.

    1. Yes chithu.Vaha 99.999% dead body hi gaayab huvi hai.Jinda Insaan nahi.

  28. Chithu

    I am happy that kokila is not leaving the show. Wish Meera too returns

  29. Hi all Sunshine friends.Aaj Valentine’s day hai.I wish Hamari group mein jo married people hai and jo people have their Love partners are celebrate this day happily.And jo log Pyaar mein padhna chahta hai un sab logon ko acha aur unki asli Love partners mil jaaye.I know Valentine’s day ko only married couples or Lovers hi nahi pyaar se bandhi har vo rishta ke saath celebrate kar sakte hai.Meri taraf se tho Meri all Sunshine friends ko Happy Valentine’s day mujhe itna pyaar and friendship dene ke liye.Thank you sooooo much all Sunshine friends.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Wish u the same Rose?.

  30. Guys Really aap logon ko lagta hai ki Meera,vidya chandalini mil kar ye drama kar rahe hai?Really Guys aap logon ko lagta hai ki chandalini jinda hai?Guys they shown us her cremation.They burnt her deadbody.Pura body jalne ke baad ye Gaura,Vidya us pit ko mitti se bhar diya.Vo
    log deadbody ko jaisa mitti mein gaad diya
    tho uski body mil jaayegi.But jyaada din ho gaya tho sirf skeleton hi milega.Lakein burn huva body se sirf ash and separated bones hi miltha hai.Jo bhi iske piche hai vo sirf is haddiya vagaira cheejon ko hi gaayab kiya hai naaki chandalini ko.I am sure ki yahi huva hai.I know this show is showing so many illogical things.But is baar chance nahi hai .Vidya us raat bhar tension mein hai and abhi bhi vo bahut tension mein hai .She is not acting.But I think iske peche jarur Meera,Dharam ya donon ki bhi haath ho sakta hai.

  31. Riana


    1. Nandhini

      Thank you Riana and Rose for wishing here?…happy valentines day to all sunshiners!!??

  32. Hi friends..How r u all..The episode was very interesting.I think dharam was behind Chanda’s dead body missing.
    Happy Valentine’s day to all?
    This was the unforgettable Valentine’s day in my life ? I received So many surprises and so much love from my Surya.lucky me

    Hey isaaq what about todays plans.did u speak to adam..Forget everything and call him and express ur love.Im sure he will understand u come back to u?

    Thank u Akshay ?

  33. Engagement preparations are going on.. Shopping,mehendi, parlour too busy?But will find time to comment fav SNS and my fav sunshiners?

    1. Nandhini

      Woww! Its ok neha dear…enjoy ur day at full?? comment here when you are totally free…happy valentines day to you!❤❤❤

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Oh great Neha comment wen ever u get time?.

  34. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Happy valentines day to all Sunshine friends ?????.

  35. Good afternoon Sunshine friends and a very happy valentine to my lovely group of friends remember it is not only a day for lovers but for everyone who deserved to be loved do enjoy the rest of you day but before i go here is a quote for my lovely friends who are in love “LOVE IS A FEELING YOU FEEL,WHEN YOU FEEL YOU FEEL,YOU ARE FEELING A FEELING THAT YOU FEEL YOU FEEL,YOU HAVE NEVER FELT BEFORE…….AND IF YOU HAVE NEVER FELT THAT WAY……..THEN MY DEAR,YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN IN LOVE BEFORE…….” hope all those who are in love understand my quote hey sid nandhini etc bye

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Raven wish u the same happy valentines day??.

    2. Nandhini

      Hii Raven! I am not in love but i understood ur quote…its so beautiful as you! Happy valentine’s day dear!?❤???

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