Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi informs Kokila that Radha demanded 25 lakhs within 1 hour to return Rashi. Kokila asks her to inform Ahem. Gopi goes to call him. Kokila hears people discussing about a holy ritual of keeping stones one above other to keep the family united. She tells Gopi about the ritual and they both perform it and pray god to get back their child Rashi.

Gopi while searching baby Rashi sees her crying in a beggar’s hand, but does not identify her.

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Ahem with Jigar and Pari brings 25 lakhs bag and gives it to Kokila. Kokila says we should not take confront Radha, take baby from her and hand over her to police. Ahem

says she is right. Kokila says they will go behind Gopi and watch from a distance.

Gopi reaches near river back with money and calls Radha. Ahem and other members watch Gopi hiding. Radha asks Gopi to send money to the opposite side of river. Gopi sends money in a basket via a boatman. Radha also sends doll instead of baby and silently walks out with money. Gopi is shocked to see doll in basket instead of baby and informs Kokila that Radha betrayed them. Kokila who is just hiding behind Radha catches her, slaps her and asks where is her Rashi. Radha says she is lost and pushes her on the floor. Kokila falls on the ground and gets injured. Radha picks stick to kill Kokila, but sees snake coming and runs from there leaving money bag. Gopi and other fmaily members rushes to rescue Kokila. Kokila asks to catch Radha. Police run behind Radha to catch her. Ahem takes Kokila for first aid.

Pappu speaks to Dhaval over phone and informs that Rashi is not yet found. Kinjal sees that and scolds Pappu not to take her phone without her permission and asks him to go out and play. She then asks Dhaval not to call her son again. He says he is his son also. She says he was and not now.

Gopi blames herself for Rashi’s kidnap as Radha is her sister and she believed her. Kokila recites Geeta shlok and asks her not to blame herself. Jigar comes and informs that a baby kidnapping gang is roaming around the place. Kokila says nothing will happen to their baby and god himself will help them.

Radha sees baby Rashi in beggar’s hand and is about to confront beggar when beggar escapes.

Precap: Kokila says tomorrow is shivratri and god will help them get back baby Rashi.

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  1. koki dadi, jaldi aao nahi to bhikhari aunty mujhe apne sath le jayega , gopi aunty i hate u, aap ne dekh k bhi mujhe nahi pehsana jao, thoos mein behos

  2. Dragging the serial..

  3. Arreh yaar… Bas bhi karo… Itne log gaali derahe hain serial Ko… Phir bhi sharam nahi aati…. Iss slot me accha serial Lao na yaar… Aur Kitna badnaam karoge… Kiss style me yeh serial start hua… Aur ab Dekho. band karo….

  4. hi guys i m so smart n so beautiful even cops r bowing down before my intelligence

  5. I know Radha, u r great.

  6. Hey John… Aap kokila modi ho na… Sach batao…. Kaagdi….

  7. Seriously unbelievable this show has become

  8. Is the girl playing role of Radha related to someone in the director’s team or something else. Why they have to show a stupid girl winning with her idiotic plans. If the modi family people are so dumb then how come they are such successful business persons. It’s just dragging the things unnecessarily. Why can’t they show a decent ending if they don’t have a good story any more. I will stop watching it as it has become a waste of time.

  9. Horrible serial. Why is Paridhi saying ‘ merit bacchi Rashi? ” . She came into this family cheating everyone…… saying she loves Jigar. But she is crying as if she is the real mother of the child. She is not such a loving and generous person to love other’s child like her own. Why are you glorifying Paridhi ? She is as bad as Radha. Let Radha keep her baby …..jigar has tolu mole and Pari can have her own.

  10. Why are you showing Paridhi holier than cow? She is a mean , selfish and manipulative person and so is Radha. You brought in Radha to show Pari is a slightly better human being. Don’t glorify the shameless Paridhi. Just kick paridhi and Radha and end the serial. Pari looks ugly too. Make Gopi tolerable and not so Mahan and preachy. She thinks no end of herself.

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