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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sheetal apologizes Jaggi for her mistake and says she will not repeat her mistake again. Jaggi says it is her age to make mistake and she has to learn from her mistake and not repeat them. Sheeta nods yes. Gopi asks Sheetal to stop crying and go home. She thanks Gopi and leaves. Urvashi hugs Jaggi and prays god to protect her son. Jaggi says nothing will happen to her son. Urvashi then thanks Gopi. Gopi says she just took truth’s side. Urvashi hugs her and goes to home temple. Urmila sees Gopi tensed and asks why is she tensed, everything is fine now. Gopi says she proved Jaggi’s innocence, but could not calm maaji. Maaji never makes mistake in understanding a person, how did she misunderstand Jaggi then. Gopi consoles Jaggi that her kaanhaji is very near

to her and if she calls him, he will help her and be it maasi or anyone will easily calm down.

Meera gives multivatamin table to Chanda and asks if she does not get acidity after food. Chanda says no….Meera asks to take rest then. Chanda starts crying and says she is gettting energy with these medicines, but what about these children, they are suffocating and need a fresh air. Meera says nothing will happen. Chanda cries that if her mental balance changes, even children will become insane. Meera shouts not to say tat, she will speak to baaji, everything will be alright Chanda smirks.

Gopi sits outside home sadly. Jaggi brings tea for her and says they were just friends and after today’s incident seeing her standing against those women for him, he realized their friendship has changed to husband and wife relationship. Gopi breaks tea mug and shouts if he does not understand simple language, they are just friends and she helped him as a friend, that is all. She married him helplessly and he should not dare think of taking their friendship forward anymore. She walks away. Jaggi stands tensed.

Pari reminisces Gopi insulting her in front of everyone and fumes. Mona comes and says thank god mahila mandal did not blacken their face, else it would have been very difficult to clean it Pari shouts she did not hear how Gopi insulted her and is worried about her skin. Gopi called her snake, now she will bite her hand and destroy her.

Gopi walks in angrily. Jaggi follows her. Urmila stops her and asks where is he going. He says behind Gopi, he will confront her today and make everything clear. Urmila says relationship are not made instantly and like tree, they have to be nurtured. He asks what he has to do then. She says when he wanted to marry Gopi, he knew that Gopi would not change easily. He says yes..but…She says he has to be patient and wait until Gopi’s view changes towards her. Jaggi says Jaggi says Gopi told him that she would have helped anyone in trouble. Urmila says he is s dumb, Gopi helped him as she has some love for him deep in her heart and he has get it out of her heart and be patient. Jaggi says she is right. She says finally he understood and she should not run behind chair like in musical chair game and have to wait until Gopi give her VIP chair. Jaggi says he understood, Urmila maasi ki jai…

Kokila reminisces mahila mandal women alleging Jaggi and Gopi alleging Pari and Mona behind all this drama and giving money to Sheetal. Urvashi comes. Kokila comes near door. Urvashi says not to worry, she will not come inside a woman’s house who is so wrong. She tried to harm her son so many times, but truth came out and won as always. Today, truth won and Kokila’s cheap thinking lost. She is proud of her son and bahu Gopi who fought with the world to get justice to her husband. Once leaves, Kokila stands crying with (tears stopping on her cheeks due to her 1-inch thick makeup) and reminisces Ahem and his love for her. She picks Ahem’s photo album and continues crying looking at it. She asks god why did he snatch her Ahem from her, where did her son go, why did he go leaving his mother alone. After Ahem went, everything shattered here.

Gopi cries in home temple looking at Ahem’s pic and reminisces the moments she spent with him, their love, etc., and asks why did he leave her alone. She feels alone even being among so many people. How to make Jaggi understand that she cannot give Ahem’s place to anyone else. Jaggi hears her words that nobody can take Ahem’s place in her life and neither she will give it. He replies that he does not need Ahem’s place as he is Jaggi and will always be Jaggi.

Precap: Urvashi asks Jaggi where is he going in the morning. Jaggi says he will do truck driving. She asks if he remembers what happened 5 years ago. She is shocked to see Gopi hearing their conversation.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Amalina

    According to spoilers, Jaggi killed Ahem driving a truck five years ago!

    I don’t think jaggi is Ahem and if jaggi is older than Ahem then why are the writers trying to show him as the young teenage version of Ahem??

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi amalina i dint get you . No,wer Makers are showing Jaggi young or Ahem old both of them are same .Difference btw Jaggi&Ahem is Ahem is to keep ful beard and Jaggi is clean shaven look that’s it.

    2. Chithu

      Writers never showed Jaggi as teenager version. I think u r confused. In next leap they r planning to introduce Ahem n Gopi’s son. A grown up son but played by different person not mohd. Nazim

  2. Happy birthday Sid.l wish you achieve your goals,dreams and loved people in your life.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thank you Rose?.

  3. Hi all Sunshine friends.Episode is ok.Dragging drama.

    1. hi rose !! good morning

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Raina,Mahi,Priyanka SP,Chanu,Rithika,
    Arvind,Ashu,Ann simona,Rose?.
    Today kokila&Gopi was remembering Ahem a lot so i think within few days Ahem may come back or Jaggi may turn into ahem wt say.

    1. Chithu

      Yes Ahem’s mystery is going to unfold soon. Then we may get to c Ahem

    2. Agreed Sid.

    3. Boss happy birthday,GOD bless us always.we love u and all sunshines proud to have u in SNS family.

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    And friends as per the spoilers Gaura Ws responsible for Accusing Jaggi in eye teasing the girl but now it is only planned by Mona&Pari . Gaura is not linked any wer . By the way still gaura&Jaggi has not come face to face.

    1. Isaaq

      I think Gaura is involved. It’s obvious because Gaura true revenge is against Gopi and Kokila. Pari is trying to separate Kokila and Gopi, which only Gaura wants

  6. Happy birthday sidharth bhai I hope you have a lovely day.?

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks Rani?.


  8. Estoy bastante seguro de que esta serie siempre sera aburrido.

    1. Isaaq

      Estoy seguro de que siempre estarás loco

      1. Isaaq I like your Spanish u no Spanish?

    2. John es un trastorno mental!!!…

  9. Chithu

    Y Is Pari so frustrated now. She was exposed because of her own deeds. She wanted to create havoc in Jaggi’s life n put blame on Kokila. But her plans were exposed by Gopi. She got insulted by her own deeds. I wish those women had applied black tar on her. Her melodrama never ends. Once is is good and other times she turns negative. She always spoils her own name. How modis will respect her

    1. Hii Chithu! Inga power evening 5 o clock vandhutu and again 8 o clock poiduchi…thirumbavum night 1 o clock dhan vandhichi…and inga ellam normal aaidichi…unga thambi again office ku kelambirkaraa–its good?…aana indha situation pona year vida konjam better…last year flood naala ellarkum rombo kashtam aaiduchi…indha year only cyclone dhan rombo perusa irundhichi…rain kammi yaadhan irundhichi…expected seasonal rain eh illa…we all want good amount of rain without cyclone and flood?…appodhan vara summer ku water problem illaama irukkum…

      1. happy to hear that condition is better than last year and problems are settling down

      2. Chithu

        Naethuku nightum Ava hostels current varala. Current and net illama work nadakathula athu naala thaan office poyitta. Aama Nandini mazha romba mukhyam nalla mazha kedacha than futureku problems irukathu. Keralala athum Ernakulathula situation romba mosam ingayum seasonal mazhaye illa oru naal pezhum appram antha season kooda summer season mathiri irilkum. I am happy that the cyclone left Chennai

      3. Klai vaakam chitu di and nandhini i am very happy that everything is fine now in chennai and hello to all sns fans hope you all doing good

      4. Chithu

        Good afternoon Prateek

      5. Nandhini

        Kaalai vanakkam prateek!?
        Chithu ernakukathulayum rain illaiya!?…rombo kashtam!!…ippo recent years la laam engayum seriyaana climate eh illa! Ella placelayum rainy season la rain varraama dry ah irukku…apram sometimes sudden ah flood aagara alavukku rain varudhu!! Indha nelamai poite irundha future la samaalikka andha Kadavul dhan nammala kaapathanum!????

      6. Chithu

        Aama Nandhini thambiyum appadi thaan sonna. Ovaru varshamum dec mathathil bhayama irukkuma. Ingayum appadi thaan rainy season la mazha kidayathu full humidity. Munthiellam keralala eppadi mazha kottum. IPO onnum kidayathu

  10. Sí, estoy de acuerdo con usted, John, esta serie debe llegar a su fin, simplemente arrastrando la historia y traer nuevos y viejos villanos de vuelta. Podría también terminar el show, pero se está haciendo knowhere.

    translation- Yes, I agree with you, John, this series should come to an end, just dragging the story line and bringing new and old villains back. Might as well end the show but it is getting knowhere.

    I know it is boring. My dad says cheap drama lol yet he still watches it. XD
    Diese Show sollte nun zu Ende gehen und schon fertig sein.

    translation- this show should come to an end now and finish already. Bit of German lol learning French, Spanish and German XD hahah

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Average Girl Thanks for the wishes? . From today u are also the member of Sunshine group k.?

    2. Chithu

      If u don’t like like stop watching and commenting. Do some other work. Don’t spread negativity

    3. Average girl,Spanish is similar to Portuguese dou no?were are u from?

    4. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Average girl sorry to say this If u are joining Sunshine group then u should not criticise SNS . In our sunshine group we only take them if they are fan of SNS . Those who don’t like SNS we wl not take them in our group.
      Sorry if i hurted you.

      1. Hey no problem, hope you had a awesome birthday. Mine is coming after 5 months lol in May. Also not criticizing just saying what my dad is saying, I been watching this show since it came out in 2009, been like 8 years now since the show has been on. Thanks for making me join the group, and sorry Chitu if I upset you, I love the show so I watch it and comment on here. And it’s okay Sidhaart, you didn’t hurt me, I know you are sharing your point of view. I love this show so I watch it, my dad says he hates it but he actually likes it so he watches it but still says cheap drama lol

        As for Spanish? Don’t think it’s similar to Portuguese but Italian it is similar. Portuguese is a different language Saba. Also I know a little Spanish, still learning, can say a few sentences like Hola, comas estas, muy bieb and buenos noches which means hi, how are you? very well and good night. Got like language apps and books in Spanish, German and French. 😛 Also, I am from UK, Birmingham. Crap weather, raining all the time lol only on some days it is sunny.


    1. Ok fiza!??

    2. definitely

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thank you Fiza?

    4. Chithu

      Wow Happy birthday in advance Fiza

  12. I think jaggi will say something to his mom so gopi will feel sorry for him

  13. Hii dear sunshiners! While reading this update,, i think dat ahem might come back when jaggi goes to jail…if everyone are angry and went against jaggi except parag,, i think ahem will come and bail him out…that dead body of ahem maybe a duplicate sent by Gaura…and i also assume gaura is also involved in spoiling jaggi’s business along with pari and mona…

    1. nandi di where is ur registered member wala account ?? phir se login karne mein problem ho rahi hai kya ?? just asking because ur old dp looks good missing it

      1. Nandhini

        Sowmya due to long network problem in our city,, i cudnt directly login and comment for two days…now its okay!?happy??☺☺

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Agree Nandini ?.

  14. Hii Isaaq! I cant believe ur lover still thinks you dont love him! Ok past is past…now make it clear to him as soon as possible dat you also love him as much as he does!…so dats why you said you are so excited to meet him in coming january in london!!?? great!!! I am so glad to hear that he is also proud of you on ur studies(to study law)…and nice to know you both felt the same way of missing each other when you were apart from him for the last 2 years…i think he seems to be still hurt when you said you had a boy friend…maybe dats why he didnt reply to ur tweet long time back…so please make this misunderstanding clear and confess everything to him when you see him dear?

    1. Isaaq

      I’m so stupid??? I unfollowed him on twitter just to get his attention. I’m such a fool omg? Let’s see how he reacts when he sees my follow request

      1. Chithu

        Oh y did u do tar. Call him n clear the misunderstanding

    2. Isaaq

      Honestly I don’t understand why I be this bratty girl like Meera and play mind tricks with him???

    3. Isaaq

      I’m worse than Radha and Gaura for playing these mind tricks???

      1. Isaaq

        It’s still on pending?

      2. Nandhini

        Isaaq cool…you are not worse than radha and gaura…on seeing ur follow request,, ur lover will be laughing like looool for you have been playing mind tricks on him?? so chill!…

  15. hi all sunshiners !! good morning have a nice day guys

    1. Ubhdaya n snhituu sowmya hope you doing fine

  16. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning Sunshine friends.

    1. Gd morning bhai

    2. Nandhini

      Good afternoon Sid!

  17. Hi sunshines,boss,Kp,Sowmya,Nandhini,Isaaq,leila,Nisha,Mahi,Sakaib,Akshay,vp,Chithu,Fiza,average girl,Sonia,Rani,rose,Raven,Arvind,Gettu,Aisha,amalina,Prathyusha,Ramona,sp,Chanu,Ann simona,Rani,rose and all sunshines,this episode is good I tink ahem mistry revel soon.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks for the wishes Saba di.

    2. Nandhini

      Hii saba di! Yes di ahem’s mystery will be revealed soon…

  18. Nandhini

    Guys only 39 days remaining to reach 2000 episodes of saathiya!! I think the 2000th episode will be a dhamaaka!!???

    1. Isaaq

      LOL I can’t chill. I know him very well. He’s like me. He’s very stubborn. I’ve been watching janki Devi episodes from Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki to give me guidance on how to behave. He’s been playing mind games with me too?

      Last year on Valentine’s Day he tweeted his address. At the end of the day. He got so angry and then I realised that he was waiting for me all day to come to his house.

      I know for a couple of days I’ve been telling everyone on here on how much I love him but the truth is, for the last 3 years I’ve been trying to change myself and take this new avatar.

      I’m playing these mind games as it is my final plan. 2 weeks I discovered that he loved me and now it’s the time I finally use this avatar and finally win my love. Unfortunately I didn’t win the competition and I’m not going to meet him in January but it’s fine I accepted that it was destiny and it’s not the end of the world. So I’m playing these mind games for him to reveal the truth to me himself that he loves me.

      I don’t know but he’s acting really strange and I don’t know why he kept this secret for really long. That’s why I’m playing these mind tricks in order to find out. I know my lover well and he is stubborn like me. We are both the same. I just want to find out the truth that’s it

      1. Isaaq

        I’m not one of those girls who wait around like helpless princess waiting for her prince to rescue her. I’m a strong girl. I’m playing these games to test his love and find out the truth. Sometimes you must battle with your loved ones in order to win their love and if you care about their happiness. By Hindu terms, I’m following the karma route, not the dharma route.

    2. Yah Nandini i m getting too excited for that…i think the leap will be on that 2001th episode just like how 8 year leap happened on 1001th episode…

  19. These writers are so predictable of all the people in India it was jaghi that killed his own brother couldn’t it have been somebody else. They have this same plot lime in all dramas the killer is always somebody they know. Ughhh. N mera is an idiot she should juse tell dharam what chanda is doing I mean worst comes to worst she will abort the child but they can still get another surrogate mother. This time vodka could be her surrogate and look after the baby proerpeley and not blackmail her like chanda

  20. Isaaq

    Guys spoilers say that Ahem wasn’t in the car when the accident happened. It wasn’t an accident then. I think he was murdered.
    Imagine if the 2000th episode, Gopi is blamed for Ahem’s death and she is sent to jail. She fakes her death and comes back after the leap to get her revenge on the Modis???

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