Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura asks DJ to play music and starts dancing senselessly on song Hungama hogaya….Everyone shockingly look at her and Vidya asks what happened to maaji. Urmila reminisces Gaura mixing alcohol in Meera’s juice, but Urmila giving it to Gaura itself. Inebriated Gaura continues doing bevdi dance. Dharam thinks what happened to baa today. People talk that Gaura is acting too much on her son’s birthday. Dharam tries stop her, but she continues dancing. Urmila thinks Gaura will realize what it is to challenge pagli nani/herself.

Shravan and Dharam take Gaura to her room. Gaura laughing asks what happened. Dharam says she insulted him in front of guests with her bevdi dance. Gaura says Urmila did this. Meera says they should lock Gaura in this room

for some time until guests leave. Dharam says she is right and walks out locking door. Gaura continues doing nagin dance next.

Hetal finds Madhuben’s written letter as Dharam and shows it to Kokila. Kokila is shocked reading it. Madhuben starts her drama that Kokila’s son left her daughter alone and escaped. She continues her drama and says she doubts Ahem will suicide. Kokila asks to keep quiet, but Madhuben continues. Gopi shouts to shut up and says she does not have right to confront Kokila and says she cannot hear anything against Ahem and Kokila.

Dharam and team comes back to Gaura’s room and sees her dancing. Urmila says she drank bhang mixed juice. Dharam says he will lock Baa for some time. Gaura continues nagin bevdi dance with phiss phiss sound like a snake from her mouth. Dharam ties her. She says what is he doing with his Baa and falls asleep.

Madhuben says she cannot stop her as she is her mother. Gopi says again she cannot interfere and has to keep away from her family. She says kanhaji never leaves his devotee’s hand and even today he will help her. Madhuben tries to speak, but Gopi stops her again and says if something happens to Ahem, she will lose faith in god. She knows nothing will happen to her Ahemji and he will return home. Maduben says if he loves you, then he would not have written letter and gone. Gopi says even if he writes 1000 letters like this, she knows he loves her and will return back. Her Ahem is Ram for her and she trust both her Ram and Kanha. She will sit in front of idol till her Ahem ji comes back and Madhuben should ever badmouth about her Ahemji and maaji.

Gopi goes and sits in temple. Madhuben asks her to get up. Gopi starts reciting geeta and says she will bring back her husband and do her duty and walks towards door. Kokila stops her and says she is right. Madhuben asks Kokila how can she send her when she has not eaten anything since yesterday. Kokila say she is surprised how can mother think like this, Gopi is right and she accepts her decision.

Precap: Gopi compares Ahem’s hand writing and says letter is fake. Kokila says someone played prank and she will find it. Madhuben gets tensed. Gopi looks at her face.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ohmy madhuben is a right slag aswell she is such a b*t*h she is betraying her own daughters in laws
    will anybody do that to their daughters inlaws and their daughter

  2. U r the best meera di….Awww vidya was looking so cute today in her saree….loved Gopi’s melodrama(In *hema malini’s style) as the say!!!! 😉

  3. A b***h mother worse than a devil

  4. Lived gopi today! And the way he told it on madhu’s face was fantastic! Her love fr ahem is so eternal!

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