Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells Gaura they should let Vidya and Shravan go on a date and let them decide if they want to marry or not. Gaura likes the idea and starts singing… Gopi with Ahem goes to Vidya’s room, sees her already ready and gives her matching earrings to go on date with Shravan. Vidya says she wants to talk to her alone and asks Ahem to wait outside. Gopi asks if she is nervous that Alliance came to Meera but changed for her and says even Ahem’s alliance came for someone else, but she married him eventually. Meera says she cannot imagine them with others and they are made for each other. Gopi asks her to be cofident. Gaura on the other side orders her grandson to lure Vidya and convince her to marry him and not forget his promise made to her. She says she likes Vidya

and Vidya is very simple girl.

Tolu/molu decorate lawn for Vidya and Sharavan’s date and Tolu says he would not have agreed for a date at home lawn. Vidya and sharavan enter and they all 3 leave. Meera sees them and yells why Vidya wants to waste her life with this illiterate villager.

Vidya thinks of apologizing Shravan for misunderstanding him during trekking trip. He says he knew she would apologize and says he forgave her long ago. He says let us go and tell our opinion to our elders. She asks him to sit. Tolu/molu listen to their conversation hiding and laugh. Pari catches them and takes from there. Vidya asks Shravan if he loves his family a lot. He says yes. She asks if he would have married another girl if his baaji had asked. He says even he is getting same questions in his mind.

Gaura bets 500 rs with Kokila that both children will come and say yes. Kokila asks her to relax and wait until they come. Vidya comes and Gopi asks her decision. Vidya says she told for any relationship, they should speak first. Gopi says yes. Vidya says we are talking to each other. Gopi asks that means she likes Shravan. Vidya gets shy. Gopi informs Kokila and others that Vidya agreed for marriage. Gaura asks Kokila to give her 500 rs betting money. Kokila asks her to wait and asks Shravan if he likes Vidya. He stands silently. Gopi asks him same. He says he likes Vidya. Gaura laughs and asks Kokila to give 500 rs and asks Vidya to come and stand next to her.

Tolu/molu sees Meera standing far away and asks her to join everyone. Meera walks and asks Vidya if she has gone mad. Kokila gives shagun to Shravan. Gaura calls servants and they briing a full rack of clothes and jewelry. Kokila asks what is all this. Gaura says when she can give shagun to he grandson, why can’t she give shagun to her granddaughter.

Precap: Gaura taunts gopi that she won her challenge against her and says jo jeeta wo sikandar and jo haara wo…

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think goura is villan

    1. o dhanno o dhanoo i like this serial

  2. Amazing serial.

  3. nice episode………..but still short……………. and y dont it end instead of showing less minutes episode

  4. I hate goura because she us villan

  5. I hate goura because she is villan

  6. nice epi .cute pair vivan

  7. Why are they letting vidya Marries him n gaura needs a reality check on herself she should let gopi n ahem decides wats best for their daughter vidya not the evil villain

  8. I hate Gaura…..she is nat gud as she seems to be ….

  9. i hate the way gaura laughs

  10. Pls show some respect from meera sidw

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