Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar informs Kokila and Gopi over phone not to worry, they will get Meera’s bail somehow. Vidya cries in her room reminiscing Shravan’s misbehavior with her. Hetal gets sad seeing her. Sona brings sooji halwa and says Hetal that Gopi told Vidya likes sooji halwa a lot and if pregnant women eat their favorite food, baby will be healthy. Hetal says she did good.

Gopi and Kokila walk out of Gaura’s room and discuss that Gaura has hidden Dharam somewhere, so she acted as falling unconscious when they confronted here. Shravan hears that and shouts how can they allege Baaji like this, because of them Baaji fell unconscious and because of their daughter, he lost his dad. Gopi asks how dare he is to misbehave with elders and starts her moral gyaan. She says he betrayed Vidya twice and when she needed him the most during her pregnancy, he ransacked her. She continues her moral gyaan and says Durga gave him good upbringing, but he has Gaura’s blood, so he is arrogant and thinks women as his servant. She continues and Shravan leaves. They discuss that Gaura is a big dramebaaz.

Shravan asks doc how is Baaji now. Doc says she is fine, but why did she donate many times recently. Shravan asks how can it be. Doc says he saw KN hospital’s tag on Gaura’s hand. Gopi and Kokila hear that and think they will have to find out whom Gaura is giving her blood.

Tolu and Molu enter Vidya’s room and start joking with her and Sona. Sona sends them out and feeds halwa to Vidya.

Precap: Gopi enters Dharam’s room and thinks if he is Dharam, Meera will be released.

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  1. Spoilers say Gaura will send a pack of dogs to Modi Mansion for her revenge??? LOOOL but instead the dogs get friendly with them- her plan fails.
    The most idiotic plan…

  2. I think they should go to the hospital n find out about gaura

  3. Sarayu(honey)

    Yup, I heard it too. The most idiotic plan

  4. Thank u. To all

  5. Dis is rubbish….gaura’s one of the faltu plan….chiiiii

  6. Mera naaam chin chin chu

    Why gopi always climbing up the pipe???

    1. Haha ryt.. Dnt knw till now how many times she has climbed the pipe.. Always this happens.. Earlier urmila ben also used to do the same..

  7. She is one of the stupid

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