Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Premila tells Modi family that she and her children will come and stay in her part of Modi bhavan. Jaggi and others react, but Gopi says let them stay here. Premila says she is intelliget and says Mansi let us go and bring out items soon.

At Dharam’s house, Dharam reminisces Meera and ACP’s closeness and fumes in jealousy. Meera asks Naiya to go and sleep as there will be series of functions from tomorrow. Meera says she will sleep in sometime as she has some work.

Premila tells her children that the have keep a close watch on their enemies, so she planned to stay at Modi bhavan and make Modi family’s life a hell and expose fake Ahem.

Jigar tells family that he is going to US for some work and has booked his up and down ticket. Gopi says

Baa, kaaki and others will get tensed if they hear about our problems, so Jigar has to be careful. Kokila says they have to convince Jaggi to keep his calm and not do any blunder. Urmila says she did not see Jaggi anywhere, what if he has eloped. Jai and Veeru says they know where he is and take them all to backyard where Jaggi is doing yoga. Jaggi says he will not eat or speak to anyone and will not help them. Urmila tries to feed him and Jai and Veeru show food plate. Jaggi says he will not eat. Sona says that even Jai and Veeru have not eaten anything. Jaggi sits silently. He gets his mom Urvashi’s call and says he is still alive but may not if he stays more at Modi bhavan, he has not eaten anything also. Urvashi says she is born to eat and has to complete his goal for which he went to Modi bhavan. Jaggi agrees. Urvashi thinks she should not tell how he is related to Modi family and once he helps Modi family should get him back. Jaggi eats food with a drama.

Dharam’s family plays antakshari. Shravan sings. Meera says she will call Dharam to join them. Naiya signals her puppet choreographer who asks Meera to sit and practice song while she calls Dharam. She goes and calls Dharam. Dharam enthusiastically come down but fumes in jealousy seeing Meera and ACP singing a romantic song together.

Jaggi goes to his house and searches laddoos and kheer in kithen. Urvashi thinks he is thief and beats him with broom. He switches on light and says he is her son. She asks why did he come like a thief in his own house. He asks where is laddoo and kheer. She asks if it is his birthday or her shraaad. He says his birthday. She says she forgot. He says he is sure now that she is his stepmother. She says she will prepare kheer and he should never tell that she is his stepmother. Jaggi happily hugs her.

Premila and family watch TV with loud volume. Tolu’s baby girls cry a lot getting irritated with loud volume. Gopi requests Premila to switch off TV, but Premila increases volume. Kokila cuts cable.

Precap: Jai and Veeru blindfold Jaggi and take him for a surprise birthday. Modi family sing happy birthday to you and he cuts cake. Premila hears voice and peeps from door.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This serial sucks. Just horrible.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Mr lonely john if u dont like dis show jst dont watch . No one is forcing u to watch.

    2. u r so true, no head and tail of the story make whatever stupidity they want to show, like Naiya is so cunning that all are stupid before when Meera was villain she was cunning now Naiya, till public sees they will come with man ghadi kahani

    3. John u don’t like saathiya stop commenting then

    4. Absolutely sid bhai. No way to put it to you Mr Lonely

  2. What next?

    1. Hi sidhu where are you from ? I mean you are saying that your college starts on 19th.and my college also reopens on the same date.its the onam are also enjoying the same ? If you read it then answer me sidhu
      You know where is akshy bhai? According to our group law we have to cmmt alteast once per day.
      I think the cmmt sending on john name is not actually john.because he was a person who always saying good cmmt abt the serial.especially he had been saying that it is the best serial in the word.
      Its is my think .
      it may be right or wrong

  3. Is that ahem ?
    Nandini akka you are most welcome

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    Adithya u played a prank . Its k we all forgive u . If u want to join our group again u are are most welcome . We all are waiting for your reply.

  5. Kavalapedathege na ungale varavelkigiren ungaluku malayalam teriyuma NANDHINI AKKA ?
    Akshu where are you? I miss you so much.
    Sidhu what is new spoiler?how is your study?
    Aisha recently you are cmmting at a low level .
    Issaq di all the best for you.
    Raven di miss you.
    Shakaib how are you?your ff is fantastic but i have a little problem when i am not a viewer of kasam so cann’t understand d chters and d reltons among them.but don’t feel that iam not reading d ff
    It was really funny that kokila cut the cable wire. OH JIGAR IS GOING TOTHE US. will miss him.nandini akka once again welcome to our group.

    1. That was so funny! Kokila cutting the wire. Lol i’m also going to miss Jigar even though he really didn’t have a huge role in SNS.

      Where is our Akshay bhai? Missing him and raven di.

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    Nisha my college starts on Septembar 19th so now I am free . Its confirm he is ahem only bcoz Urvashi is his step mother it means jaggi was also kokila and Parag’s son but one who dead is jaagi . Why ahem is in jaggi’s avataar is the biggest myestry in the story.

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Ritesh is falling in love with Meera.

    Meera is unaware of the fact that Ritesh has a soft corner for her, she does not have any soft corner for him.

    Naiya is taking the advantage of the situation and wants to throw Meera out of the house.

    So she is sowing the seeds of suspicion in the mind of Dharam to ruin their relationship.

    Dharam insecured seeing Meera with Ritesh

    Naiya’s evil is getting successful as Dharam is getting insecured as well as jealous.

    Dharam acusses Meera for having affair with Ritesh so Meera gets really angry.

    Meera thinks that when Dharam dont believe her then whats the point in staying here.

    So then she decides to leave the house and everyon gets shocked.

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Mansi gets the mobile which had all the proofs that can prove Jaggi Ahem’s duplicate.

    So then Gopi and her whole family is trying to snatch the proof from her so that they are not able to prove that Jaggi is not Ahem.

    Gopi makes Mansi swirl around and the phone drops from her hand, she takes the phone from her.

    Krishna fumes in anger as he fails to get the proof from Gopi

    But Krishna try to take it from her so then she gives it to Jaggi and they all keeps on passing the mobile so that Raheja family is not able to get it.

    Lets see what happens next.

    1. Lol sid bhai. Cannot wait till this happens because it’ll be funny to watch.

  9. I hunk jaggy or ahem is up to something to get them 3 a*sh*le out the modi house

  10. Nandhini

    @isaaq: oh so sindoora will not die so i guess maybe her daughter,, the second vamp may die as you hinted…lets see…its full of suspense!!

  11. Nandhini

    Hii nisha! Thank you thank you thank you sooo much dear!! I am overwhelmed!!!???? i saw ur comments in yesterday’s and today’s page….rombo happy dear! Enakku malayalam konjam alavukku therium…i can understand a little but i cant speak malayalam fluently….but unakku nallaa tamil therium!! Rombo great ma!! Nee english,, tamil,, hindi,, malayalam languages ellam supera pesura! Keep it up dear!!☺☺☺

  12. RIP my son
    You all are stupid
    Akshay was a fraud not my late son
    Akshay is not commenting since ages now
    I miss my son

    1. You are the stupid one here. We know what you are up to yet you think you can fool us now?

      Everyone knows that Adi isn’t dead. Keep lying to yourself because clearly nobody is being fooled by your claim.

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Jst stop ur drama man . Tumara sach sabko pata hai adi if u want to leave the group u can leave nobody is stoping u plz stop ur fake drama bcoz now it is too much . Too much is too bad .

  14. Shakaib

    Nice episode always , jaggi and gopi rocks!

  15. what is the age of Baa?????

  16. Prathyusha

    finally jigar is leaving the show!!!!

  17. Boss(Siddarth)

    I am from Mangalore Nisha we dont have Onam holidays . I am first year MBA na so college is starting on September19th. U r also 1st year right. Akshay is a best commentator and important person in our Sunshine group I think he is busy . But john comments only once in a day so he might be the same person. Hope today Akshay comments.

    1. Really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Where are you akshay bhai ?i miss you so much.apni behn ki baath sun rahi h na?pls aaj tho cmmt keeji ye na! Me aap ko sab se zyadja miss karahi hoo .
    Aap aayega ki nahi?

  19. hey sunshine friends just got back and could not wait to see how you guys did with the comments, i saw HP up to his old tricks again my god this fool really thinks we are stupid,how dare the woman say Akshay is a fraud,and Nandhini i am a girl,got the name after my dad his name is Ravin and mine is pronounce Ray -ven so its Raven and welcome to the group,and whoever is loyal and truthful can also join, how are my sunshine friends Sid,Akshay,Nisha,Aisha and whose name i forgot to mention sorry,i think jaggi is also ahem but he is hiding something,what we dont know, but i am hoping he will be there to help gopi out from the clutches of the wicked mansi and gang,and guys hear is what happen to me the hammock that i was lying in burst down with me and i felland hit my back and head it was painful and yet funny cause everyone started to laugh,will try to come on later to give a better comment and for a woman who lost her son a few days ago is really having a ball on this site way to go ma you are enjoying your son’s death ,you fool you are making a mockery out of your son demise if you really had a son ‘clown’ that word suit you enjoy yourself you go aunty

  20. what happen guys i went and take a nap and i am up and i cant see any comments,this is not done sunshine friends,what is the matter? where are you Akshay? please dont do this you are one of us i was out of town and came back and still made the time to comment,we cannot meet our target if you guys dont comment ,do you guys want this happy group to fall apart? no no no we are family here come on now i will check later

  21. Boss(Siddarth)

    Welcome back Raven hw r u. The person who commenting is not Adithya’s mother he is Adithya only it is his hobby to comment in different names .

  22. Sid he played with our emotions,and for that i can never forgive him,since the mother claimed his so called death she is on all the time she really thinks we are dunces but in reality she is one,what kind of a mother is she that she is not mourning the loss of her son ,anyways i wonder where is Akshay Nisha how are you hun?Aisha i do hope you are fine will comment on today’s serial when i come on later

  23. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes raven day by day our comments are decreasing . But our group has unity dude it wont fall apart we have best members like U Akshay ,Nisha,Aisha,Nandini we are all together. Jst comments is less these it will increase Raven. I think everyone is upset bcoz of Adithya’s prank.

  24. Boss(Siddarth)

    I am fyn raven . I think Akshay is busy with his studies so he is not able to do comments . But still todays episode is not updated?.

  25. Nandhini

    There is no today’s written update….Hi Raven! Thank you for welcoming me in sunshine group?? Yours is a very nice and different name!…looks like you had a great time out of town….and take care,, please check with a doctor because falling down from a hammock will have a big effect later with frequent pains in the back bone….hi to all dear friends isaaq, nisha, aisha, aksahy,sid,shakaib and all! Yes raven…without you and akshay the group was kind of filled with some emptiness….and now you came back, i am very glad to see the same enthusiasm in you!! Hope akshay too joins back soon….no one ever used the word ‘fraud’ on adithya even after he did too much things,, then why is he degrading himself and his mom in the name of his mom to call others fraud??? What will he gain by expressing this hatredness?? Anyways….and i also agree with nisha, the person who is commenting in the name of john is not the real john who loves this serial….in the past few weeks the serial is going on with lots of interesting elements….by this time the real john will be too happy to watch his favourite serial….this john is another person who hates this serial….

  26. Boss(Siddarth)

    Nandini u r ryt no one said bad words for Adithya even after he did these much things. And he is saying fraud to Akshay . Actually Adithya u r big fraud in this forum who is faking ur own death . I think u are seriously inspired by horror movies so u are doing all this.

  27. thats a good one Sid he has been inspired by horror movies lol you have a way with words, and Nandhini you have a beautiful name too,lets just stop thinking about adi everytime he comments under the name of his mom he is going deeper and deeper into is own stupidity,lets leave him,there is going to come to a point where he will realize his mistakes and by then it will be too late so lets just forget him,only if he tries to mess with us then we will deal with him i have not seen any updates yet so i cant comment will still come on later to check, i am a doctor,if you had read all my comments you would have seen that i mention it if there is anything you want to know about being a diabetic,hypertension ,etc you feel free to ask hun,just to let you know the reading for a normal person who is not a diabetic should be between 70 to110 if its about 150 and up its time to check with your doctor and a perfect hypertension goal is 120/80 you feel free to ask what ever you want to know watch your calories your intake of sugar and exercise daily and nothing can go wrong that it is advisable to take a lipid profile test do normal checkings with your heart use an aspirin at least 3 tlmes a week it helps prevent heart attack by 30% aspirin thins the blood so it helps free flow of the blood to your heart an always remember every tablet has a side effect do not use tablets without a doctors permission and always looks for expiry dates on any tablet you are buying hey i think i have said too much please forgive me i tend to get carried away cause i love my job so much

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