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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi looks at garland-laden pic and ash pot in a room. Servant passes by and asks why did she enter here. She says her mobile fell here and asks to switch on lights. He says there is no power connection in this room. She asks whose pic is this. He says Karunesh mama’s. Gopi is shocked to hear that, keeps pic back and runs out. Everyone are busy doing dandiya. She calls Ahem and Kokila and says karunesh mama is dead and Gaura lied them. Gaura denies. Gopi says she saw Karunesh mama’s garland-laden photo and ash pot in a room and takes Kokila with her.

Gopi takes Kokila to a room and asks Gaura to open door. Gaura says Chatanki has misunderstood, it is a store room. She asks everyone to get back to dandiya. Gopi asks her to open door and clear her doubt.

Kokila also insists. Gaura opens door, says this room’s lights don’t work and asks servant to bring lamp. Gopi says garland pic and says this is karunesh mama, but is shocked to see changed pic. Dharam says this is my bapuji’s pic. Gopi says when she came here, there was different pic and servant said it is karunesh mama’s pic. Gaura says this is my husband’s pic. Kokila asks why did she hide such a big thing. Gaura says there was a celebration at her house, so she did not want to reveal this truth. They must be surprised why she is dressed like a suhagan. Dharam says he cannot see his mom in a white sari.

Gopi says she really saw karunesh mama’s pic. Dharam shouts at Gopi and asks her to shut up. Ahem says without reason Gopi will not doubt anyone and he should lower his voice. Dharam says why will he and his mom lie, his mama is alive and why will they add garland on his pic. Gopi asks him to call servant. Dharam shouts if they believe servant than him. He shouts that Gopi alleged Baa in her house and now alleging in their house now. Gopi says her doubt is valid. Kokila asks to drop this issue right here. Gopi asks how can she, it is her daughter’s life’s issue. Dharam shouts if they don’t trust them, it is better to call off this relationship. Gopi repeatedly insulted Gaura and her daughter even broke his leg, he will break this relationship right now. Gopi says he is misunderstanding her. Kokila shouts that she has seen Karunesh and she must have misunderstood. She is insulting Gaura and Dharam since this alliance is fixed and she will break her daughter’s marriage now. She should apologize Gaura and Dharam right now. Gopi folds her hands. Shravan holds her hands and says she does not need to apologize as it is not her mistake. Dharam shouts at him. Shravan says he is going to relate with Modi family and their dignity is his now. Kokila praises Shravan. Shravan says mothers should not apologize anyone. Gaura says his mother is repeatedly doing mistakes. Shravan repeats it is not her mistake.

Precap: Gaura says Dharam that Meera has accepted her proposal, situation is on their side now, Kokila’s downfall starts now. Gopi tells Ahem she is worried about Vidya’s marriage’s future.

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  1. Ye serial ko atyachar to viewer declare karo or ban karo. Is serial ke against rally nikalni pade GI. Like the common trend in Gujarat right now.

  2. What a disgusting serial it is?when Star plus air off this serial?how viewers tolerate this bullshit serial……….

  3. don no hw could dis serial b even in TRP list!!! dat too in top!!?

  4. Dragging….dragging nonsence

  5. Shivani Sinha

    How can gopi married her 19 yr daughter??? Disgusting! I really hate gopi

  6. I hate gaura…stupid episode

  7. sirf ahem aur gopi ki wajah she serial dekhne ka mann krTA h.guara and meera dono dimaag khati h

  8. What a fantastic serial.

  9. kitna bekar serialhai

  10. most stupid plus is known for quality serial then why why this serial is on air till now.disgusting.

  11. HP u publish this comment as it is.

  12. they are just dragging the serial , i saw this serial 20 days ago and its still in sangeeth ceremony WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SERIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Plzzzzz stop goura’s drama. People getting boar

    1. YAaaaaaaa.. plz stop gora’s drama

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