Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi promises comatosed Kokila that she will punish Gaura for trying to kill her. Meera calls Jigar and asks how is daadi. Jigar says her condition is still critical.

Rashi reaches home after school. Madhuben starts pampering her and asks her go and change while she prepares something for her. Sona says Madhuben that she cannot trap Rashi. Madhuben says she is Rashi’s naani and knows how to trap her.

Dharam with lawyer forces inspector to releaase Gaura. Inspector says he cannot as Gopi and Ahem Modi have given complaint against her for trying to kill Kokila. Dharam says Kokila is their samdhi and Gaura’s childhood friend, then why will she try to kill Kokila. He calls his goons as evidence who say Gaura and Dharam were with them all the time and did not move. Inspector helplessly releases Gaura.

Gopi tells comatosed Kokila that she should get up and help her. Ahem consoles her and takes out. Gaura with Dharam comes and starts her drama showing fake concern for Kokila. Ahem asks them to get out without making drama. Dharam asks what will he do if he does not go. Gaura says Ahem that she will not forget her insult and being in jail and will take revenge.

Nurse runs out of ICU and informs doc that Kokila is sinking. Doc runs into ICU and gives CPR to Kokila, but vital signs monitor goes blank. Whole Modi family cries and pleads Kokila not to go. Gaura taunts that at last Kokila went. Each Modi family member pleads one by one..

Precap: Gopi strangulates Gaura and says she will not spare her for killing her maaji.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Well done gopi…but dont kill that gaura…she should pay for her sins..

  2. What is this?? Comatosed and strangulate!? ???

  3. I don’t think Koki will die!

    1. Koki had died,becoz she had got some other serial to perform.

  4. I no gopi will take revenge on the evil witch gaura if anything happens to kokila

  5. Bakwaaaaaaas show

  6. #lol ah go watch chhota Bheem and cry in your mom lap

  7. I want gopi to kill dharma in a fit of revenge. So guara will b angry and will fill meera’s ears regarding her mother murdering her husband. And than ask meera to harass vidya for it

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