Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari announces on stage that Radha is Modi family’s servant and loves Rashi a lot, but she is deaf and cannot speak. She asks if Radha is happy now that company is opened in Rashi’s name. Radha is shocked to hear her insult, but cannot speak as her lips are locked due to gum. Kokila takes Radha from stage. Pari then says that she is Rashi’s cousin and Jigar loves Rashi a lot, but married her after Rashi’s death as he is worried about his children and felt only Rashi’s sister can become her children’s stepmom. Kokila says Radha that Pari is cultured bahu who is worried about her family’s dignity. Pari comes down from stage and thanks Modi’s for making her as their bahu.

Urmila scolds Pari that she took Rashi’s place and snatched

her husband and asks Radha to trouble Modi’s like she wishes. She then says Radha that she is shameless to have Jigar’s child in her womb. Radha gets irked and strangles Urmila. Kokila rescues Urmila, and Radha signals that she will finish all Modi’s and runs from there.

Radha comes home and frees her lips with toothpaste. She says herself that Modi’s troubled me and now I will trouble their dear one and inflict pain to her.

Pari says Kokila that we should not have done what we did today, but it was necessary to teach Radha a lesson. Gopi says she is right, but Radha will not keep quiet now. Pari says she is ready to face Radha now and takes selfie with all the Modi ladies.

Radha gets chilli powder and forces Meera to eat it. Meera writhes in pain and shouts Gopi’s name for help. Whole Modi family ladies rush to Meera’s room and sees her shouting for water and shows chilli powder bowl. Kokila asks Pari to get honey and water. Radha says they troubled her and this is her answer to them and warns them not to trouble her again, else she will harm their dear ones like this.

Pari says Kokila that she will stuff whole chilli powder bottle in Radha’s mouth. Kokila asks her to stop. Ahem comes with Jigar and asks Kokila why did not she inform him, how can Radha harm his children. Kokila says Radha is mad. Gopi says how can she stoop to such a low level. Pari says she knows our children are our weakness and says we can give rigorous punishment to her and asks what Radha hates most. Ahem says mental assylum. Pari says we cannot send her to mental assylum this time as she is more alert now and we have to force her to kill someone. Jigar asks if she has gone mad. Pari says we will create a drama of fake murder from Radha’s hand and frighten her. She says they should take Urmila’s help as she is the best drama queen. Gopi says this cannot happen. Hetal says to stabilize poison effect we have to use poison. Kokila asks why is she also talking weird. Hetal says she is a mother who cannot see her son being troubled and her granddaughter being stuffed chilli powder and wants relief from all this. She says Gopi that we have to use lie to destroy another life and we don’t have any other option other than following Pari’s plan. Kokila says she will help her. Gopi asks what if something happens to Urmila. Kokila says she will safeguard Urmila and says Gopi that she will not force her decision on her, but she should remember that Radha has destroyed peace of our house and if she wants peace back, she has to take a decision.

Precap: Kokila says Hetal that she knew Urmila will not agree to help us. Pari asks who will help us then.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Pari is is so nice. She takes cares about her family, but Radha is destorying the Modis peace. I love it. Good job Radha.

  2. Whatever this radha does these modis are giving shock reaction only why don’t they do some action (a fine slap) also.then what is the use of this gigantic kokila.if i was there i would have made radha to take chilli powder bath.

  3. Exactly devika !!!!!!!!

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