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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila asks Gaura to leave her Gopi bahu. Gaura says I have problem not just with you, but your entire family. She says Gopi, justice devi has troubled me a lot and ruined my plans. She says Meera, teeki churi….I brought her to take revenge from you, but she tried to kill my son. Gopi says you are wrong. Dharam, Ahem, Jigar, Hetal and Shravan are in the car. Gaura tells them that she will not kill Vidya now, and will kill her after getting her baby. She says I will fulfill my promise made to Nayya’s inlaws and will handover baby to them. They are shocked. Gaura says you will cry, and asks for death, but nobody will be there to hear your screams. I will make her suffer so much that she will commit suicide. She asks Gopi, Meera and Kokila to wait for sometime until Vidya come to them after

death, and laughs. Gopi looks on shockingly……

Durga and Nayya are in the car. Durga prays to God to save Modi ladies from Gaura’s wrath. Tolu tells Pari that he has called police. Paridhi says how can Gaura do that? Everyone was so happy on Gopi and Ahem’s anniversary and she ruined our happiness. Gaura tells Kokila that their friendship started here and they have shared their happiness and sorrow moments, and also this is the place where she has given her big pain. She says your story will end here, and the people related to you. She says maut ka tandav will start now. Gopi shouts no. Gaura breaks the glass and asks Kokila to dance just like she used to dance in childhood. She asks her to dance on the glass pieces.

Meera asks Kokila not to dance or agree to Gaura’s commands. Gopi also cries. Gaura throws ghunghroo near Kokila and asks her to dance. She asks her to bend down on her knees and apologizes while rubbing her nose on her feet. Meera says never, and asks Kokila not to bend infront of her. Kokila bends down and rubs her nose on her feet. Everyone cries badly. Gopi asks Kokila not to dance on the glass. She says we will do as you says. Gaura says I will not be affected even if you cry. She says this is called maut ka tandav, and says death seems to be coming, but it will not come. She asks Kokila to get up and dance on the glass pieces. She says I will enjoy today. Gopi asks Kokila not to dance and cries. Meera says we can’t see you like this. Kokila steps on the glass pieces and writhles in pain. Gaura sings a song that it is a story of two friends.

Gaura targets gun at Gopi or Kokila. Meera asks her not to shoot. Gaura shoots the gun. Meera and Vidya shout shockingly.

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  1. Wow! Thnx for fast update…

  2. Man this Gaura’s acting is amazing. This show has some on the best villians.

  3. I think durga will dead

  4. Did Radha possess Gaura? lol, haven’t watched in months. Thought this Gaura would have been dead by now. Maybe once her role is over so will the show.

  5. Upcoming episodes of saath nibhana saathiya will show that….durga will die…gaura will be arrested…ahem body goes missing….After a leap 5-6 years kokila get gopi remarried to someone….jigar and kokila have a clash…kokila leaves house and leaves with tolu and sona…jigar and paridhi will live in modi mansion

  6. This serial has gone completely off track.It is now all about Gaura. I do not know how the people acting in this show are not ashamed to act in it .The plot is so bizarre and so unlikely that it looks stupid .Thank you writer and director because of whom I have decided to stop watching a show that insults my intelligence and concentrate on my walks instead.

  7. Leilathem i think durga will save them or die for them

    I don’t think gaura will shoot anyone of

  8. I guess Durga has to die so that child marriage is encouraged by Dharam marrying Meera how disgusting, i wish they would have ended the show while it was hot. This show is a big dissapointment.

    1. Utopia… wht ur sayoing is completely wrong… wht is the problem with meera and dharam relationship… love has no age its not that dharam is an old frail man.. he got narried to durga at a young age that explains big children. In order to not have 2 wives the first one with whom he is not in good terms has to leave. Simple. I dont think there is any problem with meera and dharam union and its not child marriage , meera is an adult and its not new in india where there is age gap between husband and wife. Love conquers all… its just a fiction show enjoy it..? in reality even im married to a man who is younger to me and we are very very happy. ?


  10. this thing is boring

  11. Mohammad nazim took a correct decision at correct time his character didn’t had any further scope. Ahem amd jigar have mothing do in the serial I can’t understand both vishal & mohammad nazim have a lot to do better work and have a further scope in their respective careers i just can’t understand how can an actor waste 15-18 hours on set where they just have to be present there and stand like an mindless creature and just mutter two lines and that too JI KAKIJI, JI BHABI, JI MOM AAP HI SAHI MOM AND GOPI TUM THIK KEH RAHI HO .

    1. Haha…u said it well… Really LOL

  12. I n Indian Television one of the worst serial is Saathiya. Is there any Good message in this serial,from the beginning very worst Star plus please stop this bad,worst serial.

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