Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th March 2014 Written Update

Gopi opened her eyes and thought she was dreaming of Ahem.. She says when Ahemji you being coming in my dreams.. though is good atleast she get seeing him in dream only.. and again she faints and Ahem catch her in his arams.. Gopi tries to come in senes and want to touch Ahem she want to feel his appearance she slowly moves her hand towards Ahem face during while Ahem recollect Meera incident and getting angry he drops Gopi down means he removes his hand grib and Gopi falls down.. Kids runs fast for given support to their Pari Miss..
Gopi seeing whole family stood around her.. she was super happy seeing all of them after so long.. Madhu Ben comes happily hugged her daughter now every thing prefect then Hetal comes and she abt to hug when Koki yells louder STOP IT!!


come forward and say Gopi why she being back in their life again.. how she brought in mandap and Gopi was clueless and thoughtful to hear Koki.. Radha says to Gopi wont she had shame take over her sister place in has own wedding.. Gopi says wedding?? Radha says yes me and Ahemji wedding and she adds KakiJi its must Gopi trick to destroy everything.. Gopi was shocked that Radha was marry with ‘HIS AHEMJI’ frm behind Urmi says but now nothing we gonna do coz wedding is already doen.. Gopi still clueless Koki want answer how she came her?? Gopi says she have no idea.. Koki says dont lie in bride attire wht she doing here.. Gopi then check out her clothes, mangulsutra and sindoor. Radha again tires to blame Gopi but Sahir Samar Prateek come forward for rescue her Pari Miss.. they warned Radha dont dare to say anything to her.. Radha said see she involved kids in her plan also. Kids says there nothing mistake of Pari Miss so dont blame her.

Koki yells and make kids shut up.. and then She says Gopi why she come back again when once she distroy their lifes than wht she want now .. Vidya who quitely observed all break her slience and yells ‘ ARRE WAH’ since long im seeing you shouting over my mumma.. thats not good you has no right to shout at her like that.. Koki Ahem and other Modis shocked and happy when Vidya called Gopi as her mumma.. Gopi tell her dont spoke with elder in that manner but she says no she wasnt being quite anymore… Vidya said my mumma told me thay you (Koki) is like her mother but tell me who mother be like that..whom scolding has daughter i have mother too but she never scold me such bad way. and that question you asked frm my mumma i will give you that answer.. we kids took her here coz i want to meet with my whole family.. she is my mumma and he is my father every childrens parents living together so why not mibe?? tellme!!

Koki stunned here vidya words.. She asked Gopi abt vidya so Gopi tell she is their daughter vidya.. Ahem comes in his keens and huged his daughter tightly.. She call him PAPA lovingly.. Ahem broken and recollect Meera moments.. Then Vidya meets with his rest family members also.. Koki want more to know frm Gopi thus she said Urmi take kids out frm mandir she need to talk with Gopi, Vidya helds Ahem hand and says him now dont leave her alone anymore Ahem nods with teary eyes.. after kids leaves Koki shout at Gopi badly that How dare she hide such big truth frm Modi’s when she know Vidya is their daughter also when whole family suffering with Meera trageti she hides them.. why?? Ahem stood super angry but have no answers she quitely stand there with tearfull eyes.

Gopi asked Ahem dont leave Vidya as she loves him alot.. Ahem says he wont leave her go anywhere now now she will always with me?? Gopi says means?? Ahem says means now onwards she only stay with me he took his all expense she dont need to be worry.. Gopi shocked hear this.

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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    shame on you kokila what kind of a mother are you.

  2. How could u ahem . You’ll see tht vidya would rather stay with her mum than you

  3. This is not going the way I thought it would

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