Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi pleads Kokila that she will do anything, but willl not remarry Dr. Krishna. Kokila says how can she think bad about Dr. Krishna. When she was in a shock for 5 years, her family ransacked her and Dr. Krishna took care of her selflessly. Pari comments that Kokila listens to nobody. Gopi shouts dare not to badmouth about her maaji. She agrees Kokila’s demand and accepts marriage with Dr. Krishna. Dr. Krishna applies sindhoor on her forehead and completes marriage.

Vidya hugs Gopi and says she happy to see her back, soon everything will be alright. Gopi says within seconds, her identity is lost, she lost important relationships of her life. She continues crying… Vidya consoles her.

Gopi goes and looks at Ahem’s photo. Kokila says it is time for bidayi. Gopi says she wants to take Ahem’s photo. Kokila shouts noo…Gopi says Ahem is in her breath and she cannot get him out of her until she is alive. Kokila says Ahem is her past now and Dr. Krishna is her present, she has to think of life with Dr. Krishna. Gopi cries that she is really her mother and not saas. Kokila says she can take something else with her.

Kokila goes to home temple and lights lamp and says it is his miracle that Gopi got well on her marriage day and is a sign from him that Gopi’s new life is starting. She continues her emotional dialogues..

Precap: Gopi shouts at god that what mistake she did that he took way Ahem from him and she lost whole family, she will not pray him from hereon.

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  1. Nandhini


    |Registered Member

    New Gopi has came! But i dont like dat kokila….boring and irritating…. the writers must have killed kokila instead of killing ahem….actually i am happy dat mota bhabhi,, baa and other members (parag and chirag) are not present now…if they are present also it will be useless…episode time will be wasted for few seconds in showing their face reactions alone….now they are away for good….now gopi became alright wit her new avatar… altgough married wit dr.krishna, she must be independent and set everything right in her family and between her daughters….

  2. Arshi

    Atleast now reveal wht happend 5 yrs back vth Meera-Vidya and y there is a change in Jigar’s-Pari’s attitude towards kokila n gopi
    how long will they take to show that part. I’m watching this non-sense jus to knw wht hpnd in flashback

  3. Savvy

    I think Kokila’s husband is dead. she is not wearing sindoor or dressing up with lots of jewelry.
    looks like she is a widow or something. not sure why Baa is still alive, I thought someone said dr. krisna is bad? he is here for revenge? why so they play that nice song for him if he is bad? ,

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