Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Modi family worrying for Meera after her kidnap. Kokila says they had fixed CCTV cameras near gate and can identify kidnappers via footage.

Dhaval takes Kinjal to Urmila’s chawl home. Pappu gets happy seeing her and even Urmila. Kinjal says mom blocked her credit card, else she would have stayed in a hotel and never come here. Pappu sadly says he thought she came for him. Urmila welcomes her and says she is a laxmi of this house and laxmi will come after she enters in. She brings rice bowl and asks her to kick it. Kinjal kicks it and slips and falls after oil in it falls. Pappu helps her get up. Urmila claps and says this is the best welcome of chorni/thief. Kinjal asks how dare she is and tries to slap her, but Dhaval stops her and asks her

to apologize Urmila as she is mentally unstable. Kinjal yells. He says she should thank Urmila for allowing her in her house.

Modi family watch CCTV footage and does not see clear faces or jeep number. Vidya suggests to see earlier footage as kidnappers may be keeping an eye on their house. Ahem rewinds and sees Meera’s boyfriend Sanskaar fighting with her and she pushes him out. He surprisingly asks what is he doing here. Vidya says she doubted it would be him as she saw him here some days ago and warned him not to meet Meera. He angrily asks why did not she inform him before. She says she did not want to stretch issue.

Gopi says she saw this boy in club before her accident. Vidya says he is Meera’s boyfriend. Ahem says he spoilt Meera and she started drinking and misbehaving after meeting him. He reminisces the incidents where she comes home inebriated and he used to see helplessly. Principal calls him one day and says she is restricating Meera from college because of her misbehavior and has even restricated Sanskaar. He further reminisces catching Meera red handed with Sanskaar, beating Sanskaar and warning him not to meet Meera again. Kokila says his character is opposite to his name. Kinjal asks what if he has not kidnapped Meera. Vidya says in footage, Meera is slapping him, so he must have kidnapped her in anger. Gopi gets worried. Ahem asks her not to worry as he will not let Meera happen anything until he is alive.

Kokila asks Vidya if she knows a common friend of Meera and Sanskar. She says Saloni. Kokila asks to call her and ask where Sanskar is, but not tell what happened directly. Pari asks why. She says if Saloni knows about this kidnap, she will alert Sanskar. Vidya calls Saloni and tells she is getting bored in Rajkot and missing Mumbai. She says she knows Sanskar is in Rajkot and wants to meet him. Saloni asks why. Kokila signals her to tell that family has agreed to Sanskar and Meera’s relationship now and wants him to meet. Saloni says maybe that is the reason Sanskaar thew a lavish party to all friends who are on gujrat vacation and asks if he did not invite her. Meera says he has invited.

Precap: Meera tells Saloni that she got her phone formatted, so she lost Sanskar’s party venue address. Saloni SMSes address.

Update Credit to: MA

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