Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ricky tells Sameera that she lost and Modis won. Gopi gets emotional. Urmila happily chants god’s name. Gopi emotionally says her son is alive. Ricky calls her mom. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham plays in the background. Gopi walks with Jaggiand hugs Ricky. She reminisces meeting him for the first him. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham…song..continues.

Sameera starts acting and asks Ricky why did he do this to her, why didn’t he inform that he is alive. She hugs him, but Ricky pushes her and says stay away from me, your face is exposed, you sent my mom and grandma to jail and tried to kill me, nobody does this to their family. Sameera says he is thinking wrong. Ricky says he saw her bursting her car. She says she waas trying to stop him and did not intend to kill him. They both had

an agreement that they married to teach Modis a lesson. Ricky says he did not mean to harm Modis, he just wanted to get back his property, he was irritated seeing Modis scolding him often, but realized they did it for his good.

Ricky asks Sameera how can she be so heartless and selfish. Sameera says Mods are heartless and selfish. Her mom Anita loved Ahem and wanted to marry him, but Kokila forced Ahem to marry Gopi, so her mom could not tolerate it and suicide because of Modis. She came here to take her mom’s revenge, all Modis are responsible for her mom’s suicide. She tells Kokila because of her rejection, her maa died. In childhood, she took care of mom instead of mom taking care of her and lost her mom in childhood. Gopi says but Sameera. Sameera says shut up and says Ricky that in all this drama, she started loving him and they are made for each other. Ricky claps and says he has realized her and Pinku darling’s drama. Pinku darling says what nonsense, how can he insult Sameera so much. Ricky gives him a tight slap and asks to get out with his sister. Sameera says she will not go as she is still married to him. He says it was fake marriage and drags Sameera and Pinku darling out.

Karan removes his shirt and mask over Meera’s name on his chest. Meera notices it and walks in and says she knew from the beginning that he is wrong, she will inform Dharam. He says he will get her at any cost. She says you pointing finger at him. He holds finger and says it is as beautiful as her face and challenges her. He calls his aide and asks to kidnap Dharam.

Whole Modi family gathers in living room. Kokila thanks go that Ricky realized what is true on time. Ricky says he does not deserve to stay with them, so he will go back to Singapore. Gopi says why he is getting adamant, he can stay here. He says no, he does not deserve to stay here and walks in to pack his bags. Gopi thinks he has changed for good.

Precap: Ricky tells Modis that he is going to Singapore embassy to quash cases against him. Sameera enters with Pinku and says Ricky that they are still legally wedded and nobody can get her out of this house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Star plus longest running family drama Saath Nibhana Saathiya will witness a lot of twist and turns in the upcoming track.

    Sameera has finally gone from the lives of all the members of the Modi family.

    Now Ricky has proposed Siya for marriage and she gets stunned post getting his proposal for marriage.

    Sita sits in the temple as she is not able to understand that whether Ricky loves Sita or Siya.

    Modi family wants Sita-Ricky to get married

    But then she thinks that Ricky loves Siya and not Sita just then all the members of the Modi family come there.

    Kokila and Gopi come there with shagun as they want Sita and Ricky to get married.

    Sita tells Gopi that she is not able to understand that whether Ricky wants to marry Sita or Siya so then Gopi makes her understand that Ricky wants to marry Sita.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  2. Awesome episode today!

  3. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m Soofia please Ricky don’t leave ur Mam she loves so u much as her own son I’m sure gopi will forgive u Ricky and Ricky u just met ur Mam just now ur leaving her alone going to back to Singapore at least think about ur Mam she will be upset if u leave her she will forgive u soon ok please don’t leave ur Mam anymore stay with ur Mam Ricky ok

    From soofia bhatti

    1. i wish that in the last episode of sns…al the characters come for a spl appearence together….hetal bahu…baa.jigar kinjal dhawal pappu rashi chirag modi niki ben savita ben & all others…..ill miss u saathiya…..

  4. Chithu

    Ricky turning a good person is so good. I liked that he thrown the duo out of modi bhavan. Sameera is so dumb Ahem is dead for long y she is shamelessly staying in MB. Someone please throw karan out of SH. Isn’t thr other girls out here that he is interfering in Dheera’s lyf

  5. Good that ricky throw sameera and pinku out of the house, hope meera expose karan bad intention infront of the family soon, and ricky slapping pinku was perfect, someone should have slapped that sameera too, to put some brain on her, useless sameera, and that karan need to get some punches on the face by dharam.

  6. Now he realize Wat kind of monster sameera is n I hope he marry sia as seeta in front of her

  7. Sayyeda

    Hi sushines i love this episode.This episode is rock.

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