Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila taunts Mona for breaking her sandal heels and says she should better wear slippers like her. Guests pamper Priyal and start praising Gopi that her good sanskars and beauty are with her daughters and they are her shadow, so Vidya is upbriging Priyal so well. Meera gets jealous. Gopi says her both daughters are her shadow and in fact Vidya is a better mother than her. Pari asks Mona to go and keep money bundle in her cupboard in lieu of exchanging her sandals. Mona walks up and drops bundle by mistake. Bundle falls on skating board. Skating board starts moving. They both search it. Molu asks what are they searching. They say hidden gifts. Molu says continue and leaves. Skate board crawls till door and money falls down.

Gopi praises Pari that she arranged Sona’s

goad bharai well. Kokila says let us go and sleep now and thanks god for setting everything right. Pari takes Mona to her room and scolds her for her carelessness. Jigar enters and asks why is she scolding Mona. Pari says Pari slipped in bathroom and injured herself, so she was scolding her to be careful. Jigar emotionally hugs her and thanks her for bringing back Sahir and Sona home and arranging Sona’s goad bharai, says he is very happy. He leaves asking them to take rest now. Pari and Mona continue searching money bundle. Jigar passses by and ask what are they doing till now, it is 6 a.m. already, they have not changed their dresses also, asks them to go and sleep now and leaves. Mona murmurs how can they when they did not find money bundle yet.

In the morning, Gopi gets a call from Belji bhai that he is coming at 9 a.m. to receive money. Kokila checks her cupboard and finds money bundle missing. She says Gopi same and Gopi panics and asks her to check again. Kokila says bundle is not here. Sona, Urmila, Sahir, and Dr. Krishna gather. Sahir asks howmuch money. Kokila says 20 lakhs. Dr. Krishna says bundle must be somewhere and checks cupboard and then peeps from window. Gopi says guests must have stolen bundle. Kokila says family members have stolen it. Gopi asks Mona and Pari. Kokila says yes, when she came to keep gift envelopes at home, Pari tried to stopped her from opening cupboard and forcefully took her out, she is sure Mona and Pari must have stolen money. Sahir says to fulfill her superego, mom can go to any extent. Urmila says she will confront them right now.

Meera reminsces Priyal ignoring her food and telling she will eat Vidya’s aloo poori and guests praising Vidya. Naiya gives her kheer and says if they continue fighting, someone else will benefit, asks why she is so sad after coming from her maika/mother’s place. Meera tells her what happened in Modi bhavan. Naiya says solution is simple, she should adopt a baby. Meera says she is attached to Priyal more.

Mona and Pari continue thinking where bundle must have gone. Urmila enters with Kokila and Gopi and searches cupboard. Pari shouts what nonsense is this. Jigar comes and asks Kokila what is this. Urmila says his wife and bahu stole 20 lakhs. Kokila tries to speak. Jigar shouts how can she allege Pari always, when they cannot protect 20 lakhs, how will they run 200 crore rs business. Gopi says instead of shouting he should help them find money. He asks why should he and continues arguing..

Precap: Gopi’s clients come at 9 a.m. and say they came on time as promised. Gopi gets tensed that she did not get money yet, what will she do now.

Update Credit to: MA

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