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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila enters store room and falls after stepping on a rope. All utenils on stand fall on her and just when stand falls, Gopi runs and holds stand. She rescues Kokila and brings her out. Whole family gathers and asks how did she fall. She says there was a rope tied purposefully and asks who had gone into store room. Chirag says Meera. Meera starts shouting to stop alleging her. She alleges Pari instead and says she wanted to take revenge from Kokila as she punished her in the morning. Pari says even she was punished, so she must have done it. Their argument starts and Pari says she cannot think of harming Kokila and alleging Meera as she like her daughter. Meera says she is neither her nor Gopi’s daughter and Pari is Tolu/molu’s step daughter. Ahem and Kokila scold Meera.

Pari says since she is born, she has troubled whole family.

Gopi confronts Pari and says though Meera is arrogant, she cannot harm Kokila and she trust her. There must be someone else involved and they should find it. Pari says just like tailor’s child is tailor, criminal’s daugther is criminal. Jigar asks her to mind her tongue. Pari says if everyone trouble her like this, she will go back to her dad’s house. Kokila asks her to watch her words as she may repent later. Hetal interferes and says there will be differences between family memembers, that does not mean that they should keep a grudge on each other. She asks Pari to apologize everyone if she respects her. Pari apologizes. She then asks Ahem to apologize everyone and PAri as he is elder son of this family and it is his responsibility to keep the family reunited. He is Pari’s jija and jeth, so he should apologize her and even forgive. He apologizes eveyrone and pari. She then tells tomorrow is fasting day for women for their husband’s longer life and she hopes they all will keep fast.

Urmila calls Kinjal and asks her to get tea. Kinjal says she is busy and will bring later. She starts shouting for help that her bahu is trying to kill her. Kinjal agrees and goes to bring tea.

Meera tells Ahem that he knows when she takes his oath, she never lies, she is not involved in all this. Pari on the other side says same to Jigar and asks to trust her. He says he knows, but don’t know who is behind this. Kokila tells Gopi if Pari and Meera have not done this, then there is someone who is trying to harm our family. Gopi says she is right and sneezes. Kokila says she came back to Modi bhavan after 10 years and all these incidents are happening, she will not rest until she finds out who is behind this. Gopi asks her to rest, but she repeats same and says the way she fell today she is sure that a family member has done this. Gopi asks her to calm down and rest while she brings her turmeric milk.

Someone enters kitchen and cuts gas pipe. Gopi enters kitchen and sees light off. She does not smell gas due to cold and does not see gas pipe broken. She presses lighter, but it does not work. She continues pressing lighter when Ahem passes by, smells gas and immediatley stops her. He opens windows and says gas is leaking. He chcks pipe and finds it broken. He says someone has tampered gas pipe. Kokila also comes and is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Kokila checks store room and realizes that someone had planned to kill her by making fall utenils on her and thinks she will find out who he/she is.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Can’t believe little Rashi has the brain to do all this! She is very clever indeed!

  2. Radha ghost using her daugther

  3. How can such a small girl can think so much

  4. Rashi heard that Gopi killed her mom and now wants to take revenge from her! But all this at such a young age! Can you believe it, she cut a gas pipe at the age of 10!!!!

  5. It is not little rashi its ethier MansI or big Rashi

    1. Big Rashi died remember…

  6. I can’t belive rashi do kill the gopi plz any1one have tell the story i can’t see few days plz plzzzzzzzzz

  7. bakwas…kuch bi dikha skte hai ye log

  8. Amazing serial

  9. Rajanikanth maddula

    All the happenings in saath nibhana saathiya are not due to pari or meera but these all r happening due to raasi Coz when rasi is on bed pari loudly said to Gopi that she (Gopi) killed raasi mother. I think this was heard by raasi and she started to hate Gopi as she killed her mother radha. It’s my guess. Let’s see what the future episodes portray

  10. Great episode

  11. The episode was really awesome

  12. Right Sam

  13. Superb show

  14. Now the storyline is full of suspence..

  15. Ya very interesting story line

  16. Waiting for main culprit to be caught..

  17. Who is the main culprit according to u sana?

  18. In my point may be rashi

  19. Ya i also think rashi

  20. Fanastic show

  21. Nice storyline

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