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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

URmila tells Kinjal that she don’t want to waste her time as she is going out with Rashi. Pooja comes and tells Kinjal that she brought Pakodas and thought to have a chat with her. Urmila thinks, something is going on. Pooja invites Urmila. Urmila says, she is out for lunch. Kids talk about irritating the teacher. Pooja asks Madhuben to come for tea. Kinjal says, she doesn’t take tea at this time. Madhuben excuses herself. Kinjal reminiscences her college days.

Door bell rings, Kinjal opens the door and sees her friend Megha. Megha invites her for come to see the monsoon sale. Madhuben asks her to go. Kinjal says, she can’t left Pappu alone. Pooja says, she will take care of Pappu and her house and asks her to go. Kinjal goes to get ready. Urmila comes to the restaurant

and collides with the glass. She asks the watchman to open the door.

Teacher comes to Modi Bhavan to teach Meera. Gopi tells her that Meera has to study in 15 days. Teacher asks her to call the child. Teacher gets up and says why did you call me when you can’t trust me. Gopi says, it is nothing like that. Teacher says, I know my work well. Gopi apologizes to her and calls Meera. Meera comes. Gopi introduces her to the teacher. Gopi asks her to start teaching. Teacher says, she wants silent place. Kokila says ok. Gopi takes her to room. Vidya, Tolu and Molu doesn’t like the teacher and thinks to do something.

Rashi introduces Urmila to her friends. They orders so many starters. Urmila says, she will order and order water. Rashi asks her friends to order whatever they want. Laundry and milk man comes and says they have to get the money. Gopi says, Rashi paid you. They say no. Kokila comes and says asks what happened. Gopi says, she will call Rashi. She calls Rashi, but Rashi is busy with her friends. She doesn’t see the call. Gopi says, Rashi is busy. Kokila tells Gopi that Rashi gave money to her.

Urmila embarrasses Rashi. Her friends laugh on her. Rashi opens her purse and is shocked to see no money inside. Urmila shouts. Rashi asks, do you have money. Urmila says no. Urmila reminds her that it happened because you returned the keys. Rashi gets tensed and says we have to wash the utensils if we don’t pay the money. Urmila thinks of a plan and keeps her hair in the food plate. She shouts for waiter and says complains to him. He calls the manager and shows him the hair. Manager says, our chefs have small hairs. Urmila says, we will inform media and get their hotel closed. Manager apologizes to her and says we will cancel the bill. Urmila says, what do you think? We are beggars. Rashi says, it’s ok. Manager apologizes. Rashi smiles.

Gopi pays the money to milk and laundry man. Kokila tells Gopi that she took money from Rashi’s purse. She tells that she went to Rashi’s room to give her old clothes to be given to orphanage. Rashi takes it. Kokila hears Rashi talking to Urmila. She then takes the money from her purse. Kokila tells that Rashi lied to us and went to have food with her friends. I took out the money from her purse to make right use of the money.

Hetal says, you might have misunderstood. Kokila says, she is saying the truth. Rashi thanks Urmila. Urmila says, who will save you at home. She says, someone took money from your purse. You invited troubles by returning the keys. Rashi sees 8 misscalls and thinks what they have to do with me. Kokila shows the bag that she had given to Rashi to be given to Orphanage kids. She says, Rashi went without this bag. She says, she didn’t go to the orphanage. She started walking on the wrong path.

I won’t allow her to enjoy. Gopi is working alone. She has to take care of kids as well. What will Rashi do? She asks, am I wrong? Hetal says, we have to divide the house work. Kokila asks Gopi never to let Rashi take her advantage. Gopi says ok. I will take care.

Rashi asks Gopi, who took money from her purse? Kokila asks, what happened. Rashi says nothing. Then Gopi asks Rashi to make dinner for everyone.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nothing new same boring story……this kinjal..dhawal..n poojas episode reminds me of a film( I forgot its name can anyone remind me) in which the hero’s wife who thinks of having a lavish life gets her husband married to his rich colleague n later regrets her deeds…..this story is also going like that only nothing new everything is copied from the previous episodes n films trying to make the audience fools………and now don’t create a new problem because of that teacher also I am sure they will do like this only…………

    1. Sridevi movie lamhe or something!

  2. Hey MA can you tell us the reason for the late updates now a days even saraswathi Chandra is also getting updated soon what about SNS……..hey sush you r right I too was in the same situation instead of studying my books I am waiting for this updates which will take a long…………………………..time to get updated..

  3. its judai.staring anil ,sridevi n urmila.

    1. Thank you anu and Anuya………

  4. Oh god when will saathiya end now. No story. It is boring to watch the same old kalakari of Rashi and Urmi. Kinjal does not have brains. Read on tellychakkar that a new entry is going to come to create a new problem. Other than getting people to create problem cant this story progress. Anyone coming to Modi Bhavan has an ulterior motive. Scrap it

  5. I head rashi leaving the show soon

  6. Hmmm all of u r true.bad story soooo boring

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