Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kinjal and Urmilaa. They are planning to get the new business started and get rich. Seems like a chain scheme. Kinjal and Urmilaa also have their usual taunting talk and Kinjal reminds Urmilaa of a failed work of Urmilaa and Kinjal lost money.

A call comes from Kokila for the outing invite, that is, father’s day dinner party. Kinjal agrees to attend in the hope of getting new members.

At the venue, a restaurant ; Modi family is seated, Raashi and Meera are very happy. Kokila says there is no difference between Raashi and Meera, both are happy. This brings smiles to the faces of the family.

Kinjal and Urmilaa join them and greetings exchanged. Later they excuse themselves to see bangles, in reality to gather members. Gopi too goes

away with Meera.

Kinjal and Urmilaa try to convince the other guests, who are dining, but none of the guests are interested. Kokila sees and wonders what the duo is doing, Hetal says that Urmilaa and Kinjal might know the guests.

After a while Urmilaa loses interest and goes to see bangles, Kinjal returns to the table. At the same time Meera who is playing by, unattended, as the restaurant people assure safety of Meera, is also attracted by the bangles.

Between the grand aunt and grandniece, pulling at a set of bangles, the set false from Urmilaa’s hands. Meera cries and Gopi rushes to be with Meera. Urmilaa falsely blames Meera, Ahem also comes by and Gopi was trying to say that by mistake Meera knocked out the bangles, whereupon the man who had the bangles stall or something, tells that it was indeed Urmilaa knocked the bangles. Ahem gets angry with Gopi for not verifying the facts and unknowingly blaming Meera.

Gopi too tells Urmilaa that should not blame the small child. But Urmilaa she had brought up Gopi, otherwise Gopi would have been orphaned. Gopi leaves and Urmilaa is confused.

Meanwhile Raashi is having a look at the menu, finds everything, food items, to her liking, her diet program comes to her thoughts, she makes a compromise to eat well and then have a good workout, round of exercise. She ordered plenty of items, much to the amusement of her family. Kokila asks whether Raashi would alone eat all those food, while Jigar asks Raashi since how many years she had not eaten.

A bit later a mustached man is introduced by the restaurant people to entertain, the man shows of his mustache and endorses its value and some talk of himself.

Urmilaa is shown back to him and trying to get a member. All the children rush to the man, Gopi and Meera also go to the man. The Man gives lollypop to Meera and then one to Gopi. Some kind of pause is shown.

Suddenly as the man leaves the stage, Urmilaa sees him and follows. Kokila sees and says to Kinjal that Urmilaa does not want to eat, hence take a home parcel.

Urmilaa is shown following the man out somewhere, road, almost gets knocked over by auto rickshaw and a car. The lady whom Urmilaa gets enlisted is after her, to get the money back. Ultimately the lady gets the cash back.

Urmilaa gets in an awkward and embarrassing situation in following the man, the Men’s restroom. Men do say harsh words, meanwhile the mustache man goes away from there.

Ahem, Gopi and Meera : Meera gestures playfully to suggest what is wrong between her Dad and Mom. Ahem and Gopi are silent.

Episode ends on Gopi’s sad face, with tears running down ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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