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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera pleads Kokila to forgive her and open door. Sona also comments. Hetal asks her to stay away as she is not her family member. Urmila says she should be happy that they did not file police complaint for kidnapping Samar and marrying Sahir. Kokila comes out of room and warns Hetal not to misbehave with Sona as she is their family bahu now and deserves respect. Hetal asks even after know what she did. Kokila says she should forgive her. Hetal says she will never forgive Sona.

Kokila comes down, welcomes Sona in her family and blesses a happy marital life with Tolu. Hetal says she will never accept Sona as bahu. Kokila leaves. Sona laughs at Hetal saying she is Kokila’s puppet and does not utter a word in front of her. Whole family is shocked while Madhuben smirks.

Sahir shouts at her to stop her misbehavior. Sona says she is telling truth and hugs him. He pushes her. Hetal consoles crying Meera that everything will be alright soon.

Dharam in jail tries to reminisce what happed when he was inebriated and thinks whatever must have happened, Meera loves him and it is just misunderstanding. Guard gives him jail food. Gaura comes and tells though she could not get bail of his son, she took SP’s permission to give him 2 times home food and home bed. She feeds him roti, he stops her and asks if she met Meera. She says why is he worried about her when she is the one who filed rape case against him. He says he knows Meera loves him and cannot think of harming him, she should go and check how is she. She says she will go and thinks she has to go anyways and add oil in fire.

Meera hugs Gopi and cries. Gopi and whole family try to console her. Gopi says Kokila loves her a lot and once her anger vanishes, she will come and hug her. Madhuben intervenes and asks how can she insult Meera. Gopi’s says Kokila’s anger is her love and she even kept knife on Gaura’s neck for Meera. Kinjal says she is right, but Kokila’s behavior was weird today. Ahem says everything will be alright. Meera says who will trust her now. Vidya says she trusts her. Meera apologizes her for misbehaving with her and says she took care of her so well, but she always insulted her. Vidya says even she took care of her a lot.

Shravan apologizes Gopi for leaving Meera alone. Durga calls him and asks how is Meera now. He says she is fine. Durga coughs. He asks if she is fine. She says yes. He disconnects call and says he Modi family that he will go home as Durga is alone. Gopi asks Vidya to go with Shravan as Durga needs her. Urmila says even she will go as she cannot leave Vidya alone in that house and apologizes Gopi for breaking her promise of taking care of her daughters and came here hearing Samar’s kidnap. Gopi says she does not have to and asks who informed her about Samar’s kidnap.

Precap: Ahem tells Gaura that Dharam is in jail because of her wrong upbringing. Gaura tries to slap him, but Gopi holds her hand and warns not even think of touching Ahem.

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  1. The thing i like aboit this serial is that they turn the 5 minutes episodes into 20 minutes. Good job writers.

  2. Hmmm…what is Kokila up to?

  3. I totally agree john!! SNS ricks!!!

  4. What a show. A mother ruining her daughter’s life, a guy marrying his massi who is then misbehaving with everyone and being forgiven for it, a daughter who hates her family and out of anger marries an older man. Hats off!
    I remember when this show first started, it was actually good. Now it’s just utter bullshit.

    1. main kokila modi

      wait kro ab main aagyii hu asli form me ab dekhna sab ka kya hal krti hu bahut pareshan kr rhe h na ye sab ulta pulta kam kr k ab main sab ko thik kr dungi

    2. exactly, whatever you have written, i agree with you the marriage shown with sona is unbelievable yes story is becoming day by day worse

  5. Good go gopi don’t let her touch ahem n dharam is in jail bcause of her

  6. hmmmm to some extent i do feel that hetals role should be little bit big

  7. She is not kokila. She is impersonator sent by gaura. She is look alike

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