Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th January 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th January 2013 Written Update

Urmi ask Rashi bent down Uami jump into Man house.. then Rashi jump both seacrhing some avidences againt Koki..after seacrhing Rashi found some latters in cupboard.. Urmi reading the latters.. Some lady says.. Today ur daughter turn 4 years old..she exactually like u.. She loves flour sweet,gulab jaman and Thaplas.. We both miss u so much ur Wife… Urim looked super shocked n assum this latter must be written by Kagdi or she talking abt her n Kinjal Urmi says Rashi check the hand writting this is Koki’s or not.. Rashi saw latters n says might be its Kagdi’s hand writting then sudden door make sounds n both hide under bed.. Man comes inside n threw his shoes under bed near Urmi n go to washroom.. UrShi come out n run outside during run from Urmi vase falls n breaks. both come outside Rashi phone rings but she not able to cut.. Both hide by side door.. n Rashi remove her bettery.. urmi wrote note n stuck with door… urmi leaves..

In MM Hall..

Jihem busy in sellecting kites for festivel.. Jigar says holding one kite to Ahem.. Bhai u remember as like this i have kite in childhood.. Ahem smiles n say back or u remember thats kite was mine who u want to fly.. Jigar smiles n says ofcourse..

Hetal says to Koki our Kids become elders but their childhood is still there.. Gopi also smiles along playing with Meera..

Jigar says.. How late Rashi was went to market.. Koki scenod him n says yes Jigar…Even she should to call at home if She was late..

In RN…

Umri come home n see Kinjal eating flour sweets ( laddo ) Urmi said Where is Dhawal.. Kinjal said back.. He went to bring food for dinner.. Urmi why u not preparing at home.. Kinjal.. My whole day gone wast in laddo making now u expecting i make dinner also.. Urmi saw laddo plate n says i tell u to make saasime sweets or u made this flour sweets.. Kinjal says woh saasime was finished then i make that.. Urmi look happy coz her doubt become ture abt latter Kinjal eatten laddos but Urmi snatch her plate n go inside her room..

In MM Dinning Table..

All Modi’s come for having dinner… Koki says Rashi still not come from market.. Here Rashi voice come from behind.. Koki why ru so late.. Rashi make one false excues abt some accident happened on road coz that traffic was blocked.. Koki hmmm but u went for festivel shopping na so wht u buying.. Rashi saw from Meera face n says woh i went to market coz Meera.. Her first fest na so i want to give her surprize or her surprize in my pouch then Rashi walk towards her room.. Koki smell some thing n stopped Rashi.. Crosine smell are coming from u why?? Ahem also trying to smell Rashi make one more false excues n says woh coz traffic blocked i wanna shared one Auto with another aunty she have crosine canne or coz of speed breaker jump crosine upto my saree.. Koki why all weirdo ppl meet with you.. Koki said Rashi go n change ur Saree.. Or Rashi leaves

In RaJi Room…

Rashi telling to Urmi how she was escape to Koki or now she make some surprize to Meera also.. Or Urmi says but we have to do some thing or match up the latter write up with Koki writting.. Rashi get idea that She make scrap book for Meera as surprize..or in book she gets everyone onces massages for Meera so Koki also write her massage or then we match it.. Urmi gets emotional to heard rashi brilliant idea.. urmi says Rashi i sent u that pic coz for backup..

Rashi sit on bed making scrap book for Meera.. Jigar come n see Rashi preparing surprize to Meera.. He impressed with Rashi idea..then Rashi SMS comes n Jigar want to check.. Rashi quicky snatch from him..or He suspicous why she snatch like this.. n willing know but Rashi refused or Jigar says he snatch the phone from Rashi n Rashi says he never do this.. Both running around bed n Jigar caught her..or romanticly says wht happened Rashi today ur mood was really good n Rashi smiles RaJi hugged each other or Rashi check her cell behind him Jigar kiss Rashi head or sudden Meera cries or Koki Yelling Rashi.. Or Rashi leaves

In RN..

Urmi walking on her chwal n hears voice of one begger..who want some money to her.. Urmi refused to give then sconed begger says now how me eat flour laddo.. Urmi suspicous n tell both to turn urmi go shocked to seen their faces its Koki n Kinjal.. Urmi says u both.. Koki now u recognized me so plz give me money.. Urmi say shame on u.. U willing money Koki yes coz she want to buy flour laddo to her daughter.. urmi says dont dare to willing money from me u begger.. Urmi sudden dreams breaks or she awake n switch on the light n see its morning.. She bocome more happy coz like her last morning dream this will also come ture..

In MM Hall…

GoHem are ready for event.. Gopi take blessing from Koki.. N Koki give fest nakeg to Meera coz its her first fest.. Hetal also give the same.. then Rashi comes n give one doll to Meera.she love her Massi gift n smiles Hetal says we cant beat with this Massi..then revilead her surprize for Meera.. Koki impress with the idea..n Rashi want to start with Koki but Koki scrap book to GoHem one by one every body wrote their massages for Meera or in last Koki wrote her one.. Rashi take book back n leaves..

In RN..

Urmi come into hall n see Kinjal having tea..she tells kinjal get ready they went MM.. Dhawal come n says he is busy today so he wont come with them.. Dhawal seen laddo n eat them but Faiguni come with laddo .. She give to Dhawal then Urmi n Kinjal.. N she put her hand on Dhawal hand n says ur lucky u have wife like Kinjal ji.. Kinjal shocked to see falguni hand on Dhawal hand.. Kinjal Urmi come falguni house n heard her convo on phone she says.. She love Dhawal n she knows he also love her .. Knijal come inside n yells on Faiguni but falguni shows her ture colour n says why Kinjal felt bad wherein nothing between KinWal like husband and wife.. Kinjal get teary n leaves.. Urmi said this faiguni says ture abt u n dhawal.. Kinjal had tear then urmi say now dont get dissheart n get ready we celebrate fest..


Ahem sitted GoMee n go for kite flying with Parag..otherside Jigar also flying with Chirag… koki looked happy to seen her family happiness n joy Baa praising Koki coz of her they are unite.. Urmi knjal come to MM.. Rashi took Urmi in her room both doing KK urmi stuck pic or latter on kite.. Urmi give kite to some kids n give them some money also.. Here behind Urmi that man also come.. Urmi looked happy to seen him.. Baa was shocked to seen n yells him now wht he come to do here n want to hit him.. Koki come n stopped Baa but stop koki back.. Baa took her hand on Man face or give him blessin.. Urmi go super shocked to see Baa blessing n happy face Baa says how many days back he comes now howz he health.. Parag also meet with him n Kinjal also urmi go fainted to Seen why these modils meet so nicely with Koki lover .. Baa says they all miss him aumesh so much.. rashi said mummy there must be some thing fishy.. He isnt KoKi lover.. Or otherside kids flying that Urmi kite also..

urmi shocked to see Kite flying on sky..or then kite cut n come on Koki face..

Update Credit to: GiNa

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