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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari sees Radha silently eloping with baby and stops her. She asks to give back her baby. Radha throws hot curry on her and elopes again. Pari shouts in pain. Jigar hears her sound and rushes to help her.

Radha comes near river bank, fumes that Modis have sent Jigar and Pari behind her, keeps baby in a cart, calls Gopi and scolds her for sending Jigar and Pari, says if they don’t stop following her, she will torture baby Rashi. Kokila gets worried for Rashi and starts crying. Radha gets back to the cart and does not find baby. She searches it everywhere and thinks Modi’s must have taken back her gold egg laying hen (baby), she will not spare them.

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Gopi nurses Pari’s wound and tells Kokila, Ahem and Jigar that if they need Rashi back, they have to let Radha alone for some time, else she may harm baby. Jigar says she is just barking and will do nothing. Gopi says she harmed Pari and may easily harm baby, so they have to accept Radha’s every demand. Kokila says Gopi is right, they have to accept Radha’s demand as Radha is very intelligent and cruel. She prays god to protect their baby Rashi.

Ahem calls Parag and asks him to publish news to find Radha. Parag asks him not to worry. Hetal says they should do what Radha says and save Rashi.

Radha walks on the street yelling on Modi’s. Someone clashes with her and she falls down. Pari and Jigar who are walking nearby scold passerby for pushing a lady without realizing it is Radha.

Hetal asks Kinjal to back to Dhaval’s home. Kinal starts crying and says she will not as Dhaval slapped her. Heal is shocked to hear that and consoles Hetal.

Gopi tells Ahem that she thought Radha would change, but she was wrong. Ahem says Radha has sold her soul and will not change in life. She says yes, hugs and apologizes him. Radha hears their conversation standing at the window and realizes that even Modi’s don’t have Rashi with them.

A beggar takes Rashi to her home and tells her husband if she begs with baby in front of temple, she will earn a lot of money.

Radha reads newspaper and sees Modi’s accepting her demand. She thinks if Modi’s will know that she does not have rashi with her, they will kill her. She goes to temple where beggar is begging with Rashi. She sees that she only has 5 rs and tries to steal money from blind beggar, but he holds her hand and calls his supporter beggars. Supporters beat her. She sees beggar lady with Rashi and tries to take her back, but beggars stop her and tell if she tries to snatch baby, they will handover her to police. She gets afraid and runs from there. She then calls Gopi and asks her to get her 25 lakhs.

Precap: Gopi gets worried for Rashi hearing baby’s cry. She sees Rashi with beggar, but does not identify her.

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  1. radha knows everyone’s whereabouts,bt the modi family doesntknw abt a single person??????????????
    wht do writers think?r v dumb to watch wht eva crap u shw us ah??????

  2. huh gopi d so called mahaan now cant even identify her home kid?????
    nw when eva she speaks in favour of her family dn she shld b hit hard…….

  3. Omg directir thinks audience are fools , always radha find out everything she searched modis in no time but modis r searching radha stilllll they r 5 people , radha single lady does everything , really modi family members are insane and dumb not radha , dirctor jagggo , kuch tho reality dhikavo .

  4. Omg directir thinks audience are fools , always radha find out everything she searched modis in no time but modis r searching radha stilllll they r 5 people , radha single lady does everything , really modi family members are insane and dumb not radha , dirctor jagggo , kuch tho reality dhikavo ..

  5. Omg… What a crap serial is this?? Does any one.from saatiya team watch this show?? I domt think so… May be first gopi and rashi watched the show… So they said quits.. Aaah u both made a good decision.. U guys r suPerb… This shit serial should end Now…

  6. aam aadmi (mango man)

    can any1 plz tell me how d modi bhawan changd? Earlier it was so big n spacious. But now its so suffocating. Plz tell

    1. anarkali(pomegranate)

      Aam admi ji …..they didn’t changed the home but they came to stay there temporarily as kokila sweared that she won’t allow radha to step into modi bhavan…n they will return to modi bhavan as soon as they find baby rashi……

  7. Ohh lord, how good will this serial get.

  8. I think John must be kokila modi who is.commenting in this name… Only she can like this serial

  9. Director dont u know anything about mobile trapping ,pari earlier was sooo smart she found oyt jigar who gone to shop only through mobike gprs method but nw even shevis crying ah aha aha —- that is because she has enterd midi family who r soooo dumb and thoughtless omg even director gas shown Rajkot police as so nuts . Cant they find out afterall a single lady with small baby . Only radha is intelkegent in every step omg director— r u –making this serial only fr radha ????

  10. This drama is getting shittier by the day

  11. What a flopped serial…. am done watching it ok bye

  12. Disgusting show

  13. Radha nhi ho gyi Osama bin laden ho gyi h koi pakad hi nhi pa rha h. Saathiya ko dialog hi ni milta h. Gopi sirf aam ji aur maaji karti h. Is show k male star cast koi kaam k nhi h sb toh ladies hi krti h. Ab ye show comedy me badal gya h. Star plus walo koi acha show chalu kro isse band kro

  14. Radha is mother of a baby. writter please take in to note that always mothers will be good with their babies even though she is not good in her character or not good with others or not agreeing with others. so please change the attitude of radha. This shows mother character very worst.

  15. It’s time to end the show and no leap please again .if the director wants same cast let him write a fresh story and start a new drama ..instead of sathiya time there thy can play other serial..

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