Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th February 2013 Written Update

Here Is The Update For 12th February, 2 0 1 3 S N S Episode.

Episode Starts off with the family having food at the dining table.

Raashi and Alka exchange looks, with Alka’s prompting signs and look to Raashi. Raashi then tells that she had a dream to rename Vamsh as Golu. Naani also says that she had similar dream. Then Naani tells Raashi by her – Naani’s – say, as Meeti ; that she was joking. Jigar too makes light of Raashi’s suggestion. Tells that he would find it awkward to call Vamsh as Golu, in fact Vamsh may even hold Jigar responsible for the poor choice of the name.

Kokila too feels it is not Raashi’s dream but of her mother, Urmilaa’s choice, since they often talk over the Cellular Phone. Out of

her corner of her eyes Kokila sees Alka and remembers that Alka was addressing Vamsh as Golu, and says so. Finally Kokila rejects the suggestion outright, in between Hetal was trying to say something, but Kokila tells Hetal to listen and understand the situation.

Alka’s face is full of mixed feelings ; Anger and Disappointment.

Night time and Raashi and Jigar are sleeping ; somebody approaches, it is Alka, after few initial this and that, Alka takes the Baby Vamsh away and as she leaves, Raashi talks in her sleep. That Vamsh sleeps tight and not to disturb her.

Kokila wakes up with mixed emotions, bit tensed too. She is not able to pinpoint the problem, on the face of everything, things do look normal, but she feels something is not right.

At that moment she sees through the frosted glass panel of the closed door a silhouetted figure passing by. Kokila comes to investigate. But Alka hides. Kokila goes back to her room, but is in need of a medication, which she has misplaced. She goes in search of it and finds it in the hall downstairs. Kokila again fails to see Alka behind a sofa. Kokila goes upstairs to her room.

Alka runs to the front door, opens and is about to step out, lights are turned on and Gopi is standing. Gopi grasps the situation and comes to Alka and takes the baby from Alka. Alka tries to grab back the baby and a struggle ensues. Alka asks Gopi to hand back her Golu, her baby.
Raashi comes and in her usual style cooks up a story to tell Gopi that Alka had lost a baby and thinks Vamsh as her baby. She tries to create an air of sympathy within Gopi for Alka. Later Raashi takes Alka Away and threatens Alka with Police action and her ‘ Raashi or Modi family’s might and wealth against which Alka’s cry of despair may collapse. Finally asks Alka to give Raashi time to sort out things. Alka wants to leave with the baby, nothing else she desires.

Outside Raashi meets Gopi and again reiterates the same story and tries to create sympathy for Alka ; requests Gopi to keep quiet and say nothing to the family. Gopi is silent. Raashi leaves.

Gopi though silent and expressionless throughout ; There is a sharp and intelligent mind working within.

Next morning or so ; Gopi is very thoughtful and pensive while getting her baby Meera to sleep in her arms. Few flash back of Alka’s pleas are replayed, as if in Gopi’s mind and conscious.

Raashi comes there to take baby Meera from Gopi, but Gopi pulls away from Raashi. Raashi is worried, with regards to Gopi realizing the true story of Vamsh.

Scene is with Urmilaa counting money and finds it short of Rupees Ten Thousand, sees Kinjal’s purse, rushes there, but voice of Kinjal comes over. With Urmilaa saying something which every guilty person blabbers. Language is not Hindi, might be Gujarathi, or some other. Kinjal asks about Dhawal but Urmilaa says she has no idea, in all haughty voice.

Kinjal leaves taking the purse.

Well the cellular phonic talk begins between Mother and Daughter. Urmilaa asks for cash, Raashi conveys the happenings, some in mute. Raashi is also apprehensive about Gopi having some inkling about the true story of Vamsh.

And Episode ends on Raashi’s face, sort of a shocked Look ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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