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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

So asks Kokila and Urvashi to have some food. They both say they will not until Gopi returns. Door opens and they think Goopi returned, but wowen protection organization women enter chanting Jaggi haai haii..slogan with police and ask inspector to arrest Jaggi. Inspector says Sheetal has given complaint herself and he has to arrest Jaggi. Gopi on the other side makes Sheetal realize her mistake and says since many years, women are molested and when women wrongly allege men, nobody will believe her when she is really molested. Sheetal agrees to correct her mistake. Gopi says they have to save Jaggi first.

Inspector asks constable to arrest Jaggi. Urvashi says he cannot arrest her son. Women shout they will how she will stop police. Kokila enters and i her usual style

shouts to stop shouting and do whatever they want silently, she does not want any drama in her house, they can arrest Jaggi. Urvashi asks what is she telling. Kokila shouts she does not need any drama in her house.

Constable arrests Jaggi and drags Jaggi from there when Gopi enters shouting stop…they cannot arrest Jaggi. Sheetal enters and Gopi says she is the one who complained against Jaggi wrongly. Sheetal agrees. Women shout Gopi frightened Sheetal to lie now. Gopi says she is not and she has recorded Sheetal’s statement in recorder. She reminisces how she with Tolu plans all this. Women ask Sheetal who asked her to lie. Sheetal says someone gave her money to lie. They ask who. She points towards Kokila. Urvashi asks if she tried to send her son to jail.

Gaura over phone orders someone to burn her Mehsana godown. Vidya entes with food and Gaura acts as asleep. Vidya wakes her up, keeps food on table and leaves. Gaura relaxes that choti chatanki/Vidya did not hear her conversation, else her plan would have ben exposed. She smirks that in a few days, everything will be back under her control and she will take final revenge from Vidya and Meera.

Gopi drags Pari and Mona in front and says they gave money to Sheetal to lie. Uvashi says they took a mother’s curse now and they will not be happy Women shout family members themselves tried to ruin Jaggi’s image and they will blacken their face now. Gopi stops them and says they are this house’s bahus and dignity of this house, so they should be spared. She continues tongue lashing Pari and Mona. Pari shouts enough and says Kokila that Gopi is wrongly alleging them as they are helping her, they also don’t like Gopi marrying Jaggi, so they are with her, but Gopi is twisting the truth in her favor. Gopi shouts to stop lying. Pari shouts she gave money to Sheetal as she needed sports equipment and tries to frighten Sheetal. Gopi shouts she cannot frighten Sheetal like this. Pari shouts that Sheetal wanted to join self-defence classes and lied. Sheetal says she gave with a condition that she will tarnish Jaggi’s image. Pari shouts she is lying and tries to convince Kokila. Kokila shouts enough now and asks police to leave. Inspector leaves warning that he is sparing Pari and Mona now but will not next time. Kokila warns Pari again that she is sparing her now and will not next time and walks out. Pari walks behind her. Jaggi stops her and confronts next. Pari leaving fuming.

Precap: Jaggi offering tea to Gopi says with today’s incidence, it is proved that their friendship has moved to a stage of husband and wife. Gopi breaks tea cup and shouts they are just friend and will be always.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Boss(Siddarth)

    Barking Spanish dog John plz do not comment today or else we all assume that 100% u are lunatic.

  2. No no no police should have been arrested to pari why kaki ji forgiven pari btw gopi was in the full aggression today and she protect jaggi v well good

    hello nandhini how is situation in TN currently i hope everything is fine now

    hello chitu di how are you ?

    Hello sowmya how is your study going on

    hi to rani isaaq riana s.p sid shakaib rose and all fans

    1. You are inmature chlld thats why you saying police should arrested pari you brat child

      1. Isaaq

        John… we didn’t mind your negative criticism of the show but that doesn’t mean you try to insult my friends on here. And last time you asked me what I’m going to do?? I’m going to laugh at you?? because you’re lonely and crazy. I bet everyone hates you in real life hence why you sympathise with villains. Am I right? Next time don’t speak to me in a rude tone. Stay in your place and don’t insult my friends next time! You understand? You better understand!

      2. Boss(Siddarth)

        Yes Issaq this John is Mr lonely no one is there with him . But we Sunshine group hav 29 friends . He cant do anything with us .
        Actually john u are immature mind and suffering from mental illness.

      3. Chithu

        John he has more maturity than u. Actually john is jealous of sunshine family. He is lonely because of his nature. I think he is purposefully telling all these nonsense so that we all reply to him. No one insults our family members. Keep ur criticism to this serial itself.

      4. John dont you dont know the basic fact that whoever does wrong things intentionally must be punished irrespective of their gender and status??…and you are calling my friend as immature…it is you who is immature and acting like a brat…

    2. Chithu

      Hi my lil bro how r u? Howz ur classes going on

      1. Hello chitu di am fine and study going on v good and thank you to all my friends for take a stand for me i don’t know why is he saying immature to me its ok i know am a child but not brat and immature

        Hello sid bhai a very happy and joyfull birthday to you my friend god bless you

      2. Chithu

        John is immature n brat not u. Tat person has some problem. He intension prod one or other sunshiners.

    3. Riana

      Hi kp

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episodes of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Gopi has got really shattered after knowing this that Jaggi has killed Ahem.

    Jaggi has gone to jail as Kokila has files case against him.

    Jaggi escapes from jail and comes to Modi house to talk to Gopi and he apologizes Gopi for his mistake.

    Gopi gets angry as Jaggi comes Modi house escaping from jail

    But Gopi get angry seeing him and bursts out in anger, she calls him Ahem’s murderer.

    Gopi gets furious and asks him to go away as his sorry will not bring her Ahem back.

    Police comes and takes Jaggi to jail again, Gopi then removes the sindoor from her hairline in anger and everyone gets shocked.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist

    1. Chithu

      Jaggi/ Ahem going to have tough time to prove his innocence

  4. Isaaq

    Omg I’m seeing my lovers pictures everywhere on social media. Everywhere i look, his pictures are there? I’m getting butterflies all the time and I’m going to have a heart attack soon because my heart is beating very fast???

    1. Isaaq

      I’m going to start our love story again. I’m actually excited because it’s all going to happen all over again? Those teasing and flirting and overwhelming stares. I’m happy by the fact that God has given me a chance to fall in love with him again and for us to start this whole thing again.

      I missed the early days when I first met him but thanks to God, it’s all going to happen all over again and I get be a young girl falling in love with a handsome boy again☺️ I missed those days so much?

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Oh Great Issaq? i wish u hav a wonderful time with ur love .

      2. Chithu

        I am happy for u dear. Stay blessed

  5. Isaaq

    You’re right Sid. Sometimes when I’m talking about my lover on here, I forget that that psycho john is also reading my comments? You’re all my friends but I forgot that people like him also know about my personal life

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    Nandini hw r u . I saw in news that there is a lot of storms in Chennai hope u are fine take care .

  7. Chithu

    Nandini hope u r ok. In my brother’s area current is not thr from morning. Hope cyclone has passed chennai

  8. Chithu

    I have a feeling that this time Meera and Vidya are really alert and knows Gaura’s real intensions. They might be fooling her as they believe in all the stuff that Gaura says. Gaura will be falling in her own pit.

  9. Ahora es el momento De terminar este serial.

    1. I agree that the writers should end this series and replace it with a good drama. Just getting stupid by dragging it along. Sorry for being rude in the previous comments but if you want to get along, start bu respecting the sunshine group, be nice and they be nice back, don’t call them stupid or idiot even if it’s in Spanish. Pretty obvious what you calling them even if it’s in Spanish, I can understand what you saying half the time so don’t think no one knows what you saying in Spanish, I can speak Spanish and learning it at the moment. 😛 I can translate what you say but cba as you should write in a language which they could understand. Not fair on them. If you get what I mean. Have a nice day. Adios y buenas noches. 🙂 También tienen un día impresionante. No hard feelings I hope.

      1. He says,now This moment to finish this program.average girl u no a Litle Spanish?

  10. Good for pari n Mona n I hope gopi have a change of heart towards jaggie

  11. Hii friends! I am fine now…the situation is better now in chennai as the intensity of the rain and storm has decreased…thank you all my dears for ur is due to ur prayers the demonic cyclone affecting us from yesterday night has stopped now?? prateek,,isaaq,, chithu,,sid,, sowmya and friends i am alright..i am not scared anymore??…chithu ingayum morning lendhu power illa…and network um seriya kedaikala…unga bro area pakathula dhan enga area vum…chetpet la…i hope he is also fine now…thank god its only material damage but all people are fine and safe!!??
    I didnt watch the episode but i am very happy pari and mona got caught! As chithu said i guess meera and vidya are too playing with gaura in her game to expose her…
    Isaaq seeing our love/soul mate climbing to big heights in their career is a great feeling that cant be expressed…it is as equal to motherly love and fatherly’s pride!… i am also very happy to see his progress!! and i want him to feel the same for you when you emerge as a successful corporate lawyer after few years…and you both lovely people lead a happy life personally and professionally!???

    1. Isaaq

      He’s very proud of me? He was really hoping for me to study law and today I have achieved that. I like making him proud of me- that’s why his ex girlfriend is jealous of me.

      To be honest I’ve been very emotional and I’ve missed him a lot today.

      To reveal the truth, ever since me and him stayed away from each other for 2 years, I never knew that he loved me. The distance between us made everything different. I always had doubt that he loved me but when this holy month of Rabi Awal started, I found out that he does love me. I got a miracle like every year in this holy month. Knowing the truth that he loves me so dearly makes me very emotional because I’ve hurt him and ignored him the past because I didn’t realise his feelings for me. I deliberately stayed away from him for 2 years, not knowing that he loved me. I used to think that I was in pain of missing him but the truth was that he also was in pain. I thought leaving him was to help myself move on but in reality I caused so much sorrow for him.

      I still remember on my birthday 2 years ago, when I found out he had a girlfriend, I lied that I had a boyfriend just to hide the fact thT I loved him. ( People spread rumours about me liking him and I was too afraid to admit it as he had a girlfriend) he believed my lie but I never realised that I hurt him and he unfollowed me on social media and I never saw him again for a year.

      But today we are connected on social media but still… my foolishness caused so much sorrow for him and today he still thinks that I don’t love him.

      1. Hi I know how you feel, I am in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, we both are Muslims but he is in Pakistan and I am in the UK. Been almost a month now since we started dating, can’t wait to see him soon. Soon you’ll meet your lover, by that I mean your username not his name unless it is but anyways, you’ll meet ( Isaaq) inshallah. Think positive.

    2. Chithu

      Ipo situation eppadi irukku. Power vanthutha. Thambi nalla irukka. Ipo thaan office kelabirukka. Tvla news pathaen romba bhayama irunthathu. Enna kaathu adichittu irunthathu. Thank god ipo konjam kammi aayiduchu. Last year ippadi thaan bhayanthom. Antha timelayum thambi hostela thaan irunthaan. Roads cut aanathinaala engayum poga mudiyaama aachu. Stay safe. God will protect u all

  12. I wish a very happy Meelad-i-Nabi to Isaaq,,shakaib,,rani and all my dear muslim buddies!??

  13. Friends guess what?? Its a very special day!! Today is our bestum bestest sunshiner Siddarth’s birthday!!??? hey sid! Wish you many many more happieee returns of the day!!????????Have a great year and great life ahead!!
    God Almighty bless you with enormous knowledge,,good health and wealth!! Have fun buddy!!???

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thank you Nandini ?.

      1. Happy birthday boss,God bless u always and I hop all your dreams come true u are best to all sunshines because we love u.

  14. hey sid a very happy birthday to you may all that you ever wish for comes tru and may lord ganesh shower his almighty blessings upon u do enjoy your birthday and may u live to see many more birthdays to come

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks Raven.

  15. Chithu

    Hey Sid wish u a happy birthday. God bless u. Have a superb years ahead.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks chithu?.

  16. Boss(Siddarth)

    Thanks Pratheek,Nandini,Chithu and

  17. Hi siddarth “wish u happy birthday ”
    God bless u and he give happy to u in ur life at end and study well

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks Arvind ?

  18. Siddarth I heard the news some where that ” in sathiya leap had going to take place and In coming episode gopi son had come I was waiting what going to happen please told me about leap after see tthis replay

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks Arvind ?. Yes Arvind SNS is going to take leap but wen it is not confirmed. After leap Gopi’s son wl b introduced and he is living in US with his adopted parents. But he wl be coming to Modi house with his wife i think both are in negative character.

  19. Hello frnds..hw ru all..i missd al of u dese days..
    Sid happy bday dear..god bless u..
    Nandini hwz situation dere hope ur fine..
    I dnt hve tme to read comments also..vl read wen vl get free tme..
    I miss al d episodes also..
    Sowmya I stayd in kukatpalli nizam pet..marriage on miyapur..nw am in knl n on 16th my cousin sis I cant able to cmnt here..wen vl get free tme vl cmnt..tke cre guys..

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks Priyanka SP ?
      Enjoy the function ?.

  20. Riana

    Happy birthday Sid??…Many many happy returns of the day…

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks Raina?.

  21. Isaaq

    Happy birthday Sid???

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks Issaq??.

  22. Ann simona gomez

    Happy birthday did.. God bless u..

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thank you Ann simona.

      1. Hi Siddarth, Happy belated birthday, sorry didn’t know and hardly be on most of the time, though I new and whether I am part of the group or not, you guys seem like a awesome bunch and nice to see fans talking to one another, like made new friends on this site. Not me but you guys, like nice to see how close you guys are. Hope you had a awesome birthday and inshallah you’re wishes and prayers are answered. Yes I am a Muslim, Hi guys. 🙂

  23. Ann simona gomez

    Sorry not did. Sid

    I can’t understand y is Mona always with pari… As tho Mona got married to pari.. How can pari be so cruel and cunning….

  24. thre si no point in arguing with John. Guys you don’t even know each other in real life

  25. Happy birthday Sidharth Bhai I apolgise for my absence sunshiners.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks Rani?

  26. happy birthday sid
    i am doing good kp how are u?

    sp akka kukatpally maa intiki chaala dhuram and also meeru kurnool return vellipoyara kada so manam kalavadam kudarledhu may be next time

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks Soumya

  27. enough of ur idiotic comments john stupidity at its peak
    u have no right to say anything against kp ( today ) and sid bhai ( yesterday ) u think none of us will understand spanish then listen many of us can understand many languages like how i understand telugu hindi english kannada tamil and spanish

    prateek u need not bother about the dogs barking here

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