Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila calls Gaura and asks how dare she is to hung Ahem’s dummy on tree. Gaura says she did not. They both start argument, Gaura disconnects call.

DJ starts playing loud music during Dharam’s birthday party. Gaura tries to speak to Dharam, but could not due to loud music. Dharam gets a call and he asks DJ to stop music. He then speaks over phone and gets happy.

Meera comes and tells Dharam she has a surprise for him and takes him to a room while Gaura angrily watches them leaving. In their room, Meera shows him cake with his and Gaura’s photo. Dharam cuts cake and says he wants to gift her now in his style and tries to kiss her. Meera gets tensed and thinks what to do now. Urmila comes from under the table and says she was waiting for Dharam Kumar to cut cake, but he cut it already. Meera relaxes. Dharam shouts why did she come here. Urmila says she came to wish him and have cake. Meera feeds her cake. Dharam angrily asks her to take cake and have it in her room.

Madhuben looks at written letter as Dharam and thinks nobody read it and she has to get Modi family read it at any cost. She walks keeping it under her belly. Hetal asks what is she hiding there. Madhuben says nothing important. Hetal leaves.

Dharam tries to kiss Meera when Gaura enters with her friends to wish him happy birthday. Dharam leaves with Gaura’s friends. Gaura taunts Meera that she disturbed their party, but she was helpless as Dharam is very famous and people want to meet her. Meera thinks indirectly she helped her today and asks if she will have and cuts her hands on cake and apologizes for it. Gaura thinks she cut her hands on cake, but cannot really.

Madhuben walks towards Gopi and thinks everyobody will get away from Gopi after reading this letter. She drops it on floor. Hetal sees letter and picks it.

Precap: Gopi says she will find her Ahemji at any cost and tries to walk out of house when Kokila stops her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Loves Meera’s acting today….she is just brillant….missed Vidya today…..Meera was looking so pretty and very nice precap.

  2. Awesome episode of meera and dharam.Atleast now meera should start to lik him….?

  3. Nic episode of dheera..???

  4. What if dharam tries to get into husband -wife relationship with meera, How far she can resist him????,if gaura gets to know that meera is just acting, inorder to seek revenge from meera, she may provoke dharam to get physical with her, by asking them to give her a grand son or so…..I feel, meera will also realise love for dharam… As sanskar cheated her. She lost faith in love, but dharam will regain her trust for love. Then gaura will try to separate them, so she may get to know sanskar -meera relationship in the past… She may introduce sanskar in suryavanshi family, to create rift between meera and dharam, at first dharam will be upset with meera. Meera tries to prove him, that she is a loyal wife.. Later dharam gets to know gaura’s plots and kick her and sanskar out, and apologies meera for doubting her loyalty, meera too confess her feelings to him and in that emotional moment their relationship will hit a milestone!!!, Do you get, what I mean…..

  5. Chi chi chi chi chi how much awful can this show get the girl meera (taniya) should do a better show than this

  6. What will Meera’s baby call Vidya then ?? Maasi or Bhabi..

    Waste serial. They are ruining the relations..

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