Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mansi performs Gopi’s graha pravesh. Gopi hugs her and then goes in with Krishna. Mansi tells Premila that she will make Gopi feel the hell and take revenge from her. Premila says she will help her in her revenge.

Kokila and Urmila miss Gopi. Urmila prays for Gopi’s bright future and hopes she forgets Gopi soon.

Gopi fumes on Krishna why did not he inform about Mansi till now. He says he loves her so much and did not want to lose her by telling about Mansi. He thought she will know truth anyways someday. Gopi says she would not have been in this much pain if he had informed her beforehand.

Premila and Mansi continue hatching plan against Gopi. Mansi mixes gun powder in ajwain and tells Premila if Gopi prepares ajwain poori while performing kitchen

ritual, poori will explode and she will die.

Krishna gets a call from US hospital that he got a job in US and tells them that he ismarried now and will take permission from his wife and inform them. He then tells Gopi that his long dream of working at US has come true and he will join job there only if she permits. She says he should go then. Premila comes and says same. Krishna says he will take Gopi to Modi bhavan and inform Kokila this good news. Premila says okay and says Gopi should perform kitchen ritual first. She asks Gopi to prepare ajwain pooris.

Dharam sits for breakfast with Meera and asks her to have something as she did not have anything since yesterday. Meera thinks Priyal is not yet found, she is very tensed. Shravan comes down getting ready for work. Vidya asks him to have breakfast and go. He says he is not shameless to have breakfast when this house’s daughter is missing. He leaves. Dharam angrily pushes plate and walks out.

Gopi prepares ajawain poori. Premila and Mansi wait eagerly to hear blast. Gopi gets a call and while picking mobile her phone falls down and she bends down. Poori bursts and Gopi shouts. Premila and Mansi jump in happiness and run towards kitchen followed by Krishna. Gopi says oil fell on her hand (don’t know how oil fell on hands when oil should fall on he bakc logically). Krishna washes Gopi’s hand and asks Mansi to get his medicine kit. He applies ointment on Gopi’s hands and scolds Premila and Mansi that someone should have been with Gopi when she performed ritual for the first time.

Precap: Krishna says looking at Gopi’s condition, he will not go to America. Gopi says it is his dream to go to America and he should go. He says she will not work for 2 days.

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  1. No sona 2day. I hate this mansi but I am confused is krishna good because he acts good when he is alone as well.

  2. Oh no………..

  3. All the characters are evil

  4. Evil evil revenge revenge

  5. Where r u gy

  6. Yes Krishna is good,he is very nice.

  7. Man how good will this serial get? The cast have such great acting skills. Just amazing.

  8. I think mansi n Krishna was husband n wife before

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