Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inebriated Ricky brings his pub mate Neha home and tells Kokila that when he is busy drinking, he will not pick anyone’s call. He tells Neha let us go to my room. Kokila asks who is this girl. Ricky says she is my new girlfriend. Kokila says she will arrange Neha’s stay in guest room. Ricky says Kokila is either too innocent or too dumb and takes Neha to his room and locks door. Kokila with family knocks door.

Gopi with Jaggi returns home and asks what is happening. Kokila says they were searching Ricky outside and he came here heavily inebriated with a girl and took her in. Gopi starts her usual dialogues. Jaggi says he knows how to open door and opens it with one kick. Everyone are shocked to see Ricky on Neha and close their eyes. Ricky shows how dare he is to

enter his room often and shouts to get out. Jaggi gives him one tight slap and he collapses. He asks Neha to get out. She yells. He holds her hand and drags her to door. She yells she did not know they are so orthodox. Jaggi warns whatever they are, they are better than her and warns to run from there, else he will slap even her. She leaves.

Gaura arranges havan and asks Divya to cme and sit next to Dharam for pooja. Bhavani thinks only she will sit next to Dharam. She goes to kitche and asks Divya to give her juice and even have some before sitting for pooja. Divya serves juice. Bhavani silently adds sleeping pills in juice. Vidya comes and asks what are they doing still here. Bhavani says having juice. Vidya asks to serve juice even to her. Divya serves another glass. They all 3 drink juice and join for pooja. Divya sits next to Dharam and pundit completes havan. Bhavani fumes in anger. Dharam and Divya then touch Gaura’s feet and she blesses them. Bhavani fumes in more jealousy. Vidya taunts her that her evil plans will not work in this house.

Jaggi asks Urmila to get lassi for him. Door bell rings and Seeta opens door. They are all shocked to see police. Inspector says they came to arrest Jaggi on Ricky’s complaint that Jaggi tried to kill him. Kokila and Gopi say this is wrong. Ricky enters and says he is right. Gopi says he is wrong and asks to take back complaint. He asks Gopi to apologize her if she wants him to take back case. Jaggi hears that and warns Gopi not to, he is ready to go to jail and Sahir will bail him out. Inspector says he will not get bail as he has already cases against him. Jaggi says he does not mind. Gopi apologizes Ricky. Ricky asks to fold hands and apologize. Inspector dumbly watches everything and supports Ricky. Gopi folds hand and apologizes. Ricky tells inspector that he wants to take back case. Inspector warns Jaggi that he will be under observation and leaves. Jaggi angrily leaves and Gopi tries to calm him down. She walks to his room and stands shocked looking something.

Precap: Urmila tells Sona that Gopi can give her life for Seeta if need be. Ricky hears that and plans to kidnap her. He makes her smell hypnotic sprayed rose and she collapses. Someone hits his head from behind and kidnaps Seeta. Jai tells family that Ravan uncle kidnapped Seeta didi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Gopi is so possessive. That’s why all of her children are so terrible.

  2. Riana

    Soon Ricky n Sita both will get kidnapped…First it will be Ricky’s plan later he will realise that the goons r none other than those people who wanted to marry sita…That man will now search for sita…I had a saw the shoot video n its Super awsome!!…All commentators on youtube were cheering up the scene…?????

  3. Riana

    Ricky n Sita will share some romantic moments in forest…But a tragic scene will be coming when ricky will get a snake bite!!..Then Gopi n Jaggi will find them!!…???

  4. These ramakanth deserve tight slaps in the face , like to see vidya flooping bhavani plan.

    1. Amirul you are so correct

  5. Riana

    Coming to episode…it was Boring!!…But Vivani (Vidya + Bhavani)…??…scene was Superb!!…Precap is of nxt two days…Waiting????

  6. Siddharth

    Hi Sunshine Friends sorry from past few days I am not able to comment regularly due to my busy scedule I had presentations and assignments I WL comment regularly from Friday k?.
    And I WL update my fan fiction EK KAAHANI SAATHIYA also on Fri sorry for late update.
    Btw episode was ok I think in future gaura&bhavani will turn enemies bcoz bhavani started to love dharam and wen gaura gets to know this she will be against bhavani.
    Waiting for ricky to turn positive soon.

  7. Chithu

    Upcoming episodes look much better than today’s episode. Ricky actually deserved that slap for misbehaving. Bhavani’s fantasies have no limit but it was spoilt by Vidya. When will Vidya find that Divya/Imly is yet another fraud.

  8. Mansi

    Bhavani fumes in more jealousy???? Episode is ok….Waiting for RiciTa romance scenes???

  9. Where did Meera go again? she left ?

  10. Isaaq

    I know you all have been waiting for an outcome of my biggest challenge. I had a brilliant birthday and I spent 3 days in London with all my great friends.

    My aim was to unite with Adam and to confess to him. But what I realised that I’ve been trying to make him understand for 3 years that I love him. We had a live story yes but I’m putting an end to it.

    For 3 years, I spent my time obsessing over Adam. All I cared about was him. I never thought about my future. I spent those 3 years in depression and misery whilst he was happy and succeeding in life.

    In these 3 days, I didn’t meet him because I want to forget him. Why dwell on a man who has never cared about me in these 3 years?

    I spent these 3 days without my family and on my own with my friends. Friends like you all who have supported me.

    My old friends didn’t even wish me happy birthday. My current friends did. They sang happy birthday to me and took me to a restaurant. I love my present and i need to forget my past.

    Adam and my old friends never shared my happiness with me. They’re all my past and I just want to focus on enjoying my life now and becoming a lawyer.

    I love the sunshine group and my new friends. I hope you all support me in my new decision because I want to forget my past, and Adam is my past.. I’ve blocked him on everything and I won’t be in his life anymore. I wish him a lot of success in life. I thank him for mentoring me and now I need to enjoy my new life with my new amazing friends who I love so much and my family.

    And ofc the sunshine group??? I love you all and from now on, it’s new beginnings❤️❤️❤️

    1. Let’s hope that it is a new beginning because you have been changing your story so many times.

    2. Riana

      You should add a pic on your account Isaaq…That will be the first step towards new beginning…looool…Congrats n Lots of Love…Dear????????☺☺??

    3. Siddharth

      Its good Isaaq u decided to move on in ur life ??by forgetting Adam .

  11. Better than this all drama they should have let ricky is some porn gay or straight he would have been filled with money

  12. Saanch karothra

    Better than this all drama they should have let ricky is some porn gay or straight he would have been filled with money.

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