Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gaura asking Vidya to do the ritual. Vidya says she wants to see whats behind the curtain. Dharam scolds her and Gaura says its better to show her. Vidya sees Kokila’s pic frame behind the curtain and gets shocked. Hetal comes to Kokila and talks to her. Kokila says sometimes situation is such that we have to stop our tears. Hetal says you proved you can bear anything for family. Kokila says yes, I m strong and determined, I got this strength from you. Hetal looks at her. Kokila says I would have not done this without your support, just you are the who can see my tears. Hetal says I will always be with my Kokila, happiness will come in our house soon. Kokila wishes her words turn true.

Gaura asks Vidya to remove her slipper and do the ritual. Vidya asks

are you in your senses, do you think I m do this ritual after seeing this. Gaura says you have to do this ritual. Vidya says sorry, this can never happen. Dharam asks her not to show refuse and just do this. Vidya refuses and asks him not to shout, he is elder and she respects him, it does not mean she will insult her Dadi. Shravan looks on.

Vidya tries to remove the pic and Gaura stops her. They both fight and Shravan asks Vidya to stop. Dharam asks Shravan to move back. Gaura gets angry and pushes Vidya. Ahem comes there and holds the stick. Vidya says Papa…. Dharam and Gaura get shocked seeing Ahem. Kokila’s foot gets hurt and the family runs to her. Gopi cares for her foot. Kokila is glad that the family loves her so much. She says I m sure my family will stand by me to keep my respect. Vidya hits the wall to get the pic frame. Dharam asks Ahem how dare he stop his mum. Ahem pushes Dharam and holds his collar. Dharam asks Ahem to leave him, else he can raise hand too. Ahem and Dharam get into a tiff.

Gaura asks Ahem to leave Dharam. Ahem asks Dharam how did he get courage to insult his mom. He scolds Dharam and threatens to kill him. He says if my daughter gets a scratch, I will pull off your skin. Vidya tries to pull the frame. Dharam says I will teach your daughter a lesson. Ahem pushes Dharam and he falls down. Gaura rushes to him and makes him stand. Ahem asks Dharam does he think Vidya will see Kokila’s insult, she is Ahem Modi’s daughter and will give an answer. He says if you have courage, stop her and show, our values does not ask us to take revenge, but if anyone insult our family, we don’t bear it, my daughter is doing that, as she respects her Dadi. He angrily looks at Meera. Meera gets teary eyed and bows down.

Dharam says move from my way, this pic won’t get down from the wall. Ahem asks him to think, as I m standing as a wall infront of you, your one step can become your last one. Kokila asks Gopi is she worried for Ahem, as he has gone to Vidya’s sasuraal, Ahem and Vidya will manage. Gopi says I m scared, don’t know whats happening there, I just want Meera to know Gaura and Dharam’s true face, else we will lose Meera. Kokila asks her how can she think such negative thing, I was broken and you gave me courage, now you are saying this, my Gopi bahu can’t fall so weak. Hetal reminds Gopi’s words that Kanha ji will not do wrong with us, as we never did wrong with anyone, don’t worry, Kanha ji is responsible for Meera and Vidya’s safety. Ahem and Vidya hit the wall and try to get Kokila’s pic out. They pull the frame. Vidya falls and Meera holds her. Vidya thanks her. Meera turns away. Gaura and Dharam smile. Ahem takes Kokila’s pic and gives to Vidya. Vidya respects it.

Vidya asks Ahem to sit. Dharam pulls the chair. Ahem falls down and at the same instant, Gopi falls down in Modi house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. pata Nahi kya soch ke writer NE aisa ghatiya story likha aur director NE use banaya aur hum usse bhi badhkar stupid hain Jo fir bhi daily ye serial dekhte hain.

  2. Love it

  3. Amazing show

  4. Not good epi today

  5. Sns is truly an indian serial,truely i luv my india and so luv sns tøö.

  6. Like it. 🙂

  7. Mirchi wala ep.??????

  8. Gajav h re

  9. Today john’s comment is missing!

  10. Seriously what nonsense are showing on TV. End this serial while it ia ahead. Educated people behaving so stupidly. Revenge and second marriage without a divorce. Total nonsense.


  12. I agree with you 100 percent nina. They make stupid serials like sns and we stupidly watch their nincompoop efforts.

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