Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa calls family to come soon. Whole family rushes in and Hetal asks what happened. Gaura leaves recorded message on TV. She greets each family member one by one. Ahem shouts Gaura… Gaura laughs and says Modi family is blind, she entered their house and was dancing like peacock, but they did not notice her. She asks Ahem why was he troubling Gopi. She wishes happy anniversary and she cannot bless them to be together as it will not happen now. If they thought they would enjoy peacefully after troubling her, she entered their house and kidnapped all 4 woman. Hetal cries that Gaura kidnapped Gopi, Kokila, Vidya, and Meera. Dharam enters with Shravan and watches video. Gaura says until Ahem reaches place, one of four would have died. By morning, all 4 will die.


says Baa what are you doing. Ahem sees him and angrily tries to hit, but Dharam stops him. Ahem says because of him his daughter was about to be hanged, his wife and mother risked their life and saved him, but got kidnapped by Gaura. Dharam says he can help them find out Gopi, Kokila, Meera and Vidya. Ahem shouts what drama he wants to play now, now nobody can save Gaura from him, Meera told him to get Gaura arrested, but he did not listen.

Durga calls Dharam and tells Karunesh mama’s ash pot is missing. He asks her to open Baa’s suitcase and find out which cloth is missing. She says black. He gets tensed. Dharam asks what does he mean. He says Baa engraped herself into drama and she considers 9 colors as 9 moods of life, black means danger and she will play death dance/mauth ka tandav.

Gaura ties Kokila to jeep and drags her. Kokila cries in pain. She stops in a secluded place and sends his goons. She pulls Kokila with her hair and says she will not die so easily, she has to see her family dying and when she will plead to save her, then she will kill her. Kokila says life and death is in god’s hands, once she sees her Gopi bahu and potis, she will kill her. Gaura drags her in and throws on floor. Kokila says she will kill her. Gaura says if she is joking even in this condition, asks to open her eyes and see where they are. Gopi shouts maaji. Kokila says Gopi..I will kill…Meera and Vidya shout daadi..

Dharam says they have to reach the place soon. Ahem asks where will they find. Dharam says baa must have left a clue for them, asks to repeat video, hears story will end where it started, says they have to go to Baa’s village as Kokila maasi, baa, and karunesh mama’s story started there. Jigar asks when will they reach there. Dharam says 2 hours Ahem asks if he is sure. Hetal says they don’t have any option and says she will also accompany. Ahem asks Parag to be at home, he will bring mom safely.

Gopi shouts please leave my maaji/Kokila. Gaura drags Kokila again and Kokila cries. Gopi pleads to let maaji go. Vidya also pleads. Gaura says Kokila has thick skin. Meera shouts to free them silently, else she will punish her so severely that….. Gaura swalks towards her and shouts shut up, look at your condition first. Gopi pleads to kill her and leave her maaji, Meera and Vidya. Gaura goes to her next and asks if she is mad that she is waiting for revenge. Kokila snatched her happiness, her brother, her son…Vidya pleads daadi did not do anything. Gaura pulls her hair and shouts shut up.

Precap: Gopi shouts maaji open eyes. Gaura turns Kokila and sees broken glass in her stomach.

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  1. Nice episode.

  2. I honestly hate this Gaura. Shes so evil! I was keeping call her a witch throughout the whole time watching the episode

  3. I was teared watching all this…..Gaura should brutaly killed by kokila…..

    1. Radha also tortured Gopi like this.

  4. Unbelievable….miserable…condition….Gaura should hanged to death

  5. The trp’s not so good time to end this crap. Why are you all putting up with this is beyond me. It’s an utter rubbish illogic programme which goes on and on with the useless storyline which is never ending. After all that Gaura is still unrepented.

  6. Pls someone tell me about whose karunesh and what happened to him. Wht it relates to kokila

    1. karunesh is gaura’s brother. he committed suicide because kokila accused him of eve-teasing kokila’s sister and the villagers secluded gaura’s family from the village as a punishment.

  7. ha yaar….koyi tho uske mama ka secret batavo na…plzzzz

  8. There is no secret.. kokila misunderstood gigna and karunesh and insultrd their family.. karunesh committed suicide.. so gaura wants to take revenge for his death

  9. ahem will save her family from that gura

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