Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi falls unconscious. Kokila checks her pulse and says her pulse is very weak. She picks Gopi and walks asking Sona to find help. They see a cart and take Gopi on it till main road. They then get into taxi and reach hospital.

Meera plays music and starts dancing. Whole family watches her surprisingly. She slaps Gaura while dancing and apologizes. Gaura twists her hand and pulls her hair and shouts if she tonsures her head and says sorry, will she accept it. Dharam tries to interfere, but she shouts at him to stay out of it.

Kokila with Sona brings Gopi to hospital. Docs take her to OT. One of them says they both are injured and should get treated first. Kokila runs from there and Sona tries to follow her, but doc says one of them has to stay here. Sona stays back.

Kokila goes to shiv temple and starts her usual high pitched drama with loud dialogues. People say she has gone mad. Kokila says she has and starts that Shivji is trying to snatch her gopi from her, Gopi bahu brought her to Omkareshwar with great faith, etc. She continues her high drama.

Docs operate Gopi and then transfuse her blood. One of them comes out and Sona asks how is badi sasumaa. She then runs towards temple and informs Kokila that badi sasuma is fine now. Kokila starts her drama again with loud dialogues, apologizes Shivji and starts chanting mantras.

Precap: Ahem holds Gopi’s legs and says she saved his mom’s life and became Ishwar for her today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shivam saxena

    Exciting episode….like it…

    Much….Gopi jaisi bahu sabko mile….#GOD

  2. how can a husband hold his wifes leg…im note criticizing….

    1. what crap like it happens in real life – dont think so these writers are thick as two pins and think the audience is the same -please put a stop to thsi torture

      1. I am surprised this show is going on; all full of psychos, reflects writers’ mentality maybe! The good shows get chopped and kokila keeps going on with her saas and the rest of imbeciles; and now mere angne mein; same mentality

  3. ????????????????not bad!!!!

  4. Boring ep

  5. When will this drama end?

  6. MA……ur update wad very funny good that i missed seeing the stupid episode …… yes koki goes overboard both saas bahu thinks of themself to be mahan…..badi dialogue marne mein aur choti tyaag aur sirf mai hi saab kuch kar sakti hun mein LOL….

  7. zuha (Asya fan )

    Literally I don’t understand 1 thing in this serial that firstly they stand up against the Lord and then chant mantras for him , look I’m not criticizing any religion but still don’t they have faith in God whosoever they believe whether it is kana ji ,Krishna ,shivji etc. Sorry if anyone get hurts.

  8. Finally people have accepted that this is a good episode. I have been saying this since the first day.

  9. zuha tm iska tension kyu le rai ho ki kisko bhagwan pe trust hai ya nai hai, shikayat apkno se hi hoti hai aur bhagwan to sabke apne hote hai na to log shikayat unke pas hi katenge na nd waise bi ye serial hai ok so jyada sochne ki jarurat nai hai tmhe,

  10. Best serial on indian television…a 5 star serial

  11. Lila. Heidinger

    What a dumb. Episode. The. Writer. Need to do better.

  12. Nice ep.

  13. Poor Gopi
    Much…..Gopi jaisi bah sabko mile….#God

  14. Really cool episode!!!

  15. good slap by meera to gaura loving to see it again and again but when this stupid serial will complete getting bored by the same dialogue yar

  16. Guys there some things similar in both rashmi sharma’s serial.
    Rashmi’s old serial in zee TV is mrs kaushik ki paanch bahuein and the other one is saath nibhana saathiya
    Similarities : 1) lovely worked in kaushik family by putting veil on her face and in sns radha came to the modi mansion by putting veil on her face
    2) maasa is being kidnapped in the future track and her doop replaced her and her 5th daughter in law, lovely saved her whereas in sns kokila is kidnapped and replaced by premlatha.
    3) lovely saved maasa from all accidents and gopi also saved kokila from so many accidents.
    Rashmi sharma just copied some of these from her own serials.

  17. Where is madhuben the culprit hope she died n thank god gopi is ok

  18. Sorry for some grammatical mistakes.

  19. Shivam saxena

    Where is the update of today and the you tube video of yestersay…?want to see,….

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