Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th March 2014 Written Update

Well the episode begins with little Vidya leading Gopi up the stairs to the temple. Here Raashi is very apprehensive of the outcome and prays t Lord Sri Krishna to take care of things and sort them out.

Vidya and Gopi Climb the stairs and after what seems like an eternity, Gopi feels dizzy, much to the delight of Raashi and her children.

Raashi rushes forward and supports and prevents Gopi from collapsing to the ground. The three children help her.

Needless to say from then on, Raashi confidently takes Gopi forward along with her twins helping her. Vidya mingles with the crowd.

Gopi and Raashi come to the altar and Raashi makes Gopi seated besides Ahem. Hetal asks why Radha had not worn the dress given by the family ; Raashi says that Radha before

the marriage itself does her own thing, what more can they expect after marriage. Hetal quiets down.

Urmilaa is all confused and open mouth. Wonders if Raashi is in her senses.

Somewhere else Radha struggles to free herself.

Marriage Hymns are chanted by the Priest, the twins and Vidya exchange thumps up signals, Baa sees Vidya, looks at Kokila ;in between the ceremony Kokila looks at Vidya.

As the marriage bells are heard by Kinjal, she informs Pratiek to hurry up, and Pratiek on hearing of marriage taking place, rushes out. Later he exchanges hi-fives with the twins and happy look s with Vidya.

Elsewhere ; Radha manages to free herself but finds the door locked, says to herself that twins would never succeed to prevent the marriage as she is always one step ahead of them.

Over at the altar Kinjal and Raashi in tandem tie the knot of the two pieces of clothe used when taking the sacred steps around the fire.

Raashi then supports Gopi to move forward around the fire but Kokila asks her to stop and separate from Gopi. Raashi says the bride is weak and not feeling because of pre marriage tension. The Priest gives the go ahead.

Sacred steps are taken, Flower petals are showered to signify blessings and good wishes ; The black bead chain is tied around Gopi’s neck by Ahem, amid a song played in the background, ” Govind … ” reaches the crescendo as Ahem finishes his task.

In Between Ahem Sees Vidyaa, has flashback of his meeting with Vidya – the crash, etc. Then Ahem has Flashblack of his marriage with Gopi, second one I feel.

In between we have Grumbling and confused Urmilaa.

Radha escapes from a window – no grills – then after a while a white cow chases her, she runs for her dear life. Much later Radha trips and falls ; just as the cow about to come near her ; the cow owner holds the cow and calls Radha, why she is running away. Radha shouts at the man who has hearty laugh, the cow’s name is Radha too. And the cow is after the dry hay on Radha the person. Radha says she assumed that the cow was after her because she was clad in Red. Little does anyone know cattle are colour blind.

Radha runs.

At the temple altar, Ahem is about to apply the red vermilion powder on Gopi. Ahem hesitates and hand and fingers holding the vermilion powder hovers over Gopi.

Raashi has lot of facial expressions in between.

Radha come over and shouts stop. As they turn to see, most are shocked, Madhu is all smiles, Urmilaa says something in Gujarthi – Radha …

Kokila turns round to see Gopi. Kokila exclaims ” Gop ! !”

Hereabouts Gopi Regains consciousness and has a hazy picture / frame of Ahem in person.

The Episode Ends On After Scenes Keep Shifting From Stern Looking Kokila To Just Waking Up But Calm Face Of Gopi ! ! !

Precap :- Kokila telling, Rather Shouting at Gopi in her normal and usual tone that Gopi had done enough drama and played with their lives, further she has choice words ; Just then little Vidya stops Kokila in her tracks and Vidya says to Kokila that for long Kokila has shouted at her Mother. Kokila turns around to see a replica of herself – Kokila, I mean. Gopi says our daughter, Vidya – if I am correct.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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