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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi is shocked to see herself as bride and marrying a stranger Dr. Krishna. Kokila says she must be surprised to see all this, she does not know what happened in 4 years. She says what she does not know, she knows she is her bahu and Ahem left them all. Kokila says she is doing this for her happiness. Gopi says her happiness went with Ahem, she is still mourning Ahem’s death and Kokila wants her to remarry someone.

Gopi continues crying vigorously. Kokila consoles her and says human cannot do anything against god’s will and she should accept truth. Gopi says noooo. Monica and Pari silently comment and smirk. Gopi says she will not marry anyone. Kokila holds gatbandhan and shouts stop. Gopi pleads to let her go. Kokila shouts noo, she will not get down from mantap, it is her order. Gopi shouts why…Kokila says she has to marry Dr. Krishna, all rituals have been completed except one ritual.

Gopi shouts what has happened to her, she is Ahem’s wife and is his widow. Kokila shouts she was widow but not now, she is Dr. Krishna’s wife. Gopi asks repeatedly what has happened to her. Kokila continues shouting in her loudest pitch that nobody cares about her, so she has to marry.

Jigar says he tried to stop Kokila many times not to do this mishap, but she did not listen. Kokila shouts at him loudly. Jigar says he will not listen to her now. Pari interferes. Kokila shouts at her. Pari says she will not listen to her taunts today and will oppose her wrong decision.

Kokila takes Gopi’s bangles and shouts in her loudest pitch that she breaks saas-bahu relationship. Gopi shouts noooooooo maaaajiiiii…you cannot do this. Kokila goes and sits in havan and says she anulls all 7 vows taken by Gop with Ahem and repeats them one by one so loudly….

Precap: Kokila says Gopi that Dr. Krishna took care of her selflessly and asks if she does not trust her as mother.

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  1. It was good if gopi ran from the mandap

  2. kokila is sooo irritating in this episode. meera is always correct when she is opposing kokila’s diecisions. that is true, i just realized that now.

  3. Kokila did right! I agree with what she did today. The family never took care of Gopi when she needed them most. They were all busy in their lives.
    Now she’s well they will just pretend and use her. Gopi needed this to strengthen her and harden her heart so she will no longer be a doormat for anyone!

    1. You are right, I don’t agree with force marriage. But Kokila was right to make Gopi married to Krishna.
      It was most likely that Gopi would have gone back to her depression.
      No one in that family, not even her daughter’s would have helped.
      Knowing Meera, she would have got her sister to look after their mother.
      When it becomes to much money on Gopi. Meera would have got ride of Gopi.
      Sometimes you have to do something for that person, even if they don’t like it. In order to help them.


      Agree with you both…. though force marriage is not good wheather you are in senses or not but in this case its good.. infact what if after filling maang gopi would have reacted, then how would she deny….
      From the start of this show and till now, only 85% tyms only gopi was shown by full filling sathiya duty but atleast now they will show krishna by full filling sathiya duty…

  4. Amaany hassan

    Thats good gopi barbie dosnt want remary anyone

  5. hate this serial .wat the helllll just stop and go off air blo*dy stupid writers

  6. Dr. Krishna will turn to negative… this a daily soap or crime patrol or CID….saathiya was of the best shows when the show didnt took leap and after 8 years before the rashi’s death track the show was going good….i am very much confused whats all dis going on…..Ahem died…gopi’s shock…kokila’s miserable story…and now krishna will turn negative…he killed ahem????…..Its more than utter nonsense… cheap are those writers cant end it on a happy note..and Mohammad nazim aka ahem or any lookalike of him will not return in this show bcoz he left not only saathiya but india too for this upcoming punjabi film….so they should show something moral….and whats all this i saw due to meera’s miscarriage….meera tortures vidya….if meera loves children so much then why she cant adopt a baby or a child…..idiotic baseless rubbish story….

  7. Actually i dont lyk to comment anything bad for dis show bcoz i really love it…..but cant see the destruction of the show lyk dis… anita was ok…rashi’s tantrums were funny n bearable…but then radha…tripti…gaura…n now after more than 29-30 years after…when is of 49-50 years old…she is getting married by her husband’s murderer…is this a joke…what the hell!!! They r showing that god always protects evil and good people always suffers…is this not a big JOKE????…..shame on those writers…director…producers… who r not fit to make serial….they should take lessons for all ffs written in dis site…….

    1. Gopi is getting married to her husband’s murderers…silly mistakes???

  8. Gopi is getting married..she has grandchild also..silly..stupidity at its’s okay f she is getting married coz ahem left he died..hw can she marry someone else!!Meera and vidhya shud b ashamed of their mom and grandmom

  9. I thought it wad a drama to bring her out of shock . But the are actually going to do this .

    Hey did notice what was said by kokila grandma she will burn herself into the havan if gopi aunt will not ready for the marrg .
    how can she burn herself in the small havan with her big body hi hi

    1. hi angel all d best for exam. Do ur best. don’t be stressed n yes i m praying to god to give grand success to my sister angel

  10. I thought it was a drama to bring her out of shock . But they are actually going to do this .

    Hey did you notice what was said by kokila grandma she will burn herself into the havan if gopi aunt will not ready for the marrg .
    how can she burn herself in the small havan with her big body hi hi

  11. Thank you so much my AKSHAY BROTHER.

  12. In upcoming episodes meera will slap vidya

    1. Meera had a miscarriage because of vidya……

  13. Gopi to unite meera and vidya as well as trace kokila and bring her back to the modi mansion.

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    Further Reading : Job 5:9; Romans 11: 33

    Prayer : Lord, reveal yourself to me.

    A fool say there is no God, Read it, use it in your daily life. Christ love you all

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