Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem asks Meera to apologize Gopi. She says she will never apologize her and will hate her whole life. She continues shouting and yelling. Kokila says Gopi is her mother and asks if she is not ashamed to badmouth about her mother. Meera says she is not and continues yelling.

Pari drags Kinjal out of Modi bhavan and throws her bag. Kinjal says Gopi has brought Rashi in now and just like she is kicking her out, Gopi will kick her out of this house. Pari angrily walks in. Dhaval comes and takes Kinjal from there. Rashi asks her to show her room. She shouts to find herself. Jigar hears that and asks her to behave with child.

During dinner, whole family gathers except Meera. Vidya says she must be in her room and goes to call her. Tolu/molu say they saw Meera going out

in the evening. Pari says even she saw. Ahem calls Meera and asks her to come home. She stands outside modi house and says she will not come as Gopi asked her not to show her face. Ahem sees her standing outside gate and says he can see her. Just then, 4 goons in jeep see her and kidnap her with them. Whole family run towards gate. Tolu/molu follow jeep in their bike. Gopi pleads Ahem to save her daughter. Ahem asks Jigar to get their car out.

Tolu/molu continue following jeep in their bike while Ahem follows with jigar in car. Just when Tolu/molu are about to catch them, goons throw marble on road and their bikes sid and they both fall on ground. Jigar applies brakes on time and asks tolu/molu if they are fine. Their hands are injured, but they say not to worry. Ahem says kidnappers will call them, so they should go back home and wait.

They reach home and Gopi inconsolably crying asks where is her daughter. Pari sees Tolu/molu’s injuries and first-aids them. They continue that they have to find Meera first. Ahem gets video call from Meera’s phone and picks it. Confined Meera pleads ahem to save her, else kidnapper will kill her. kidnapper speaks and says Ahem his daughter will be killed if he informs police. Ahem asks what does he need. He says he will inform in his next call. Gopi takes phone and asks him to return her daughter, else she will kill him. He asks her to relax and cuts call. Gopi cries and shouts that she needs her daughter back. Ahem says he will inform police. Gopi asks him not to, else kidnappers will kill Meera. Ahem asks what to do then. Kokila says years ago they fixed CCTV cameras near gate and should check footage.

Precap: Modi family sees CCTV footage and finds Meera’s boyfriend speaking to her before kidnap.

Update Credit to: MA


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