Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ricky asks Sameera why should he forgive her, he did not want to die so young. Sia/Seeta increases smoke and makes ghost sound. Ricky says these are sounds from hell and she will go to hell for her sins. She pleads to spare. He asks to confess her crimes, only then his soul will gt peace and he will go away forever. Sameera confesses that killed Ricky by blasting his car when he was going to court with proof. Sia increases smoke and Ricky silently slips off. Sameera continues crying, opens eyes and does not find Ricky. Pinku darling wakes up. Sameera asks what happened. He was he was opening door and someone hit him from back. Sia comes and asks what happened. Ricky hiding behind wall plays video in which Sameea is confessing that she blasted Ricky’s car and killed him.


returns from business meet and praises Karan that he handled situation so well. Meera brings clothes for him. Dharam gets happy while Karan fumes in jealously. Dharam says this is benefit of marriage and asks Karan to marry soon. Karan says he will if he gets Meera. Everyone look at his face in a surprise. He then says he means if he gets someone like Meera. Vidya gives him juice and drops it on his shirt. Meera asks him to remove his shirt, she will get it washed. Karan hesitates. She says they will go in, he can remove his shirt. He removes shirt and Meera/Vidya are shocked to see Meer’a name missing on his chest. Karan smirks.

Jaggi and other Modi family members watch Sameera’s confession video. Jaggi says he will get Sameera arrested for her sin. Sia says they already lost Ricky and should not lose Sameera, so if he gives proof, Sameera will take back Gopi and Kokila’s case. Sameera resists, but Sia says it is better to stay out than in jail. Sameera agrees.

Whole Modi family eagerly waits for Jaggi to return with Kokila and Gopi. Jaggi returns with them. Urmila hugs Gopi. Gopi says she wanted to make her son as their family’s ray of hope, but lost him. Sia asks Jaggi to give proof now. Jaggi gives pendrive. Sameera breaks it under her sandals and says now there is no proof that she killed Ricky. Ricky enters and says her problems will start now. He removes his fake wounds. Modi family gets happy that their son is back.

Precap: Sameera says she lost her mother because of Modis, her mother used to loved Ahem and wanted to marry him, but Kokila rejected her, so she suicide. She came here to take her mom’s revenge.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. finally tomarrow secret will be revealed of sameera. Bhawani will kidnap vidya, meera n pink lipstic shravan. now 11 days r remaining to end storyless serial.

    1. Siddharth

      Hi akshay karan wl get arrested for harming suryavanshi family

    2. What again kidnapping. I am fedup of this kidnapping marathon

  2. Hey Sid Nandi is registered member. ask her to come here. we will also leave this page at happy note.

    1. Siddharth

      Ya akshay i msg d nandhini but still she dint respond . Hope she see msg and come

  3. Sid in this group only for u i m sure we will meet face to face

    1. Siddharth

      Ya akshay bhai definetly i wl meet you face to face 100% brp wl meet . So i am telling you to become registered member

    2. Siddharth

      Akshay give ur email id here plz so that i can contact you .

    3. Sayyeda

      Akshay, be reagistered member.I hop all sunshines came back and be reagistered member.

  4. Siddharth

    Hi my SUNSHINE Friends
    Amalina,Mansi,Pranav, how are you all .
    Tmw sameera’s truth wl be out .
    But i wonder if anita is married another man after ahem rejected her then why sameera want to take revenge against modi family loool.

    1. Chithu

      Exactly when she married another guy and has Sameera wts the point of this revenge story. First Manasi now Anita’s daughter sameera. Ahem is dead so this entire track is so worthless

      1. Sayyeda

        Hi Chitu, Sameera mum is alive or not? I dont member her mum.

      2. Chithu

        Hi saba di. Sameera’s mom was Ahem girlfriend before he was married to Gopi. As per Sameera’s story her mother committed suicide because she was in love with Ahem and kokila didnt allow them to get married. Sameera is here to avenge her mother

    2. Riana

      Hi Sid…I think Anita was not able to adjust with her husband n maybe he died also thats why she was suffering for ahem…By this sameera got emotional n revenge drama…????

    3. Sayyeda

      Hi boss, now the end for SNS be happy forever .Now modi family be happy again.
      Sunshines friends please when SNS finish i dont want finish contact with u all.We need do some tink boss.

  5. Siddharth

    After Ricky changed and brought happiness in the Modi family, there comes an unexpected twist. Sameera makes a shocking entry back with evil intentions in her mind. She wants to answer Ricky and Gopi for the insult. Sameera calls goons there, who tie all the Modi family members. Sameera plays a death game. She makes them sit on the chairs. Sameera and Pinku play chess game. Sameera lays the chess and gets Modi family as the players. Sameera asks Gopi to win the game, else anyone’s life can go. She ties a bomb to them. She asks Gopi to play the game wisely and all her family members are connected to a single death string.

    Ricky, Jaggi and Kokila get a shock seeing Sameera’s madness. Kokila scolds Gopi for risking their lives. Jaggi asks Gopi did she wish to lose and get all of them killed. Ricky and Urmila too blame Gopi, as part of their plan. They all start the drama and scold Gopi, while Sameera and Pinku’s attention gets diverted. Jaggi slowly opens the ropes and catches Sameera and Pinku. Ricky frees all the family members. Sameera and Pinku run away from the house. Jaggi calls police and complains about Sameera to get her arrested.

    Meanwhile, Bhavani kidnaps Meera, Vidya and Shravan. She asks Dharam to save all of them if he can, now he has just two ways, either save them or accept her forever. She keeps a condition of marriage. Dharam slaps her. Dharam goes ahead and gets an electric shock. Dharam proceeds and defuses the bomb to save Meera and Vidya. Dharam fails Bhavani’s plan.

  6. Nice it’s ending otherwise this show was getting worse day by day, teaching family people kill any type of person either be men, women, old or kid who comes in between their work and cheat good people and list goes on…

  7. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Rikky (Rohit Suchanti) returns to Modi family after exposing Sameera.

    Sameera is not ready to accept her defeat so she cleverly ties all modi family in chair and make them player of the game.

    Sameera tells Gopi to bring one by one family members on chess board and is she loses the game then one of family members will be died.

    Gopi is helpless as she agrees with Sameera’s condition but Jaggi manages to free himself and face Sameera.

    Jaggi (Mohammad Nazim) saves Modi family from Sameera’s death game

    Rikky frees other family members and they star beating Sameera and Pinku but Sameera throws some explosive material and runs away from modi house.

    How will Gopi catch Sameera?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  8. Finally gopi kokila are out of jail, tomorrow will be so fun sameera will be kicked out of the house.this psycho karan should get exposed infront of dharam.

  9. Chithu

    Atlast Sameera confess her crime. Y karan is still in the house both MB and SH are guest houses where anyone can come and stay for a long time

  10. Riana

    I saw in spoilers that one hand sameera n pinks will capture the modi family n they will be forced to become chess board characters n gopi will be the player…On the other hand bhavani will capture shravan vidya meera n will force dharam…Dharam will slap bhavani n soon he will rescue trio…??…On the other hand Gopi will come near modis…And kokila..Sita..Sona…jaggi…parag..urmilla everyone will bash at gopi for putting their lives in danger…just then jaggi will free himself n will free ricky n he will free other family members.. All will beat sameera n pinks n two will flee…???…SHOCK TURNS COMEDY…????

  11. Riana

    Nice&Emo episode…???…Precap is okay…

    1. Sayyeda

      Hi Riana, i love this episode and i hop modi family be happy forever.

      1. Riana

        Hi di ??…yah they will

  12. Where is jr Raashi???

    1. Riana

      In Usa

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