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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sona’s goad bharai ritual continues. Kokila says ritual is complete now. Tolu says it is not yet over and gifts best mom sash to Sona. Jai and Veeru gift her rose bouquet. Kokila and Gopi smile.

Naiya’s boyfriend enters her room via pipe and window. Naiya gets nervous seeing him and asks why did he come now, if Shravan comes, they will be in trouble. Boyfriend says he is not afraid of her brother and gives her some box. Box falls down. Shravan passes by, hears sound and knocks door. Naiya nervously hides her boyfriend in cupboard and opens door. Shravan asks what was the sound. She says vase fell down and she is fine. He asks her to close window and door properly and sleep. She says okay and locks door. Boyfriend comes out and hands over box again.

She asks him to go via back door. He says why backdoor, he will go via window like he came in and leaves. Naiya looks at box and smirks that she got what she needed.

Molu picks plate for dinner and gives it to Tolu seeing him coming. Mona taunts to give him everything present at home. Molu asks her to shut her mouth. Tolu fills plate and gives it to Molu. Kokila and Gopi smile seeing their botherly love. Pari comes and silently tells Mona toexecute their plan while everyone is busy. Mona silently leaves.

Gopi starts dancing on song Sohla singaar karke goad bharai me….Pari and others join her. Pari then silently tries to leave, but Urmila stops her and says she has to dance till she getsshort of breath and asks where is her Mona darling. Pari says she will bring her. Urmila says let her come and drags her to dance. Kokila walks towards her room and Pari gets tensed. Mona goes to Kokila’s room and steals 20 lakhs and murmurs now Mehta will not get money. She hears Kokila coming and hides in cupboard. Kokila enters room and is about to open cupboard when Pari comes and stops her and says everyone is waiting for her. Kokila says she will keep gift envelopes in cupboard. Pari insists to keep them later. Kokila keeps them in drawer and says she will lock door as amount is huge. Pari gets tensed how will Mona come out now, but walks with Pari.

Urmila sees Pari alone and thinks where is Betal of this vikram betal jodi. Pari tries to leave repeatedly during dance, but guest stops her. Mona gets out of cupboard and sees door locked. She opens window and jumps. Her slipper heel breaks. Guest congratulates Pari that her bahu is bearing twins again and asks where is her younger bahu. Urmila asks where is Mona darling. Mona comes limping from outside. Urmila asks if she fought with someone and coming. Mona stammers. Pari asks her to come and stand next to her. Mona walks holding her back. Gopi asks if she is fine. Mona says she slipped in bathroom and shows her broken slipper heel. Urmila asks if heel is broken, why is she holding back. Pari says she just now told she slipped. Mona repeats that she slipped in bathroom and hurt her back. Urmila says her lean back got hurt. Dr. Krishna comments that doctor warn repeatedly to not wear heels. Urmila looks at her tummy and says now she knows her secret.

Precap: Gopi calls Belji bhai and says Kokila that he will come at 9 a.m. to take money. Kokila opens cupboard and tells money is missing.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. what happened to gopi’s forehead???

    1. she actually got hurt on her head… In real life. She fell in the stairs or something.

      1. how did they show this in serial???

  2. hi guyzz..i think so mona wil be caught by her sandal heel which was broken..??tht i hope so..

  3. Star plus..pls pls pls pls stop this serial..koi bhi cheese ek limit se zyaada achha nahi lagthaa..stop this serial and bring season 2 of interesting shows like DAHLEEZ and manmarziyaan

  4. I hope mona and pari get caught out by kokila or urmila.

  5. Gopi really slipped from the stairs..when she is stepping down leg slipped.. forehead hurted..

  6. I think sona steal the money n shew will get caught

  7. how come so talented gopi n kokila modi left the cupboard unlock. what the director is showing us? that the good people are coward and careless. when they know their enemies pari n mona are keeping an eye on their every move they must be alert. and also its a matter of 20lacs.

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