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Kokila tells that this is true, but is not Baa’s decision. This letter is written by Rashi. Everyone are shocked. Rashi gets shocked and refuses to have written the letter. Kokila shouts, you are lying. She holds Rashi’s hand and says you wrote this letter with the help of carbon paper. She says, you should be ashamed. Rashi says, no. Kokila says, you are lying repeatedly. She recalls colliding with Rashi and says everything will be crystal clear in sometime. She asks Rashi not to go. she goes to Rashi’s room and gets some letter there. She gets angry. She goes to hall and tells Hetal that the real letter written by Baa is this, which she is holding. Everyone are shocked.

Kokila reads Baa’s real letter. It reads that she is happy with Gopi’s return and

doesn’t want keys to be taken away from Rashi. She wants her daughter in laws to manage the house together. Kokila says, it is clear now. She shouts at Rashi and says you played with elders’ feelings. Jigar and Hetal scold her. Rashi says, I didn’t do anything. Kokila says, you are lying. She takes keys from Rashi and says you are not responsible for manage the responsibility. She asks Gopi, are you ready to take up this responsibility. Gopi says, yes I can manage all the responsibilities. Rashi smiles lightly. Kokila gives the keys to Gopi.

Rashi talk to her and invites her for her independence day party. She gets happy. She gets Urmila’s call. Urmila asks her, how are you feeling after doing this stupid thing. Rashi says, she is feeling relieved.

Rashi says, I am very happy. Urmila says, you have to pay for your doings. One day you will cry. Rashi says, she is feeling like flying. She says, my face is glowing. She invites her for lunch. Urmila agrees to come. Rashi tells her that she just returned the keys, but she has the power still.

Gopi teaches Meera and asks her to concentrate on studies. Meera says, I am trying. Gopi asks her to write the alphabets again. Ahem comes and asks Gopi to give his wallet. Gopi is lost in thoughts. Ahem asks, what happened. Gopi says, she is worried about Meera’s admission. Ahem says, everything will be fine. We will get a teacher for her. Gopi gives his wallet. Ahem leaves.

Madhuben tells Kinjal that she will help her. Kinjal says, not needed. Madhuben insists. Kinjal taunts her. Urmila gets happy. Madhuben gets tears in her eyes. She sees Urmila smiling.

Rashi comes and asks Gopi to give the keys. Gopi asks, why you needs it. Rashi takes the keys. Gopi goes after her. Rashi opens the locker and gets the money. Gopi sees her taking money. Kokila comes shocking Rashi. Kokila and Hetal see money in Rashi’s hands. Kokila asks, what are you doing? Rashi says, she have to give salary to Meethi and also to give money to newspaper and charity. Kokila nods in a yes. Gopi locks the locker. Meera comes and shows the book to Gopi. Gopi sees it and asks her to rewrite it again. Kokila asks, what happened. Gopi says, she is worried about Meera. She says, what we will do in 15 mins. It she fails to do then….Kokila says, her friend will send a good tuitor today. Hetal asks her not to worry as Meera has their qualities.

Gopi asks Meethi to water the plants. Meera asks her to make ration list. Gopi says, I will make. Meera comes to Gopi. Gopi says, I will be back in a min. Kokila sees her. Gopi picks the call and asks the vendor to send 50 kg wheat grain. Kokila looks at Rashi, who is in her room. Kokila calls Gopi. Just then Rashi comes there and asks Gopi to make Tolu Molu eat food and make them sleep. Gopi says, she will do it. Kokila asks Rashi, what you will do then. Gopi says, I am doing this for today as Rashi behen is going to orphanage today. Kokila looks at her saree and says it is too much. Rashi says, she is getting late and leaves.

Kokila tells Gopi and Hetal that Rashi went to have lunch with her friends and Urmila, instead of going to the orphanage. She says, she lied to us.

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  1. so boring even yeh rishta is better than this shit kokila is just being a snitch bag

  2. Boring story yaar ……… Kokila always tries to make Rashi know her responsibilities but it always goes in vain…..Rashi meeting her mother by lying in home…..and kokila making detective works and scolding Rashi these things have became very common try to make the serial interesting……..****The only best thing is now a days meeras dressing is good now she was looking like MODIS parivaar girl…….n gopi is also looking nice….but why this kinjal is overreacting on madhuben forgetting all the help she made for her I think she too became like her mom always blaming the persons who helps them in need…….stupid story..!!!!!!

  3. Are we going back to the same old story of kokila and rashi . Boring

  4. wth?kokila can wear all the gold in the world and she finds rashi’s outfit too much?kokila aunty,you look hideous with all that kajal ad heavy saree and jewellery! practice what you screech! 😛

  5. whatever gopi had to suffer was started with actually rashis kalakari. Until she is made to realise that she is not going to change. Kokila can keep on shouting at her but no use as till now Rashi and her Mom have not been punished even once for there misdeeds, so they are confident they can get away with everything. Kinjal should take a stand against Urmila not Madhuben. Gopi should not be meek with rashi should stand up and take her to task instead of ha rashiben mein kar lungi. Kokila’s dressing should be lighter, not always such heavy jewelry and heavy saree, she should dress as per her age in serial. gopi is best dressed , meeru is also looking good . And one last thing if the writers dont have anything interesting it would be better to shut down the serial now.

  6. Werz today’s update

  7. amena update quick i need to know what happens in this shit story li e

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