Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th July 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Kokila says she’ll take them to police. Gopi says she too will go along with her . She gives Meera to Rashi and tells her to take care of her.Kinjal says she too will go but Kokila says its better if she stays. Everyone except Rashi , Baa and Meera goes to Police station

Urmila goes to a place . The woman says a new member should deposit 1000 rupees and then they can be a rich in few days . Urmila gets happy. The woman asks who’ll be the first to join and Urmila comes forward.

Here Kinjal is annoyed due to kids , she asks help from Rashi . Rashi replies that she’s busy with her own kids and Meera. Rashi enjoys seeing Kinjal getting irritated and says Meethi to make juice (they said one name which I’ve forgot) for Meera. Kinjal argues

saying if Meethi goes who will help her in handling the kids. Rashi says its fine then and will tell Kokila that she wanted to feed Meera so she would calm down but it was not possible due to Kinjal. Kinjal says its alright and tells Meethi to go and make it. Rashi gives an evil smile. Kinjal angrily says kids are not her cup of tea. Kokila and all others come from police station and hear this . Kokila says she had told previously even . Only if she would listen to her .And now neither Gopi or her will handle the Playschool but it will be handled by two other women. And in that Kinjal or Gopi would not do anything or have anything related to it .Ahem and Jigar come to there . Gopi narrates what ever happened. Ahem angrily says she first also said not to open a playschool. Kokila says just think as if the playschool has closed for them. Kinjal says she already thought like that and leaves in a huff .

Urmila comes to Rajpal nagar . She says to autodriver that she’ll soon be a millionaire . The ladies who sees this laughs . She pays the autodriver and says rich people dont like to get the remaining . The auto driver says she has paid less. The ladies starts laughing .

Gopi tries to talk to Ahem. He is still angry and says first also he has said not to start all this . What would actually happen if something happened to Meera. Gopi tries to justify but Ahem leaves.

Urmila who is coming downstairs sees ladies laughing at her . She fakes a call saying she will soon be rich . Suddenly her phone starts ringing . The ladies starts laughing at her and tells she will soon get a job for acting. Rashi is irked why Urmila is not picking up her phone. Kokila sees this and comes forward. Rashi gets scared. Kokila holds her face and thanks her for saving Meera. Rashi gets a call from Urmila. Kokila says she can talk. Rashi and Urmila talks on what all happened. Later on when Kinjal comes home Urmila keeps on talking to her about getting a new job.

Morning when Ahem wakes up he sees a little Meera with a paper decorated on ” Happy father’s day I love you ” with a gift. He gets happy seeing it all . Gopi says they should do something for elders too . Scene shifts to when whole family are wishing the Parag and Chirag. Rashi recommends them to go for a family dinner to celebrate fathers day. Kokila agrees . Hetal and Baa says they can take the Shah family too.

Later on Rashi is in Mandir when Gopi comes with a gift for jitu bhai . Rashi says she had forgotten due to her but she bought a gift for her father too . When Rashi leaves Gopi comes near the idol ( I dont know the name :/ Kanaji idol or something else ) with a card and emotionally is all emotional . She tells its for her father.

Precap: Everyone has come for an event . There a person is introduced as the one with moustache . Gopi and Urmila looks . Urmila is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Muskii

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