Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi confronts Gopi to not interfere now as she always tries to poke Kokila. She confronts Kokila that she snatched Parag earlier and now her son. Jaggi asks what is wrong if maasi/aunty fed him curd, she taught him that massi is like maa. Urvashi asks him to keep quiet. Gopi says maaji has always given and never took anything. Urmila asks her to shut up and continues. Kokila starts her dialogues in her usualy loud style and says shut up, if she had been selfish, she would not have given back Parag and she should complain Parag instead. She says a person should have dignity and not arrogance, today Urvashi hurt her self-respect and this is her biggest mistake. She walks away. Jaggi tries to speak, but Urvashi takes him away.

Shravan is busy decorating house for Meera’s

babies’s naming ceremony and asks Dharam’s suggestions. Gaura comes and asks florist to decorate house with fresh flowers, else she will deduct his payment. She tells Shravan and Dharam that she is very happy today. Meera and Vidya come and Dharam says that he got a gift for today’s chief guest Meera. Meera does not react. He asks what happened. Vidya says how will they hide celebrations from Chanda. Gaura asks not to worry, she will not let Chanda come out.

Kokila sitting in her room reminisces Urvashi confronting that years ago, she snatched Parag from her and now her son Jaggi. Gopi enters with food. Kokila says she is not hungry. Gopi asks if she is tensed regarding Urvashi’s words. Kokila says yes, she did wrong. Jaggi tells Urvashi that what she did is wrong. She says she cannot tolerate her son geting away from her. Kokla tells Gopi that she gave Urvashi her right and brought her in this house, but she wrongly alleged that she snatched her husband and son and slapped her, she is hurt with it. She continues pouring her heart out. Jaggi tells Urvashi that she is a friend than a mother, even god cannot snatch him from her. Urvashi asks to take an oath that he will not go away from her. Kokila continues that she always misunderstood Jaggi and also apologized repeatedly but Urvashi is trying to punish her for this. Jaggi tells Urvashi that she must have seen movies, so she is becoming filmy. Urvashi asks not to joke. Jaggi says already there is a lot of drama at home, she should not start. Urvashi asks to promise, else she will die. He warns he will not talk to her if she says this again and promise that he will only be her son. She emotionally hugs her. Urmila, Pari and Mona watch them.

Gopi asks Kokila to have some food, she will get gifts packed by someone. She says she brought gifts for everyone, what about her. Kokila says how can it be an gifts her a blue sari.

Vidya gets excited for tonight’s function and thinks of preparing upma for Priyal. Shravan comes and starts chatting. Vidya says baaji saved them from Chanda. Shravan says it is good baaji returned. Gaura hears their conversation and smirks that all her plans are working well and her puppets are actin as she is diverting them.

Urvashi packs gifts for Meera’s babies and asks Jaggi to get ready. Jaggi asks her not to create any drama there. Urvashi says she is going to thank Gaura for helping him get out of jail, that is it, but if someone comments, she will not keep quiet. Jaggi asks not to worry and goes to get ready.

Gopi gets ready in blue sari and jewelry and appplies 1-inch makeup. Jaggi comes and shows her gift. He gets mesmerized with her beauty and starts staring at her. Ankhon ki gustakyiyan maaf ho….song..plays int he background. Gopi bats eyes and signals it is good. He continues smiling at her. Gopi says gift is really good and repeats. He just continues his imagination. She alerts him and asks where is he lost, gift is good and he should pack it. They both walk down stairs. Gopi slips and falls on Jaggi. Their eyes lock.

Precap: Pandit performs Meera’s babies’s naming ceremony. Gaura eagerly waits for Chanda. Chanda finds Gauras note in food plate.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Boss(Siddarth)

    Urvashi runs away from Gaura’s clutches. Gaura sees Urvashi running and asks the men to catch her. Gopi comes to temple with Kokila and Jaggi. Urvashi gets between the crowd and sees Gopi at the temple.

    Gopi calls out Urvashi. Urvashi asks Gopi to come to her. Before, Urvashi could tell Gaura’s truth to Gopi, Gaura and her goons look for Urvashi. Urvashi is trapped by Gaura’s planning this time. Gaura flies kite and cuts Urvashi’s neck by the glass thread. Gopi gets shocked and runs to Urvashi. Gopi has to save Urvashi’s life. She sees Urvashi unwell and takes Urvashi in the horse chariot. Gaura wanted to kill Urvashi. Gopi’s phone falls down and she could not contact Jaggi. Gaura and Gopi’s fight and drama will go on. The sholay twist and Gopi’s act of Basanti will be interesting to watch. Keep reading.

  2. This comment is deleted.

    1. the fact of/from that/who this series still this[the word [funcionando] has lots of meaning which one of the meaning do you wanna really use john? becaues the meanings are[act behave flush function go operate perform run start work running decide which one of the words you wanna use and i made a mistake i spelling the word because to be or is this miracle now here is what john can say in english but prefer to mess himself up by wanting to write in spanish all he could have written is ‘the fact that this series is still running is a miracle’ he is really making himself look like a fool stop your nonsense now we all have gotten use to your NOT SO perfect spanish when will you learn and i am sorry urvashi is going to die i have to go in to work but will come on tomorrow to comment hi sid where are the rest of the group?

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Dnt knw raven Akshay still not returned and Nandini also

  3. I thought urvashi wasn’t coming?

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Urvashi manages to escape from Guara and her goon’s clutches hands and reach to the temple where Kokila, Jaagi and Gopi also present.

    Gaura follows Urvashi seeing Gopi there and cuts Urvashi’s throat through kite thread so that she would not tell truth of Gaura to Gopi.

    Gopi is shocked seeing Urvashi and tries to contact Jaggi but is failed to get him and manages to get a chariot.

    Gopi makes Gaura sit in chariot and reaches to hospital where Gaura also reach there.

    Urvashi gets failed telling truth to Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) about Gaura due to losing her voice

    Gaura does not want to let Urvashi alive and she tries to kill her in the hospital but Gopi and Jaggi’s love bring her back to life.

    The shocking thing happen when Urvashi finds as she cannot speak and Gaura feels relax seeing as her plan gets successful.

    Will Gopi find about Gaura’s hand in Urvashi’s attack?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    1. Wow, excited to see how she cuts throat, or tongue or hair. As it is TV serial they can cut anything and poor person stop talking.And we get so many ideas how to torture.

  5. and i meant ‘in’ and not ‘l’ i was suppose to say i made a mistake in spelling and i said i spelling sorry

  6. Great episode buh gaura is really getting on my nerves

  7. They are going to take ispiration from sholay in the coming track with gopi as savouir.

  8. Isaaq

    Hi guys. My exam went really good. One thing, if Urvashi can’t speak, she can at least write it down or she illiterate as well???

    1. They haven’t shown if urvashi is illetrate.

  9. Isaaq

    Yh not sure where Nandi is. She’s my best friend on this forum?

    1. Isaaq

      I can share anything with her lol. Nandi please come back?

  10. 1 inch makeup? Could you please post seriois written updates instead of your personal views. It is irritating to see you repeatedly mock cast physical attribution.

  11. Muhammad Nazim

    Hey guys just to make sure that ahem Modi will not return

  12. this gaura is too much she should be punished.pari mona deserve tight slap.

  13. Isaaq

    Guys I’m writing a novel series and I’m planning all 12 novels. 3 novels is going to represent a villain.

    My first three novels will be first season where a dark being will be ruling Earth. He will be a sinister man. The main character will fake his death as the villain turns everyone against him. The boy will return in a new avatar and free Earth.

    Exciting news, the second villains name
    will be called Asura and it will be based on Hinduism. Asura is going to be a mixture of all Hindu demons- Ravan, Holika etc. The three part second season will be based upon the Mahabharata and Ramayan. Where Asura is the grandson of a evil emperor called Tempest. Tempest’s brother is called Inferno.

    Inferno is also an ancient being, ancestor of all creature of light. The main heroes will be Infernos descendants.

    Third season will be Tempest four children- including Asura father. These four children were responsible for destroying Earth and which is why my story will be set after modern world was gone and the world returned back to Stone Age. The Four demons will return for their revenge on humanity.

    Season 4 will be Tempest revenge and final battle.

    I’m currently writing novel 1, which is season 1. The boy fakes his death and now has returned to a world where his greatest enemy rules.

    1. Isaaq

      I’ve been working on this novel series for a couple of years now and I’ve finally put together a story. My first villain is my favourite.

      I’m sure you guys would love it because you all loved my vamps from Gopi Destiny. The first villain Mercesoul destroys the main character and forces the main character to take a new birth and return in Durga avatar

  14. Isaaq

    Can everyone agree, Veer Zara and Om Shanti Om are the best Bollywood movies? Both movies made me cry at the end?? I hope Gopi and Ahem reunite like Veer and Zara

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes it was good movies . But still there is no sign of Jaggi turning ahem or real ahem is returning. But on 9thJan episode wen kokila told Jaggi that he is like her ahem and Jaggi got emotional and he went out .

  15. na Isaaq there are better bollywood movies than those two you spoke about i mean i do not know much about bollywood but i have seen a movie by the name of Karan Arjun and i enjoyed it a lot i was a little girl back then i do not know about Veer Zara but i heard about Om Shanti Om and i told sid before i am learning hindi so that i can look at more bollywood movies i will have to look for those two movies you spoke about and i will give you my feed back on them

  16. OMG Gopi romances with Jaggi!!!! Oh pls don’t show that.. can’t tolerate ..what value are you trying to convey ? Romancing with late husband’s look alike brother!!!!!!

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Smitha Gopi did not do romance with Jaggi its just jaggi’s imagination. Even they are married they live seperate they are not having any husband wife relationship. And still its not cleared he is Jaggi or Ahem . As per the news he is ahem only.

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Even if he is Jaggi wats the problem if Gopi move on with Jaggi why she shud spend alone all her whole life .

  17. Debasmita Sinha

    Guys, what will happen in the 2000th episode.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      I think gaura may win or she may get caught and again she may go to jail . And Ahem/Jaggi secret WL b revealed I guess.

      1. Isaaq

        Gaura has just arrived. She’s going to win. SNS has always shown that vamps always win for a long time. It’s so sad that if Gaura wins, the Modis are going to suffer for 20 years

  18. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends

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