Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi calls Premlatha and asks her why she is troubling her so much, why don’t she finish it once for all. Premlatha laughs and says now she will attack one final time.

Kinjal cleans Hetal’s scalp and shouts she will confront Gopi, how can she misbehave like this. Tolu says they should. Hetal says Gopi is bahu and beti of this house and would never do this. They all hear Gopi laughing outside, run out and are shocked to see Gopi walking on railing and saying she is enjoying it. Everyone request her to get down. Kokila hears her voice and gurgles. Gopi sees tank lid a bit open, prays god what to do now, and then slips and falls. Ahem holds her on time. Premlatha asks Madhuben why she is showing concern for Gopi. Madhuben says she wants Gopi to die for killing Radha. Gopi shouts at Ahem how dare he is to touch her and runs into house. Kokila thanks god that Gopi bahu is safe.

Gopi runs into her room and ties her dupatta to ceiling fan to hang over it. Family hear chair falling sound, peep into window, rush in and get her down. She shouts at them to get out. They forcefully tie her to bed.

Dharam engraves Meera’s name on heart shape and thinks he will gift it to Meera on valentine’s day. Meera watches him while passing by his room. Vidya joins her and they both are about to leave when Gaura stops them and asks where are they going. Meera says to her parent’s house. Gaura shouts to go and do household chores. Meera lights match stick. Gaura shouts in fear. Meera says she is informing her and not taking permission and leaves with Vidya.

Premlatha tells family that Gopi has gone mad and they should call psychiatrist. Gopi says this was her plan to send her to mental hospital.

Precap: Premlatha says Gopi she is her maaji. Gopi says she is lier and says family that this woman has kidnapped maaji.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sath nibhana sathiya is good serial.But it seems good sometimes.Kabhi kabhi iss serial impossible things dikhate.Like pehle jab Rashi Radha Ki maan Mein Soyam ji naam Ki ek boy Ki imagine kiya.Rashi ne bola Ki Ahem Ki bhai hain soyam ji.Voh modi house Mein nehi rehta.Voh or ek jagah par rehti hain or radha ko like karti hain.But my question is agar voh dusri jagah par rehti hain toh Radha ko kese pehchana?Radha bhi janti Thi Ki rashi bohoti clever hain.But phir bhi radha uski cock & bull story par trust kiya?
    Pher aya Umang & tripti Ki role.Modi family Ki sab log janti Thi Ki umang & tripti r husband & wife & they r fraud.But modi family Ki sab log e a truth janne Ki bawjuth voh loog police ko nehi bataya.Great Gopi bahu khud iss problem solve karne Ki try Ki.Umang Ki death hone Ki baad Tripti ne clever Radha ko kuch jutt kaha or radha once again uski baat par believe kar liya Tha.Jab Ki Tripti ne khud confess kiya Ki she is a wife & murderer of umang.
    Pher Gopi meera ko pani Mein gira dia.Ahem pani Mein meera ko dunda.Full police team pond Ki Charo taraf gher liya Tha meera ko dundh ne Ki liye.But my question is jab sab log meera ko find out karne Ki liye pond ko charo taraf se gher liya Tha tab radha usee dekha or usee temple Mein rakh kar aayi.But how?Police team,modi family pond Ki char pas Mein reh kar bhi meera ko nehi Mila tab radha kese dur se khadi hokar use dekh liya & use le liya sab Ki samne se???
    Aab kokila Gayeb ho gayi.But voh log chukese police ko nehi Bata kar premlata Ki ishare par dance kar rahi hain.Jab Ki gopi khud ekdin radha ko bola Tha Ki ” Voh loog modi’s hain.Jo chahti hain voh kar sakti hain”.Toh itni sab incident Ki time pe kaha Thi voh modiwali baat?
    Yeh sab Ki bich Mein bohot sari impossible cheez occurred.According to me itni sab gatiya cheez nehi dikha kar kuch reality dikhao.Reshmi Sharma Ki sare serial e sab ajib hain.Sasural simar ka serial Mein toh simar patali devi ka Ki sath bhi lad leti hain.Plz Reshmi Sharma,grow up.Audience ko esa kuch dikhao Ki serial Ki khatam hone Ki baad bhi audience usee yaad kare.Esa maat banao Ki loog rone Ki episode Mein bhi haas ne lag jati hain.

    Sorry all of SNS fans.But its true.

    1. U r rite,,Gopi misunderstood Kinjal and said she killed Umang (to save KInjal) and aftre that Radha’s revenge part ..Dnt knw why she returned wid d help of umang’s wife to kill Gopi wen she knw dat Umang and Bhabhi were fraud and nw Madhuben wants to kill her 1st daughter to take revenge for her 2nd dughter’s death..

      1. well…most serials are lyk dis anyway

  2. Boring and dragging

  3. hey kanha ji gopi sasuri ki raksha karo ye kya ho raha h gopi sasuri k sath. Meera jaldi modi house me aao ek tum hi ho jo kuch kr sakti h

    1. main kokila modi

      hahahahahahhah ab meera kya kanha ji bhi kuch nahi kr payenge main gopi ko pagal =khane bhejne wali hu hahahahahaha

  4. main kokila modi

    hey kanha ji gopi sasuri ki raksha karo ye kya ho raha h gopi sasuri k sath. Meera jaldi modi house me aao ek tum hi ho jo kuch kr sakti hi use pagalkhane bhejne wali hu ha ha ha ha

    1. main kokila modi

      hahahahaha main gopi bahu ko khatam kr dungi hahahaha gopi ko chahne wale ab teri koi nhi sunega hahahahaha

      1. kokila aunty mere comment pe mat haso jaldi sara khel khatam hone wala h ek bar meera ko modi house me ane do

    2. main kokila modi

      dekho dekho gopi ko chahne wale kaise kaise madad mang rahe h hahahahaha

  5. all actors in the show are good,,,bt they are showing unwnted twists and nt using everyone effectively…,,,Rashi could have continued in the show <3 Rucha

  6. Totally crap! Huh cheating yhm lol… ????

  7. Premlatha is ugly….yuck!!!!!!! Her makeup is yuck!!!!!!also her behaviour…..hi Janu…..

    1. main kokila modi

      i m most beautiful woman in the world

    2. hi my sweet chocolate

      1. is premlatha ugly?? she looks ok na. hey my sweetu chocolate

  8. Kokila aun bhahar aaye tho kahani ki maza ayega. And i just hope so. Kokila aunty pls jaldi bahar aayiye.. meera tho aaj huyi ek dham best . Gopi ji ki bath pe bhaki sab log viswas krege ki nahi?

  9. I think its about time Gopi snaps out of this mess and deal with Premaltha and the whole group. I am tired of her being slapped all over the place.

  10. Kokila aunty jaldhi bahar aayiye na. .

  11. I just hope everything will be fine. Gopiji iam with you..

  12. Premlatha ji Pls leave from modi ghar ,i request you.

    1. main kokila modi

      nisha agar itne pyar se request karogi to main to serial se hi nikal kr tumhare pas aa jaungi

  13. bkwas serial …i m hating it day by day… one wll believe Gopi bcz phle hi woh bht pglon wali harkaten kr chuki hai….oll crap

  14. I hope hetal take her seriously n spy on fake kokila

  15. Sab aise illogical aur boring serials dekhte hai. … is wajah se ache serials off air ho rahe hai…

    I just hate how hopi is behaving .. N the three witches… premlata mudhuben n gaura

  16. Jobi ho it is the best serial according to me.

  17. No no eisa math keejiye premlatjaji .mein serial pe dhekthe hi aap se darthi hum.

  18. These tracks are suprb….i want gopi to say all the truth to modis…so dat the drama can end!!!

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