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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A priest tells Kokila and family not to stop her. He asks her not to compress the strength and be with her. Ahem says what do you want? I shall put my wife in danger. Kokila apologizes to the priest. Ahem says sorry. Priest says he is showing love towards his wife. He says she have to put end to the bad. He asks her to listen to her heart and never to lose strength. Kokila worries about his words that goodness has to pay the price to put end to the bad deeds. Paridhi worries for little Rashi. Ahem says Radha can’t be save now. Jigar consoles Pari. Kokila worries and thinks why Baba said that.

Dhaval brings Pappu home. He asks about Rashi. Hetal says we didn’t get any info about her until now. Your Papaji is meeting the commissioner. Dhaval says he shall go to help Papaji.

Hetal asks him to stay at home with Kinjal. Baa says we will feel that a son is with us. Hetal says Baa isn’t ready to eat anything. Dhaval asks her to have something. Hetal thanks Dhaval as Baa goes to have food. She goes to bring breakfast for him. Kinjal looks angrily. Kokila, Gopi and Paridhi search for Radha. Kokila’s health worsens.

Ahem says he will book a room at the daram shala. Pappu tells Dhaval that he will not go leaving his mummy. Kinjal says you will stay with your mummy from today and asks him to meet Tolu and Molu. He goes. Dhaval asks what are you saying? Kinjal says he will stay with his mother. Dhaval says he will stay with me.

Radha is walking holding the baby. The baby sees snake coming towards them. Radha calls Gopi and asks her to fulfill her demands. Radha tells that they shall print in the newspaper that they have no complains against her, they shall take back all the cases against her, and asks her to prove that she is mentally stable. She says then you all will have no right on my child. Kokila asks Gopi to say yes to her demands. Gopi assures her that her demands will be fulfilled. Radha says she wants a huge amount to lead a lavish life. Gopi agrees. Radha asks her to fulfill her wish else she will kill the baby. She then Kokila that she knows what she can do. Kokila recalls Meera incident and shouts. Radha says Meera was saved, but this girl won’t be sad. She will be drowned in the river. She tells the baby that she deal with the Modi family.

Kokila says they will accept all her demands, but that doesn’t mean that they will forget Rashi. Ahem says they will search for Rashi. Ahem asks Kokila to rest. Gopi nods. Jigar says all hotels are booked and asks her to stay in the daram shala and rest. Pari says we will get food for us. Gopi says ok. Ahem asks Jigar to call him if needed. Kokila asks Ahem to give ad in the newspaper. He agrees. Pappu tells Tolu and Molu that he will go with them to school. Hetal asks him. Pappu says he came to stay here for forever and tells about Dhaval and Kinjal fight. Hetal and Baa get tensed. Paridhi hears some kids talking about free food and asks Jigar to come with him. Jigar asks what you are thinking? Pari says Radha doesn’t have money and will eat free food. They leave.

Kokila recalls about the priest’s words that goodness have to pay a big price to end the badness. She hugs Gopi and Ahem. She prays for Gopi, Ahem and all. Jigar tells Pari that Radha knows that police will come here. Pari says she is sure that Radha will come here. Radha is seen having food in the pandal. Jigar and Pari look for her. Radha says she has to eat pandal food and will take revenge for it from Modi family. She thinks she will get food from around the world once she gets money. She tells her daughter that she won’t give her food, then says she will give her dry roti and will make her clean the utensils. Pari collides with a woman and apologizes. Radha sees them and tries to make a quick exit. Pari hears Rashi’s voice and sees Radha leaving.

Pari catches Radha and holds her hand asking her to give her daughter. Jigar rushes towards her. Radha asks Pari to leave her hand.

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  1. Hand Rakshus Radha over to police and get baby Rashi back.

  2. Noooo, Radha do something. Kill baby Rashi and get away from them.

  3. Kaun ho aap yaar… Itna iss serial ko sahi me pasand karte ho.. I.don’t belive…. Haan I.know
    .. Starting me concept mast that.. Lekin it is just turned nonsense… Such a loud charecters… Bacche ko bagao…. Chocolate keliye lado… Meaning less serial….

  4. John u r so cruel.

  5. someone tell me y this radha want to take revenge from modis.iam sure this time also this radha will escape.all this modis r very weak to catch even this thin radha.why this kokila is screaming rashiiiiii .can this small baby call her in return.mad lady.

  6. hi devika. mad kokila nahi. mad tho viewers hain jo is bakwaas ko ab thak seh rahein hain 😉

  7. Mr John.. Are u mad?? i have never seen a guy like u.. ur mouth opens only for saying bakhwaas..

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